Brazilian movie actresses died in the year 1993

Here are 3 famous actresses from Brazil died in 1993:

Elisa Fernandes

Elisa Fernandes (February 14, 1950 Rio de Janeiro-January 2, 1993 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Elisa Fernandes Leite was a Brazilian actor.

Dea Selva

Dea Selva (May 8, 1917 Quipapá-November 17, 1993 Rio de Janeiro) a.k.a. Jandira Berad Câmara was a Brazilian actor. She had two children, Older Cazarré and Olney Cazarré.

Riva Nimitz

Riva Nimitz (December 28, 1936 São Paulo-October 10, 1993 São Paulo) was a Brazilian actor.

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