Brazilian musicians died when they were 73

Here are 24 famous musicians from Brazil died at 73:

Juscelino Kubitschek

Juscelino Kubitschek (September 12, 1902 Diamantina, Minas Gerais-August 22, 1976 Resende) also known as Dr. Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira, JK or Juscelino Kubitschek de Oliveira was a Brazilian physician and politician. He had two children, Márcia Kubitschek and Maria Estela Kubitschek.

He died as a result of traffic collision.

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Hilda Hilst

Hilda Hilst (April 21, 1930 Jaú-February 4, 2004) was a Brazilian writer.

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Maurício Rocha e Silva

Maurício Rocha e Silva (September 19, 1910 Rio de Janeiro-December 19, 1983 Ribeirão Preto) also known as Mauricio Rocha e Silva or Dr. Maurício Rocha e Silva was a Brazilian physician and scientist.

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Haroldo de Campos

Haroldo de Campos (August 19, 1929 São Paulo-August 16, 2003 São Paulo) also known as Haroldo Eurico Browne de Campos was a Brazilian writer.

He died in multiple organ failure.

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Rui Barbosa

Rui Barbosa (November 5, 1849 Salvador-March 1, 1923 Petrópolis) was a Brazilian lawyer, writer, politician, jurist and diplomat.

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João Ubaldo Ribeiro

João Ubaldo Ribeiro (January 23, 1941 Itaparica-July 18, 2014 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Joao Ubaldo Ribeiro or João Ubaldo Osório Pimentel Ribeiro was a Brazilian writer and screenwriter. His children are Manuela Ribeiro, Emília Ribeiro, Bento Ribeiro and Francisca Ribeiro.

He died as a result of pulmonary embolism.

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Manuel de Araújo Porto-Alegre, Baron of Santo Ângelo

Manuel de Araújo Porto-Alegre, Baron of Santo Ângelo (November 29, 1806 Rio Pardo-December 29, 1879 Lisbon) also known as Manuel de Araujo Porto-alegre was a Brazilian writer, journalist, architect, professor, diplomat and painter.

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Afonso Schmidt

Afonso Schmidt (June 29, 1890 Cubatão-April 3, 1964 São Paulo) also known as Affonso Schmidt, Afonso Frederico Schimidt or Afonso Schimidt was a Brazilian writer, screenwriter and author.

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Ademir Marques de Menezes

Ademir Marques de Menezes (November 8, 1922 Recife-May 11, 1996 Rio de Janeiro) was a Brazilian personality.

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Nininho (November 6, 1923 Campinas-October 8, 1997 Campinas) was a Brazilian personality.

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Adhemar da Silva

Adhemar da Silva (September 29, 1927 São Paulo-January 12, 2001 São Paulo) also known as Ademar Da Silva or Adhemar Feirrera Da Silva was a Brazilian actor.

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Walter Hugo Khouri

Walter Hugo Khouri (October 21, 1929 São Paulo-June 27, 2003 São Paulo) a.k.a. Rupert Khouri or Walter Khouri was a Brazilian film director, screenwriter, film producer and film editor. He had one child, Wilfred Khouri.

He died in heart failure.

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Haroldo de Andrade

Haroldo de Andrade (May 1, 1934 Curitiba-March 1, 2008) was a Brazilian personality.

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Heitor da Silva Costa

Heitor da Silva Costa (July 25, 1873 Brazil-April 21, 1947) was a Brazilian engineer.

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Princess Francisca of Brazil

Princess Francisca of Brazil (August 2, 1824 Rio de Janeiro-March 27, 1898 Paris) was a Brazilian personality. Her children are Princess Françoise of Orléans and Prince Pierre, Duke of Penthièvre.

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Raul Cortez

Raul Cortez (August 28, 1932 São Paulo-July 18, 2006 São Paulo) also known as Raul Christiano Machado Cortez was a Brazilian actor. His children are called Lígia Cortez and Maria Cortez.

He died caused by pancreatic cancer.

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Oscar Castro-Neves

Oscar Castro-Neves (May 15, 1940 Rio de Janeiro-September 27, 2013 Los Angeles) was a Brazilian film score composer.

His most well known albums: Oscar!, All One, Playful Heart, Brazilian Days and Brazilian Scandals.

He died caused by cancer.

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João Saldanha

João Saldanha (July 3, 1917 Alegrete-July 12, 1990 Rome) a.k.a. Joao Saldanha or João Alves Jobin Saldanha was a Brazilian manager and journalist.

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Júlio Botelho

Júlio Botelho (July 29, 1929 São Paulo-January 10, 2003 São Paulo) otherwise known as Julinho was a Brazilian personality.

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Thelma Reston

Thelma Reston (July 6, 1939 Piracanjuba-December 20, 2012 Rio de Janeiro) also known as Thelma Salim Reston or Telma Reston was a Brazilian actor.

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Mário Reis

Mário Reis (December 31, 1907 Brazil-April 5, 1981) also known as Mario Reis or Reis, Mário was a Brazilian singer and songwriter.

His discography includes: Francisco Alves e Mário Reis - 10 polegadas. Genres: Samba.

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Moacyr Scliar

Moacyr Scliar (March 23, 1937 Porto Alegre-February 27, 2011 Porto Alegre) also known as Dr. Moacyr Scliar was a Brazilian physician and writer.

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David Perlov

David Perlov (June 9, 1930 Rio de Janeiro-December 13, 2003 Tel Aviv) was a Brazilian teacher, film director and screenwriter. He had two children, Yael Perlov and Neomi Perlov.

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Carlson Gracie

Carlson Gracie (August 13, 1932 Rio de Janeiro-February 1, 2006) was a Brazilian personality. He had one child, Carlson Gracie Jr..

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