British actors born in 1915

Here are 20 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1915:

Ben Wright

Ben Wright (May 5, 1915 London-July 2, 1989 Burbank) a.k.a. Benjamin Huntington Wright or Ben H. Wright was a British actor.

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Richard Wordsworth

Richard Wordsworth (January 19, 1915 Halesowen-November 21, 1993 Kendal) also known as Richard Curwen Wordsworth was a British actor.

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Max Robertson

Max Robertson (August 28, 1915 Dhaka-November 20, 2009 Guernsey) also known as William Maxwell Robertson was a British actor, author, radio personality and sports commentator.

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David Tree

David Tree (July 15, 1915 London-November 4, 2009 Welwyn Garden City) a.k.a. David Tree Parsons or Ian David Parsons was a British actor and film producer. He had five children, Belinda Parsons, Gay Parsons, Vicken Parsons, James Parsons and Susie Parsons.

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Norman Wisdom

Norman Wisdom (February 4, 1915 Marylebone-October 4, 2010 Ballasalla) also known as Sir Norman Joseph Wisdom, Norman Joseph Wisdom, Sir Norman Wisdom or Wisdom, Norman was a British comedian, actor, singer-songwriter and screenwriter. He had two children, Nicholas Wisdom and Michael Wisdom.

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Michael Denison

Michael Denison (November 1, 1915 Doncaster-July 22, 1998 Amersham) also known as Michael Dennison, John Michael Terence Wellesley Denison or John Michael Terence Wellesley Denison CBE was a British actor.

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Manning Whiley

Manning Whiley (January 23, 1915 London-January 29, 1975 London) a.k.a. Manning Hedges Whiley was a British actor.

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Hugh Paddick

Hugh Paddick (August 22, 1915 Hoddesdon-November 9, 2000 Milton Keynes) also known as Mr. Hugh Paddick or Hugh William Paddick was a British actor, musician, singer, pianist and organist.

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Peter Copley

Peter Copley (May 20, 1915 Bushey-October 7, 2008 Bristol) a.k.a. Coppers, Copley or Peter Francis Gabain Copley was a British actor and lawyer. He had one child, Fanny Copley.

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Sam Kydd

Sam Kydd (February 15, 1915 Belfast-March 26, 1982 London) also known as Sam Jonathan Kydd or Samuel John Kydd was a British actor. He had one child, Jonathan Kydd.

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Philip Friend

Philip Friend (February 20, 1915 Horsham-September 1, 1987 Chiddingfold) also known as Philip Wyndham Friend was a British actor. He had one child, Martin Friend.

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Isao Yamagata

Isao Yamagata (July 25, 1915 London-June 28, 1996) a.k.a. Yamagata Isao was a British actor.

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John Witty

John Witty (September 17, 1915 Bristol-January 14, 1990 Bristol) a.k.a. Rupert John Blanchflower Featherstone-Witty or John Wittey was a British actor.

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Arthur Lowe

Arthur Lowe (September 22, 1915 Hayfield-April 15, 1982 Birmingham) also known as Arthur Lowe Jr. was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Stephen Lowe.

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Lionel Murton

Lionel Murton (June 2, 1915 London-September 28, 2006 Basingstoke) also known as William Lionel Murton or Murt was a British actor.

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Anthony Sharp

Anthony Sharp (June 16, 1915 Highgate-July 23, 1984 London) also known as Dennis Anthony John Sharp or Anthony Sharpe was a British actor.

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Dick Emery

Dick Emery (February 19, 1915 Bloomsbury-January 2, 1983 Denmark Hill) also known as Richard Gilbert Emery or Emery, Dick was a British comedian and actor. He had four children, Gilbert Richard Emery, Nicholas William Emery, Eliza Emery and Michael Emery.

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Anthony Forwood

Anthony Forwood (October 3, 1915 Weymouth, Dorset-May 18, 1988 London) otherwise known as Anthony Forward, Tony Forwood, Anthony "Tony" Forwood or Ernest Lytton Forwood was a British actor and talent manager. He had one child, Gareth Forwood.

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Hedley Mattingly

Hedley Mattingly (May 7, 1915 London-March 3, 1998 Encino) otherwise known as Hedley Mattingley was a British actor.

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Elton Hayes

Elton Hayes (February 16, 1915 Bletchley-September 23, 2001 Bury St Edmunds) was a British composer, actor, guitarist, film score composer and singer-songwriter.

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