British actors born in 1932

Here are 35 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1932:

Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson (November 20, 1932 Gosport-June 2, 2012 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Colin Lionel Emm, Dick Dawson, Kissyface, Dickie or The Kissing Bandit was a British comedian, actor and game show host. His children are called Mark Dawson, Gary Dawson and Shannon Dawson.

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William Roache

William Roache (April 25, 1932 Basford, Nottinghamshire-) a.k.a. William Patrick Roache, William Roache MBE, Bill Roache, Bill Roache MBE, William Roach, William Roache M.B.E. or William Patrick Harry Roache is a British actor. He has five children, Linus Roache, James Roache, Edwina Roache, Verity Roache and Vanya Roache.

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Barrie Ingham

Barrie Ingham (February 10, 1932 Halifax-) also known as Barry Ingham or Barrie S. Ingham is a British actor and voice actor.

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Terry Scully

Terry Scully (May 13, 1932 United Kingdom-April 17, 2001 Wiltshire) also known as Terence Scully was a British actor.

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Ed Bishop

Ed Bishop (June 11, 1932 Brooklyn-June 8, 2005 Kingston upon Thames) otherwise known as Edward Bishop or George Victor Bishop was a British actor and voice actor. His children are called Daniel Bishop, Georgina Bishop, Serina Bishop and Jessica Bishop.

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Edward de Souza

Edward de Souza (September 4, 1932 Kingston upon Hull-) a.k.a. Edward James de Souza or Eduardo de Sousa is a British actor.

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Peter O'Toole

Peter O'Toole (August 2, 1932 Connemara-December 14, 2013 London) a.k.a. Peter Seamus O'Toole, Peter Seamus Lorcan O'Toole, Peter O'toole or Peter James O'Toole was a British actor, film producer and voice actor. He had three children, Kate O'Toole, Lorcan O'Toole and Patricia O'Toole.

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Edward Hardwicke

Edward Hardwicke (August 7, 1932 London-May 16, 2011 Chichester) also known as Edward Hardwick or Edward Cedric Hardwicke was a British actor and military officer. His children are called Kate Hardwicke, Emma Hardwicke and Claire Hardwicke.

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Dinsdale Landen

Dinsdale Landen (September 4, 1932 Margate-December 29, 2003 South Creake) a.k.a. Dinsdale James Landen or Dinsdale Landon was a British actor.

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Anthony Ainley

Anthony Ainley (August 20, 1932 Stanmore-May 3, 2004 Harrow, London) also known as Tony Holmes, James Stoker, Leon Ny Taiy, Neil Toynay or Tony was a British actor.

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Richard Thorp

Richard Thorp (January 2, 1932 Purley, London-May 22, 2013 Leeds) a.k.a. Richard Thorpe was a British actor.

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Edward Judd

Edward Judd (October 4, 1932 Shanghai-February 24, 2009 Mitcham, London) also known as Eddie was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Deborah Judd.

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William Morgan Sheppard

William Morgan Sheppard (August 24, 1932 London-) a.k.a. W. Morgan Sheppard, Morgan Shepperd, Morgan Sheppard, Morgan Shepherd, Bill Morgen, Bill Morgan, Morgan Shephard, W. Morgan Shepard, Morgan Shepard or Will Shepherd is a British actor and voice actor. He has one child, Mark Sheppard.

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Ray Cooney

Ray Cooney (May 30, 1932 London-) a.k.a. Raymond George Alfred Cooney, Raymond George Alfred Cooney, OBE or Raymond Cooney is a British actor, playwright, screenwriter, film producer, film director and television producer. He has two children, Michael Cooney and Daniel Cooney.

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Jack Smethurst

Jack Smethurst (April 9, 1932 Collyhurst-) is a British actor. His child is called Adam Smethurst.

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Roderick Cook

Roderick Cook (February 9, 1932 London-August 17, 1990 Los Angeles) was a British actor, theatre director and playwright.

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Tony Tanner

Tony Tanner (July 27, 1932 Hillingdon-) is a British actor, choreographer, theatre director, singer, playwright and lyricist.

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Trevor Baxter

Trevor Baxter (November 18, 1932 London-) is a British actor and playwright.

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Neil North

Neil North (October 18, 1932 Quetta-March 7, 2007 London) a.k.a. Neil Dermot North was a British actor.

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Alan Dobie

Alan Dobie (June 2, 1932 Wombwell-) also known as Alan Russell Dobie is a British actor.

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Terry Richards

Terry Richards (November 2, 1932 South London-June 14, 2014) a.k.a. Terrence Richards was a British actor and stunt performer.

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Simon Oates

Simon Oates (January 6, 1932 Canning Town-May 20, 2009 Eastbourne) also known as Arthur Charles Oates was a British actor. He had one child, Justin Brett.

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John Clark

John Clark (November 1, 1932 London-) a.k.a. Ivan John Clark is a British actor, writer, teacher, television director, theatrical producer, playwright and theatre director. His children are called Jonathan Hawtrey Clark, Benjamin Clark, Annabel Lucy Clark, Pema Clark and Zachary Clark.

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Brian Weske

Brian Weske (December 23, 1932 Stockwell-October 15, 2001 London) was a British actor.

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Gertan Klauber

Gertan Klauber (March 5, 1932 Czechoslovakia-August 1, 2008 London) also known as George Gertan Klauber, Gertain Klauber, Gerton Klauber or Mr. Gertan Klauber was a British actor.

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Patrick Newell

Patrick Newell (March 27, 1932 Hadleigh, Suffolk-July 22, 1988 Essex) a.k.a. Patrick David Newell was a British actor.

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John Turner

John Turner (July 7, 1932 London-) is a British actor.

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Alan Cassell

Alan Cassell (February 16, 1932 Manchester-) is a British actor.

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Adrian Henri

Adrian Henri (April 10, 1932 Birkenhead-December 20, 2000 Liverpool) was a British poet, painter, actor, teacher, musician, playwright and librettist.

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Bernie Winters

Bernie Winters (September 6, 1932 Islington-May 4, 1991 London) also known as Bernard Weinstein, Mike and Bernie Winters or Bernie Weinstein was a British actor, comedian, musician and presenter.

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Lol Coxhill

Lol Coxhill (September 19, 1932 Portsmouth-July 10, 2012 London) a.k.a. Coxhill, Lol, The Coxhill/Bedford Duo, Will Dandy and the Dandylettes or Lowen Coxhill was a British actor, raconteur and saxophonist.

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Ray Austin

Ray Austin (December 5, 1932 London-) a.k.a. Raymond Austin, Ray Austen, Raymond DeVere-Austin The Baron of Delvin, Ray Austin, Baron DeVere-Austin of Delvin, Raymond John Austin or Raymond John DeVere Austin is a British film director, actor, television director, screenwriter, novelist and stunt performer.

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Christopher Greet

Christopher Greet (June 12, 1932-) otherwise known as Chris Greet or Christopher Arthur Greet is a British actor and radio announcer.

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Norman Bowler

Norman Bowler (August 1, 1932 London-) a.k.a. Norman Clifford Bowler is a British actor. He has two children, Joshua Bowler and Caroline Bowler.

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John Anderson

John Anderson (November 28, 1932 Edinburgh-) is a British actor.

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