British actors born in 1921

Here are 30 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1921:

Tommy Cooper

Tommy Cooper (March 19, 1921 Caerphilly-April 15, 1984 Her Majesty's Theatre) also known as Thomas Frederick Cooper, Thomas Frederick "Tommy" Cooper or Cooper, Tommy was a British magician, comedian and actor. He had two children, Thomas Henty and Vicky Cooper.

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Peter Ustinov

Peter Ustinov (April 16, 1921 Swiss Cottage-March 28, 2004 Genolier) also known as Peter Alexander Ustinov, Alexander von Ustinov, Peter Alexander Freiherr von Ustinov, Ustinov, Peter Alexander Baron von Ustinow, Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov, Sir Peter Ustinov or Sir Peter Alexander Ustinov, CBE was a British screenwriter, actor, author, comedian, opera director, theatre director, presenter, film director, film producer, journalist, voice actor, playwright, humorist, diplomat and educator. He had four children, Andrea Ustinov, Igor Ustinov, Pavla Ustinov and Tamara Ustinov.

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Ken Adam

Ken Adam (February 5, 1921 Berlin-) also known as Klaus Hugo Adam, Sir Ken Adam, Ken Adams, Sir Kenneth Hugo Adam, OBE, Heinie the tank-buster or Kenneth Adam is a British production designer, film art director and actor.

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Don Sharp

Don Sharp (April 19, 1921 Hobart-December 14, 2011 Cornwall) also known as Donald Herman "Don" Sharp, Donald Herman Sharp or Donald Sharp was a British film director, writer, film producer, television director, screenwriter and actor. He had four children, Jonny Dollar, Katherine Sharp, Andrew Sharp and Matthew Sharp.

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Terence Morgan

Terence Morgan (December 8, 1921 Lewisham-August 25, 2005 Brighton) a.k.a. Terence Ivor Morgan, Terence Ivor Grant Morgan or T. Morgan was a British actor.

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Peter Dyneley

Peter Dyneley (April 13, 1921 Hastings-August 19, 1977 London) also known as Peter was a British actor and voice actor. His children are called Richard Dyneley and Amanda Dyneley.

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Kevin Stoney

Kevin Stoney (July 25, 1921 Nowgong, Chhatarpur-January 22, 2008 Chiswick) was a British actor and film score composer.

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Alan Clare

Alan Clare (May 31, 1921 London-November 29, 1993) also known as Alan Jaycock or Clare, Alan was a British jazz pianist, actor and film score composer.

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Bill Dean

Bill Dean (September 3, 1921 Everton, Liverpool-April 20, 2000 Upton) also known as Billy Dean, Patrick Connolly or Patrick Anthony Connolly was a British actor and soldier.

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Denis Shaw

Denis Shaw (April 7, 1921 Dulwich-February 28, 1971 London) otherwise known as Denis Findlay Shaw or Dennis Shaw was a British actor.

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David Greene

David Greene (February 22, 1921 Manchester-April 7, 2003 Ojai) also known as Lucius David Syms Brian Lederman, David Brian Lederman or L. David Syms-Greene was a British television director, actor, film producer, television producer, film director and screenwriter. He had four children, Lindy Greene, Linsel Greene, Nicolas Greene and Laurence Greene.

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Robert Marsden

Robert Marsden (August 22, 1921 West Hampstead-April 5, 2007 Elstree) was a British actor and theatre director.

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William Abney

William Abney (January 7, 1921 Upminster-August 9, 1997 London) a.k.a. William Edward Charles Wootton Abney was a British actor.

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Bob Todd

Bob Todd (December 15, 1921 Faversham-October 21, 1992 Sussex) a.k.a. Brian Todd or Silly Todd was a British actor.

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Peter Sallis

Peter Sallis (February 1, 1921 Twickenham-) also known as Peter Sallis OBE or Pete Sallis is a British actor, entertainer and soldier. He has one child, Crispian Sallis.

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Kenneth Griffith

Kenneth Griffith (October 12, 1921 Tenby-June 25, 2006 London) also known as Kenneth Ewen Griffiths, Kenneth Griffiths, Ken Griffiths, Kenneth Reginald Griffiths or Kenneth Reginald Griffith was a British actor, film producer and screenwriter. He had five children, Eva Griffiths, Huw Griffiths, Jonathan Griffiths, David Griffiths and Polly Griffiths.

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Stephen Joseph

Stephen Joseph (June 13, 1921 London-October 4, 1967 Scarborough, North Yorkshire) was a British actor.

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Paul Maxwell

Paul Maxwell (November 12, 1921 Winnipeg-December 19, 1991 London) was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Lindsay Maxwell.

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Gordon Mulholland

Gordon Mulholland (April 30, 1921 England-June 30, 2010 East London) was a British actor. He had three children, Matthew Mulholland, Sean Mulholland and Jamie Mulholland.

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Robert Brown

Robert Brown (July 23, 1921 Swanage-November 11, 2003 Swanage) also known as Robert James Brown or Bob Brown was a British actor.

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Peter Burton

Peter Burton (April 4, 1921 Bromley-November 21, 1989 London) a.k.a. Peter Burdon was a British actor.

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Geoffrey Chater

Geoffrey Chater (March 23, 1921 Chipping Barnet-) also known as Geoffrey Robinson is a British actor.

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Eric Rogers

Eric Rogers (September 25, 1921 Halifax-April 8, 1981 Chalfont St Peter) also known as Eric Gaukroger, Eric Rodgers or Eric Gauk-Roger was a British film score composer, composer, actor, conductor and music arranger.

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George Leech

George Leech (December 6, 1921 London-June 17, 2012 Cardiff) also known as George Leach was a British actor and stunt performer. His child is called Wendy Leech.

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Howard Goorney

Howard Goorney (May 11, 1921 Manchester-March 29, 2007 Bath) otherwise known as Howard Jacob Goorney was a British actor.

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Richard Marner

Richard Marner (March 27, 1921 Saint Petersburg-March 18, 2004 Perth) also known as Alexander Molchanoff-Sacha, Alexander Molchanoff, Alexander (Sacha) Molchanoff, Sacha Molchanoff or Alexander "Sacha" Molchanoff was a British actor. His child is called Helen Marner.

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Frank Thornton

Frank Thornton (January 15, 1921 Dulwich-March 16, 2013 Barnes, London) a.k.a. Frank Thornton Ball was a British actor. He had one child, Jane Ball.

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Douglas Argent

Douglas Argent (May 21, 1921 Bexleyheath-October 30, 2010 London) also known as Douglas George Charles Argent was a British television producer, television director and actor.

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Alfred Marks

Alfred Marks (January 28, 1921 Holborn-July 1, 1996 London Borough of Hillingdon) also known as Alfred Edward Marks, Ruchel Kutchinsky or Alfred Edward Marks OBE was a British actor, comedian, auctioneer, engineer and singer. He had two children, Gareth Marks and Danielle Marks.

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Jimmy Clitheroe

Jimmy Clitheroe (December 24, 1921 Clitheroe-June 6, 1973 Blackpool) a.k.a. James Robinson was a British comedian and actor.

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