British actors born in 1933

Here are 36 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1933:

Michael Caine

Michael Caine (March 14, 1933 Rotherhithe-) also known as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Michael Scott, Maurice Micklewhite, Sir Michael Caine CBE or Sir Michael Caine is a British actor, author, film producer, voice actor and entrepreneur. His children are called Natasha Caine and Dominique Caine.

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Leslie Crowther

Leslie Crowther (February 6, 1933 West Bridgford-September 29, 1996 Royal United Hospital) also known as Leslie Douglas Sargent Crowther was a British presenter, comedian and actor. He had two children, Liz Crowther and Caroline Crowther.

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Daniel Massey

Daniel Massey (October 10, 1933 Westminster-March 25, 1998 London) also known as Daniel Raymond Massey was a British actor. His children are called Alice Massey and Paul Massey.

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Edward Brayshaw

Edward Brayshaw (October 18, 1933-December 28, 1990) was a British actor.

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Donald Pickering

Donald Pickering (November 15, 1933 Newcastle upon Tyne-December 19, 2009 Gloucestershire) a.k.a. Donald Ellis Pickering was a British actor.

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Derek Newark

Derek Newark (June 8, 1933 Great Yarmouth-August 11, 1998 London) also known as Derek John Newark was a British actor.

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Patrick Godfrey

Patrick Godfrey (February 13, 1933 Finsbury-) a.k.a. Patrick Lindesay Archibald Godfrey is a British actor. His child is called Kate Godfrey.

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Terence Cooper

Terence Cooper (July 5, 1933 Carnmoney-September 16, 1997 Cairns) also known as Terrance Cooper or Terrence Cooper was a British actor, artist and visual artist.

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John Clive

John Clive (January 6, 1933 North London-October 14, 2012 United Kingdom) also known as Clive John Frederick Hambley or Clive Kendall was a British writer, actor and author. He had two children, Hannah Clive and Alexander Clive.

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David McCallum

David McCallum (September 19, 1933 Glasgow-) also known as David Keith McCallum or David Keith McCallum, Jr is a British actor, singer and musician. He has five children, Jason McCallum, Valentine McCallum, Paul McCallum, Peter McCallum and Sophie McCallum.

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Anton Rodgers

Anton Rodgers (January 10, 1933 Wisbech-December 1, 2007 Reading) also known as Anthony Rodgers, Anton Rogers or The Cast was a British actor. He had one child, Adam Rodgers.

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David Lloyd Meredith

David Lloyd Meredith (October 30, 1933 London-October 22, 2008 Chester) was a British actor and osteopath.

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Tony Jay

Tony Jay (February 2, 1933 London-August 13, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Jay Snyder was a British actor, voice actor and singer. He had one child, Adam Jay.

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Derek Martin

Derek Martin (April 11, 1933 Bow-) also known as Derek William Rapp is a British actor. His children are called Jonathan Martin and David Martin.

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Jeremy Brett

Jeremy Brett (November 3, 1933 Berkswell-September 12, 1995 Clapham) also known as Peter Jeremy William Huggins was a British actor. His child is called David Huggins.

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Dudley Sutton

Dudley Sutton (April 6, 1933 Surrey-) also known as Dudley O'Sutton is a British actor.

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Tom Bell

Tom Bell (August 2, 1933 Liverpool-October 4, 2006 Brighton) a.k.a. Thomas George Bell or Thomas George "Tom" Bel was a British actor. His children are called Polly Bell and Aran Bell.

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Barry Warren

Barry Warren (July 12, 1933 London-) is a British actor. He has two children, Christopher Warren and Jonathan Warren.

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Donald Douglas

Donald Douglas (March 7, 1933 Falkirk-) also known as Donald MacLeod Douglas is a British actor.

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Keith Baxter

Keith Baxter (April 29, 1933 Newport, Wales-) also known as Keith Baxter Wright or Keith Baxter-Wright is a British actor and theatre director.

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James Villiers

James Villiers (September 29, 1933 London-January 18, 1998 Arundel) also known as James Villers, Jimmie Villiers, James Michael Hyde Villiers or Jim Villiers was a British actor and character actor.

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Jeffry Wickham

Jeffry Wickham (August 5, 1933 England-June 1, 2014) also known as Jeffry Wickham was a British actor. He had three children, Rupert Wickham, Saskia Wickham and Caspar Wickham.

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John Ronane

John Ronane (December 11, 1933-) is a British actor.

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Richard Whitmore

Richard Whitmore (December 22, 1933 Hitchin-) is a British writer, actor and broadcaster.

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Peter Bromilow

Peter Bromilow (April 21, 1933 Cheshire-October 16, 1994 Los Angeles County) was a British actor.

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Inigo Jackson

Inigo Jackson (July 19, 1933 United Kingdom-August 25, 2001) otherwise known as Anthony Michael Jackson was a British actor.

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Barry Norman

Barry Norman (August 21, 1933 London-) also known as Barry Leslie Norman or Barry Norman CBE is a British screenwriter, film critic and actor. He has two children, Emma Norman and Samantha Norman.

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Jeff Nuttall

Jeff Nuttall (July 8, 1933 Clitheroe-January 4, 2004 Abergavenny) also known as Jeffrey Nuttall or Jeffrey Addison Nuttall was a British writer, actor, poet, painter, sculptor, trumpeter, teacher, artist, visual artist, musician and music artist.

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George Claydon

George Claydon (September 4, 1933 Bristol-October 4, 2001 London) was a British actor.

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Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart (December 30, 1933 Glasgow-October 11, 1993 Arbroath) also known as Andrew Stuart or Andy was a British singer, actor, musician, comedian and impressionist. His child is called Ewan Stewart.

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John Antrobus

John Antrobus (July 2, 1933 Aldershot-) is a British screenwriter, actor and playwright.

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Robert Gillespie

Robert Gillespie (November 9, 1933 Lille-) a.k.a. Robert James Gillespie is a British actor, screenwriter, theatre director and businessperson.

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Edgar Metcalfe

Edgar Metcalfe (September 18, 1933 Blackpool-September 13, 2012 Perth) also known as Edgar Metcalf was a British actor, film director and author.

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David Hamilton

David Hamilton (April 15, 1933 London-) is a British photographer, film director, film producer, actor and screenwriter.

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Michael Aspel

Michael Aspel (January 12, 1933 Battersea-) a.k.a. Michael Terence Aspel, M. Aspel or Michael Terence Aspel, OBE is a British presenter, journalist and actor. He has six children, Greg Aspel, Richard Aspel, Edward Aspel, Jane Aspel, Patrick Aspel and Daniel Aspel.

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John Michell

John Michell (February 9, 1933 London-April 24, 2009 Stoke Abbott) also known as John Frederick Carden Michell or John Frederick Michell was a British writer and actor. His child is called Jason Goodwin.

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