British actors born in 1927

Here are 39 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1927:

Ken Russell

Ken Russell (July 3, 1927 Southampton-November 27, 2011 London) a.k.a. Henry Kenneth Alfred Russell, Alf Russell, Alfred Russell, Kenneth Russell, The English Federico Fellini, "Fellini of the North" or Henry Kenneth Alfred "Ken" Russell was a British film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer, photographer, dancer, television producer, television director, writer, cinematographer and film editor. His children are called Rex Russell, Alex 'Alien' Russell, Xavier Russell, James Russell, Toby Russell, Molly Russell, Rupert Russell and Victoria Russell.

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Bernard Fox

Bernard Fox (May 11, 1927 Port Talbot-) a.k.a. Bernard Lawson is a British actor and voice actor.

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Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen (March 17, 1927 Nyasaland-July 28, 2006 London) also known as John Keith Patrick Allen was a British actor and voice actor. He had two children, Stephen Allen and Stuart Allen.

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Frank Windsor

Frank Windsor (July 12, 1927 Walsall-) otherwise known as Frank W. Higgins is a British actor.

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James Grout

James Grout (October 22, 1927 London-June 24, 2012 Purton) a.k.a. James David Grout was a British actor.

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Dennis Chinnery

Dennis Chinnery (May 14, 1927 Essex-February 25, 2012) was a British actor.

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James Culliford

James Culliford (September 8, 1927-March 1, 2002 Brighton) otherwise known as James Cuillford was a British actor.

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Brian Nissen

Brian Nissen (October 20, 1927 London-February 8, 2001 Salisbury) also known as Borge Lavendt Nissen was a British actor and announcer.

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Tommy Eytle

Tommy Eytle (July 16, 1927 Georgetown-June 19, 2007 Reading) also known as Thomas Daniel Hicks Eytle was a British actor.

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Gordon Salkilld

Gordon Salkilld (May 9, 1927 London-May 14, 2003) was a British actor.

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Maurice Kaufmann

Maurice Kaufmann (June 29, 1927 Gorleston-September 1, 1997 London) a.k.a. Maurice Kaufman or Maurice Harington Kaufmann was a British actor. He had two children, Lottie Kaufmann and Barnaby Kaufmann.

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Richard Johnson

Richard Johnson (July 30, 1927 Upminster-) is a British actor, writer and film producer. His children are called Sorel Johnson, Jervis Johnson, Jennifer Johnson and Nicholas Johnson.

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Ken Dodd

Ken Dodd (November 8, 1927 Knotty Ash-) otherwise known as Kenneth Arthur Dodd, Ken Dodd O.B.E. or Doddy is a British comedian, singer, songwriter and actor.

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Stephen B. Grimes

Stephen B. Grimes (April 18, 1927 Weybridge-September 12, 1988 Positano) also known as Stephen Grimes or Stephen S. Grimes was a British production designer, film art director and actor.

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Frank Dunlop

Frank Dunlop (February 15, 1927 Leeds-) is a British theatre director, film director and actor.

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Barry Foster

Barry Foster (August 21, 1927 Beeston-February 11, 2002 Guildford) a.k.a. John Barry Foster was a British actor and voice actor. He had three children, Miranda Foster, Joanna Foster and Jason Foster.

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Freddie Jones

Freddie Jones (September 12, 1927 Stoke-on-Trent-) otherwise known as Freddy Jones, Frederick Charles Jones, Frederick Charles "Freddie" Jones or Freddie is a British actor. He has three children, Toby Jones, Rupert Jones and Casper Jones.

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Howard Pays

Howard Pays (June 11, 1927 England-April 12, 2002 Hampshire) also known as Puffin, Harold Reginald Pays or Howard Reginald Pays was a British actor. His child is called Amanda Pays.

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Noel Davis

Noel Davis (March 1, 1927 Liverpool-November 24, 2002 Chelsea) also known as Edgar Davis, Davis and Zimmermann or Davis Zimmerman was a British actor and casting director.

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James Booth

James Booth (December 19, 1927 Croydon-August 11, 2005 Hadleigh) a.k.a. David Geeves-Booth, David Geeves, David Grieves, David Greeves or David Greever was a British actor and screenwriter.

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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw (August 9, 1927 Westhoughton-August 28, 1978 Toormakeady) also known as Robert Archibald Shaw was a British actor, novelist, screenwriter and teacher. He had ten children, Ian Shaw, Hannah Shaw, Colin Murray Shaw, Elizabeth Shaw, Deborah Shaw, Penny Shaw, Rachel Shaw, Katherine Shaw, Thomas Shaw and Charles Shaw.

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Terry Scott

Terry Scott (May 4, 1927 Watford-July 26, 1994 Witley) also known as Owen John Scott or Owen John "Terry" Scott was a British actor and comedian. He had four children, Sarah Scott, Nicola Scott, Lindsay Scott and Sally Scott.

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Ivor Emmanuel

Ivor Emmanuel (November 7, 1927 Margam-July 20, 2007 Málaga) also known as Ivor Lewis Emmanuel was a British singer and actor.

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Anthony Bate

Anthony Bate (August 31, 1927 Stourbridge-June 19, 2012 Newport, Isle of Wight) was a British actor. His children are called Mark Hewitt Bate and Gavin Watson Bate.

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Danny La Rue

Danny La Rue (July 26, 1927 Cork-May 31, 2009 Royal Tunbridge Wells) a.k.a. Daniel Patrick Carroll, La Rue, Danny, Danny La Rue, OBE or the Drag Queen was a British drag queen, actor and entertainer.

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Roger Moore

Roger Moore (October 14, 1927 Stockwell-) a.k.a. Roger George Moore, Turk Thrust II, Sir Roger Moore, Sir Roger George Moore, Sir Roger George Moore, KBE or The Big Knit is a British actor, television producer, film producer, television director, voice actor and soldier. His children are called Christian Moore, Geoffrey Moore and Deborah Moore.

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Alf Joint

Alf Joint (September 22, 1927 Hertfordshire-July 25, 2005 Hertfordshire) also known as Alfred Charles R. Joint or Alfred Joint was a British stunt performer, stunt coordinator and actor.

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John Chapman

John Chapman (May 27, 1927 London-September 3, 2001 Périgueux) otherwise known as John T. Chapman or John Roy Chapman was a British screenwriter and actor.

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Denis Quilley

Denis Quilley (December 26, 1927 Islington-October 5, 2003 London) also known as Denis Clifford Quilley, Dennis Quilley or Denis Clifford Quilley OBE was a British actor.

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Arthur Malet

Arthur Malet (September 24, 1927 Lee-on-the-Solent-May 18, 2013 Santa Monica) also known as Vivian R. Malet or Arthur Vivian Malet was a British actor and voice actor.

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Huw Thomas

Huw Thomas (September 14, 1927 Pembrey-March 12, 2009 Kensington) also known as Hywel Gruffydd "Huw" Thomas or Hywel Gruffydd Thomas was a British actor, broadcaster, barrister and politician. His children are called Sheran Thomas, Guy Thomas and Charlotte Thomas.

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Derek Waring

Derek Waring (April 26, 1927 Mill Hill-February 20, 2007 Petworth) a.k.a. Derek Barton-Chapple was a British actor. He had two children, Nick Waring and Amanda Waring.

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Francis Matthews

Francis Matthews (September 2, 1927 York-June 14, 2014 England) was a British actor. His children are called Paul Rattigan, Damien Matthews and Dominic Matthews.

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Eddie Powell

Eddie Powell (March 9, 1927 London-August 11, 2000 Berkshire) was a British stunt performer and actor.

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Paul Eddington

Paul Eddington (June 18, 1927 St John's Wood-November 4, 1995 Southwark) also known as Paul Clark Eddington was a British actor. His children are called Gemma Eddington, Dominic Eddington, Hugo Eddington and Toby Eddington.

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Gerald Flood

Gerald Flood (April 21, 1927 Portsmouth-April 12, 1989 Surrey) was a British actor. He had one child, Tim Flood.

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Walter Sparrow

Walter Sparrow (January 22, 1927 Eltham-May 31, 2000 England) also known as Walter Leonard Sparrow was a British actor.

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Geoffrey Palmer

Geoffrey Palmer (June 4, 1927 London-) a.k.a. Geoffrey Dyson Palmer or Palmer, Geoffrey is a British presenter and actor. His children are called Harriet Palmer and Charles Palmer.

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Lee Montague

Lee Montague (October 16, 1927 Bow-) is a British actor.

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