Brazilian movie actresses born in the year 1970

Here are 5 famous actresses from Brazil were born in 1970:

Alessandra Negrini

Alessandra Negrini (August 29, 1970 São Paulo-) a.k.a. Alessandra Negreiros Negrini, Alessandra Vidal de Negreiros Negrini or Ale is a Brazilian actor. Her children are called Betina Ferreira and Antônio Benício.

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Cláudia Abreu

Cláudia Abreu (October 12, 1970 Rio de Janeiro-) otherwise known as Claudia Abreu, Cláudia Abreu Fonseca or Cacau is a Brazilian actor. She has four children, Felipa Fonseca, Maria Maud Fonseca, Pedro Henrique Fonseca and José Joaquim Fonseca.

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Maria Luisa Mendonsa

Maria Luisa Mendonsa (January 30, 1970 Rio de Janeiro-) also known as Maria Luisa Mendonça, Maria Mendonça or Maria Luísa Mendonça is a Brazilian actor and film director. She has one child, Júlia Mendonça.

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Daniella Perez

Daniella Perez (August 18, 1970 Rio de Janeiro-December 28, 1992 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Daniela perez was a Brazilian actor.

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Viétia Zangrandi

Viétia Zangrandi (July 12, 1970 Aracaju-) also known as Viétia Rocha or Viétia Zangrandi Rocha is a Brazilian actor.

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