Brazilian musicians died when they were 35

Here are 4 famous musicians from Brazil died at 35:

Evandro Chagas

Evandro Chagas (August 10, 1905-November 8, 1940) also known as Dr. Evandro Chagas was a Brazilian physician and scientist.

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Maneca (January 28, 1926 Brazil-April 5, 1961) was a Brazilian personality.

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Rogério Lobo

Rogério Lobo (January 26, 1971 São Paulo-July 28, 2006 São Paulo) was a Brazilian professional boxer.

He died in murder.

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Alfredo Le Pera

Alfredo Le Pera (June 7, 1900 São Paulo-June 24, 1935 Medellín) a.k.a. Alfredo Le Pera Sorrentino was a Brazilian journalist, writer, screenwriter, lyricist and playwright.

He died as a result of aviation accident or incident.

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