Brazilian musicians born in the year 1979

Here are 5 famous musicians from Brazil were born in 1979:

Simone Spoladore

Simone Spoladore (October 29, 1979 Curitiba-) is a Brazilian actor.

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Luciana Mello

Luciana Mello (January 22, 1979 São Paulo-) is a Brazilian singer and dancer. She has one child, Nina Levy.

Her albums include Assim que se faz, Olha Pra Mim, L.M. and .

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Ellen Rocche

Ellen Rocche (July 19, 1979 São Paulo-) also known as Ellen Roche is a Brazilian fashion model.

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Carmen Monarcha

Carmen Monarcha (August 27, 1979 Belém-) is a Brazilian singer.

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Negra Li

Negra Li (September 17, 1979 São Paulo-) otherwise known as Liliane de Carvalho is a Brazilian actor, dancer and singer. She has one child, Sofia Almeida.

Her albums include Negra Livre, and . Genres related to her: Soul music, Música popular brasileira, Hip hop music and Pop music.

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