Brazilian musicians born in the year 1978

Here are 11 famous musicians from Brazil were born in 1978:

Lázaro Ramos

Lázaro Ramos (November 1, 1978 Salvador-) also known as Luís Lázaro Sacramento Ramos, Luiz Lázaro Sacramento Ramos or Lazaro Ramos is a Brazilian actor, film producer and writer. His child is João Vicente de Araújo Ramos.

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Fabiana Masili

Fabiana Masili (May 22, 1978 Rio Claro-) is a Brazilian , .

Genres related to her: Funk carioca and Jazz.

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Ricky Vallen

Ricky Vallen (March 14, 1978 Volta Redonda-) is a Brazilian singer.

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Gaby Amarantos

Gaby Amarantos (August 1, 1978 Belém-) also known as Gabriela Amaral dos Santos, Gabi Amaranto or Beyoncé do Pará is a Brazilian singer and dancer.

Her most recognized albums: Treme. Her related genres: Música popular brasileira, Pop music and Tecno brega.

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Marcelo Camelo

Marcelo Camelo (February 4, 1978 Rio de Janeiro-) a.k.a. Marcelo de Sousa Camelo is a Brazilian singer, composer, guitarist and poet.

His most well known albums: , , , , and . Genres related to him: Alternative rock.

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André Valadão

André Valadão (April 16, 1978 Belo Horizonte-) a.k.a. Andre Valadao or André Machado Valadão is a Brazilian singer, composer, pastor and presenter.

His albums: Alegria, Milagres, Mais Que Abundante, Fé, Sobrenatural, , , , and . Genres he performed: Contemporary worship music, Pop rock and Contemporary Christian music.

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McLord Magrao

McLord Magrao (October 5, 1978 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian multi-instrumentalist, musician, guitarist and bassist.

Genres he performed: Experimental music and Industrial music.

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Carolina Parra

Carolina Parra (November 16, 1978 São Paulo-) also known as Parra, Carolina is a Brazilian musician.

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Mariene de Castro

Mariene de Castro (May 12, 1978 Salvador-) also known as Mariene Bezerra de Castro is a Brazilian actor and composer.

Her albums: . Genres she performed include Samba.

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Anthony Garcia

Anthony Garcia (December 1, 1978-) also known as Antonio B. R. Garcia da Silva or Antônio Garcia da Silva is a Brazilian disc jockey, musician, record producer, songwriter and radio personality.

His most well known albums: Falling in Love, If I Ever and Broken Dreams. Genres he performed include Hip house, Electronic dance music, Dance music and Electro house.

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Valesca Popozuda

Valesca Popozuda (October 6, 1978 Rio de Janeiro-) is a Brazilian musician.

Her albums: , Beijinho no Ombro, , , Me ama (Mama), Valesca Popozuda (Remastered) and Valesca Popozuda. Genres she performed: Funk carioca.

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