British actors born in 1931

Here are 35 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1931:

John le Carré

John le Carré (October 19, 1931 Poole-) otherwise known as John le Carre, David John Moore Cornwell, David Cornwell or John LeCarre is a British writer, film producer, actor and screenwriter. He has four children, Stephen Cornwell, Nick Harkaway, Simon Cornwell and Timothy Cornwell.

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Lionel Blair

Lionel Blair (December 12, 1931 Montreal-) also known as Lionel Ogus or Henry Lionel Blair Ogus is a British presenter and actor.

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Peter Gilmore

Peter Gilmore (August 25, 1931 Leipzig-February 3, 2013 London) also known as John Peter Gilmore was a British actor. He had one child, Jason Gilmore.

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Roy Skelton

Roy Skelton (July 20, 1931 Nottingham-June 8, 2011 Brighton) also known as Roy William Skelton was a British actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sam Skelton and Eliza Skelton.

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Frank Williams

Frank Williams (July 2, 1931 Hampstead-) is a British actor, screenwriter and playwright.

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Glynn Edwards

Glynn Edwards (February 2, 1931 Peninsular Malaysia-) also known as Glyn Edwards is a British actor and film director. He has one child, Tom Edwards.

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Kenneth Haigh

Kenneth Haigh (March 25, 1931 Mexborough-) is a British actor.

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Harry Baird

Harry Baird (May 12, 1931 Georgetown-February 13, 2005 London) was a British actor.

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Jim Clark

Jim Clark (May 24, 1931 Boston-) also known as James Clark is a British film editor, film director, voice actor and actor.

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Lonnie Donegan

Lonnie Donegan (April 29, 1931 Bridgeton, Glasgow-November 3, 2002 Peterborough) otherwise known as Lonnie Donnegan, Anthony James Donegan, Donegan, Lonnie, The King of Skiffle, Lonnie, Loni Donegan or Donegan, Loni was a British musician, songwriter, singer and actor. His children are called Peter Donegan and Anthony Donegan.

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Ian Holm

Ian Holm (September 12, 1931 Goodmayes-) otherwise known as Ian Holm Cuthbert, Sir Ian Holm, Holm or Sir Ian Holm, CBE is a British actor and voice actor. His children are called Melissa Holm, Sarah-Jane Holm, Barnaby Holm, Harry Holm and Jessica Holm.

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Peter Woodthorpe

Peter Woodthorpe (September 25, 1931 York-August 12, 2004 Oxfordshire) was a British actor.

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Stephen Boyd

Stephen Boyd (July 4, 1931 Glengormley-June 2, 1977 Northridge) also known as William Millar or Dimples was a British actor.

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Brian Rawlinson

Brian Rawlinson (November 12, 1931 Stockport-November 23, 2000 Exeter) was a British actor and writer.

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Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley (September 24, 1931 London Borough of Hackney-April 14, 1999 Jensen Beach) also known as Antony Newley, George Anthony Newley, Anthony George Newley, Tony Newley or Anthony Newly was a British singer, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, film score composer, lyricist, composer and playwright. He had six children, Tara Newley, Alexander Anthony Newley, Simon Newley, Shelby Newley, Christopher Newley and Polly Gough.

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Godfrey James

Godfrey James (April 16, 1931 London-) is a British actor.

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Jonathan Adams

Jonathan Adams (February 14, 1931 Northampton-June 13, 2005 London) otherwise known as John Adams was a British actor.

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Kenneth Cope

Kenneth Cope (April 14, 1931 Liverpool-) otherwise known as Kenneth Charles Cope or Ken Cope is a British actor and screenwriter. He has three children, Martha Cope, Mark Cope and Nick Cope.

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Harry Landis

Harry Landis (November 25, 1931 Stepney-) also known as Harry Londis is a British actor.

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Antony Booth

Antony Booth (October 9, 1931 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Anthony George Booth, Tony Booth, Antony Booth or Anthony Booth is a British actor and soldier. His children are called Cherie Blair, Bronwen Booth, Jenia Booth, Lauren Booth, Lyndsey Booth, Emma Booth, Jo Booth and Lucy Booth.

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Birdy Sweeney

Birdy Sweeney (June 14, 1931 Dungannon-May 11, 1999 St. Vincent's University Hospital) also known as Edmund Sweeney, Birdie Sweeney, Edmund "Birdy" Sweeney, Birdy or Edmund Francis Sweeney was a British actor and comedian.

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Garfield Morgan

Garfield Morgan (April 19, 1931 Birmingham-December 5, 2009 London) was a British actor.

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James Greene

James Greene (May 19, 1931 Belfast-) is a British actor and voice actor.

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Paul McDowell

Paul McDowell (August 15, 1931 London-) also known as Whispering Paul McDowell is a British actor, writer and screenwriter.

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John Fraser

John Fraser (March 18, 1931 Glasgow-) is a British actor and writer.

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Derek Meddings

Derek Meddings (January 15, 1931 London-September 10, 1995 London) was a British actor and special effects designer.

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Ned Sherrin

Ned Sherrin (February 18, 1931 Low Ham-October 1, 2007 Chelsea) a.k.a. Edward George Sherrin, Edward George "Ned" Sherrin, Sherrin, Ned or Edward George "Ned" Sherrin, CBE was a British film producer, theatre director, broadcaster, television producer, television director, screenwriter, actor, author, humorist, impresario, playwright, presenter, raconteur and barrister.

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Trevor Peacock

Trevor Peacock (May 19, 1931 Tottenham-) a.k.a. Trevor Peacok is a British actor, screenwriter and songwriter. His children are called Daniel Peacock and Harry Peacock.

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Bill Simpson

Bill Simpson (September 11, 1931 Dunure-December 21, 1986 Mauchline) also known as William Nicholson Simpson or William Simpson was a British actor. He had two children, Katy Simpson and Kelly Simpson.

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Anthony Marriott

Anthony Marriott (January 17, 1931 London-April 17, 2014 London) was a British actor, playwright and screenwriter.

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Alfred Lynch

Alfred Lynch (January 26, 1931 Whitechapel-December 16, 2003) also known as Alfie Lynch or Alfred Cornelius Lynch was a British actor.

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Mohammad Ali

Mohammad Ali (April 19, 1931 Rampur-March 19, 2006 Lahore) otherwise known as Millennium Supreme Star, Shehenshah-e-Jazbat, The King of Emotions, Munna, Ali Bhai, Mohd Ali, Muhammad Ali, The Emperor of Emotions, Zeba Muhammad Ali, Shahenshah-e-Jazbaat, Super star, Millennium star, Legend Star, Mohammed Ali or Mohd. Ali was a British actor and film producer. He had one child, Samina Ali.

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Bryan Mosley

Bryan Mosley (August 25, 1931 Leeds-February 9, 1999 Shipley) a.k.a. Buddy Windrush or Bryan Mosley O.B.E. was a British actor. He had six children, Jaquline Mosley, Simone Mosley, Helen Mosley, Jonathan Mosley, Bernard Mosley and Leonard Mosley.

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Donal Donnelly

Donal Donnelly (July 6, 1931 Bradford-January 4, 2010 Chicago) a.k.a. Donal Donelly or Donald Donnelly was a British actor. He had three children, Jonathan Donnelly, Damian Donnelly and Maryanne Donnelly.

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David Swift

David Swift (April 3, 1931 Liverpool-) is a British actor. He has one child, Julia Swift.

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