Brazilian musicians died when they were 67

Here are 11 famous musicians from Brazil died at 67:

Edmond Safra

Edmond Safra (August 6, 1932 Beirut-December 3, 1999 Monaco) was a Brazilian personality.

He died in fire.

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Hélio Lourenço de Oliveira

Hélio Lourenço de Oliveira (July 9, 1917-March 14, 1985) also known as Helio Lourenco de Oliveira or Dr. Hélio Lourenço de Oliveira was a Brazilian physician and scientist.

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Gino Bianco

Gino Bianco (July 22, 1916 Turin-May 8, 1984 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian race car driver.

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Joel Camargo

Joel Camargo (September 18, 1946 Santos, São Paulo-May 23, 2014 Santos, São Paulo) was a Brazilian personality.

He died caused by renal failure.

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Vavá (November 12, 1934 Recife-January 19, 2002) also known as Vava was a Brazilian personality.

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Lygia Clark

Lygia Clark (October 23, 1920 Belo Horizonte-April 25, 1988 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian personality.

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Lourival Fontes

Lourival Fontes (July 20, 1899-March 6, 1967) was a Brazilian journalist and politician.

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Froilano de Mello

Froilano de Mello (May 17, 1887 Benaulim-January 9, 1955 São Paulo) also known as Mayor Froilano de Mello was a Brazilian personality.

He died caused by lung cancer.

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Antônio Carlos Jobim

Antônio Carlos Jobim (January 25, 1927 Tijuca-December 8, 1994 New York City) also known as Antonio Carlos Jobim, AC Jobim, Tom Jobin, Antonio Carlos Jobin, A. C. Jobim, Antonion Carlos Jobim, Antionio Carlos Jobim, Antônio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, Antonios Carlos Jobim, Antonio Jobim, Antonio Carlos Brasileiro de Almeida Jobim, Tom Jobim or Tom do Vinícius was a Brazilian singer, guitarist, jazz pianist, songwriter, musician and film score composer. His children are Paulo Jobim, João Francisco Jobim, Elizabeth Jobim and Maria Luisa Jobim.

His albums: The Composer of "Desafinado", Plays, The Wonderful World of Antonio Carlos Jobim, Wave, Echoes of Rio, Tom Jobim - Mestres da MPB, Verve Jazz Masters 13, Antonio Carlos Jobim And Friends, O melhor de Tom Jobim, Finest Hour and Les Incontournables. Genres he performed include Bossa nova, Brazilian jazz, Latin jazz, Música popular brasileira and Samba.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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Carlos Reichenbach

Carlos Reichenbach (June 14, 1945 Porto Alegre-June 14, 2012 São Paulo) also known as Carlao, Carlos Oscar Reichenbach Filho, Alfredo Stinn, Carlos Reichembach, Carlos Oscar or Carlos Oscar Reichenbach Son was a Brazilian screenwriter, cinematographer, actor, film director, film producer, film score composer, teacher, critic, photographer and essayist.

He died as a result of heart failure.

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Duse Nacarati

Duse Nacarati (June 22, 1942 Cataguases-July 23, 2009 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Duse Naccarati, Duze Naccarati or Duse Nacaratti was a Brazilian actor.

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