British actors born in 1943

Here are 43 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1943:

Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell (June 13, 1943 Horsforth-) a.k.a. Malcolm John Taylor, Malcolm MacDowell, Malcom McDowell, Mick or King of Punk is a British actor, voice actor, salesperson, waiting staff, presenter and film producer. He has five children, Lilly McDowell, Finnian Anderson McDowell, Beckett Taylor McDowell, Charlie McDowell and Seamus Hudson McDowell.

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Graeme Garden

Graeme Garden (February 18, 1943 Aberdeen-) a.k.a. Dr. Graeme Garden, David Graeme Garden, David Graeme Garden OBE or Garden, Graeme is a British physician, comedian, actor, screenwriter, author, artist and presenter. His children are called Tom Garden, Sally Garden and John Garden.

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Eric Idle

Eric Idle (March 29, 1943 South Shields-) also known as Dirk McQuickly, Montypython Flyingcircus, Eric Spam Eggs and Chips Idle, Rice Lied, The Usual Lot, Brian Hope, Eric C. Idleberg, Eric Whicker Whicker Idle or Monty Python is a British musician, comedian, actor, film producer, composer, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, television director, voice actor, film director, writer and television producer. He has two children, Lily Idle and Carey Idle.

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Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley (December 31, 1943 Snainton-) otherwise known as Sir Ben Kingsley, Krishna Bhanji, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, કૃષ્ણા પંડિત ભાનજી or Sir Ben Kingsley, CBE is a British actor and voice actor. He has four children, Thomas Kingsley, Ferdinand Kingsley, Edmund Kingsley and Jasmin Bhanji.

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Tony Blackburn

Tony Blackburn (January 29, 1943 Guildford-) otherwise known as Blackburn, Tony or Lenny Gamble is a British presenter, disc jockey and actor.

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Iain Sinclair

Iain Sinclair (June 11, 1943 Cardiff-) is a British novelist, writer, actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Brian Perkins

Brian Perkins (September 11, 1943 New Zealand-) is a British actor.

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Charles Collingwood

Charles Collingwood (May 30, 1943 Saint John-) also known as Charles Henry Collingwood is a British actor.

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Donald Sumpter

Donald Sumpter (February 13, 1943 United Kingdom-) otherwise known as Don Sumpter is a British actor.

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Michael Redfern

Michael Redfern (March 30, 1943 Isleworth-) is a British actor.

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David Soul

David Soul (August 28, 1943 Chicago-) also known as David Richard Solberg, David Richard Solber or The Covered Man is a British singer, actor, television director and film producer. His children are called China Soul, Brendan Soul, Christopher Soul, Tyler Soul and Jon Soul.

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Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr (January 9, 1943 Huyton-) otherwise known as Starr, Freddie or Frederick Fowell is a British comedian, impressionist, singer and actor.

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Richard Whiteley

Richard Whiteley (December 28, 1943 Bradford-June 26, 2005 Leeds) a.k.a. John Richard Whiteley, Mayor Richard Whiteley, "Twice-Nightly" Whiteley or Richard Whiteley OBE was a British presenter, journalist, actor and broadcaster. His child is called James Whiteley.

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Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce (May 14, 1943 Bishopbriggs-October 25, 2014 Suffolk) otherwise known as John Symon Asher Bruce or John Symon Asher "Jack" Bruce was a British singer, musician, songwriter, bassist and actor. His children are called Malcolm Bruce and Jonas Bruce.

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George Harrison

George Harrison (February 25, 1943 Liverpool-November 29, 2001 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. George Harrysong, The Quiet Beatle, George Harold Harrison, George, Nelson Wilbury, George O'Hara-Smith, Carl Harrison, L'Angelo Misterioso, Hari Georgeson, Jairaj Hari san, George Harrison, MBE, Spike Wilbury or The Beatles was a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, organist, keyboard player, film producer, singer-songwriter, actor and film score composer. His child is called Dhani Harrison.

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Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy (August 20, 1943 Dunoon-) a.k.a. Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith, Sylv or Sylveste McCoy is a British actor.

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Kevork Malikyan

Kevork Malikyan (June 2, 1943 Diyarbakır-) also known as Kevork Malikyen is a British actor.

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Michael Attwell

Michael Attwell (January 16, 1943 Watford-March 18, 2006 London) otherwise known as Michael John Attwell or Mike Attwell was a British actor. He had three children, Zoe Attwell, Jake Attwell and Cassie Attwell.

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Ian Ogilvy

Ian Ogilvy (September 30, 1943 Woking-) a.k.a. Ian Raymond Ogilvy is a British actor, novelist and playwright. He has three children, Titus Ogilvy, Lee Boxleitner and Sam Boxleitner.

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John Nettles

John Nettles (October 11, 1943 St Austell-) also known as John Vivian Drummond Nettles or Jim Nettles is a British actor and writer. He has one child, Emma Nettles.

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John McEnery

John McEnery (November 1, 1943 Birmingham-) is a British actor and writer. He has two children, Phoebe McEnery and Chloe McEnery.

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Mike Leigh

Mike Leigh (February 20, 1943 Welwyn Garden City-) also known as Mike Leigh OBE, Michael Leigh or Mick Leigh is a British film director, screenwriter, television director, theatre director, actor and playwright. He has two children, Toby Leigh and Leo Leigh.

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Paul Freeman

Paul Freeman (January 18, 1943 Chipping Barnet-) is a British actor.

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Trevor Byfield

Trevor Byfield (October 20, 1943 Preston, Lancashire-) also known as Zig Byfeld, Trevor 'Fish' Byfield, Ziggy Byfield or Zig Byfield is a British actor.

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Michael Byrne

Michael Byrne (November 7, 1943 London-) is a British actor. He has one child, Allie Byrne Esiri.

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Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger (July 26, 1943 Dartford-) also known as Michael Philip Jagger, Sir Michael Jagger, Sir Mick Jagger, Mike, Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, Michael Phillip Jagger, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, OBE or Mick is a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, actor, film producer, film score composer and screenwriter. His children are called Elizabeth Jagger, Jade Jagger, Gabriel Jagger, Karis Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger and James Jagger.

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Ken Hutchison

Ken Hutchison (November 24, 1943 Leslie, Fife-) also known as Ken Hutchinson is a British actor.

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Jonathan Lynn

Jonathan Lynn (April 3, 1943 Bath-) a.k.a. Cambridge Circus or Jonathon Lynn is a British comedian, actor, film director, writer, screenwriter, television director, film producer and television producer.

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Chas Hodges

Chas Hodges (December 28, 1943 Edmonton, London-) also known as Hodges, Chas, Chas, Chas & Dave, Chas 'n' Dave, Chas and Dave, Heads Hands and Feet, The Outlaws or Charles Nicholas Hodges is a British singer, musician, pianist and actor. He has one child, Kate Garner.

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Michael Palin

Michael Palin (May 5, 1943 Ranmoor-) otherwise known as Michael Edward Palin, Michael Palin CBE, Michael Lapin, Michael Spam Palin, Michael C. Palinberg, Alan Michael Palin Whicker, Michael Edward Palin, CBE, FRGS, The Usual Lot, Montypython Flyingcircus or Monty Python is a British actor, screenwriter, writer, comedian, voice actor and television presenter. He has three children, William Palin, Rachel Palin and Thomas Palin.

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John Leeson

John Leeson (March 1, 1943 Leicester-) also known as John Francis Christopher Ducker or K9 is a British actor. His child is called Guy Ducker.

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Christopher Greener

Christopher Greener (November 21, 1943 New Brighton-) is a British actor.

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Colin Baker

Colin Baker (June 8, 1943 Waterloo, London-) a.k.a. Archie or Baker, Colin is a British actor. His child is called Jack Baker.

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Hayden Phillips

Hayden Phillips (February 9, 1943-) also known as Sir Hayden Phillips or Sir Gerald Hayden Phillips is a British actor.

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Christopher Cazenove

Christopher Cazenove (December 17, 1943 Winchester-April 7, 2010 London) a.k.a. Christopher Casenove or Christopher de Lerisson Cazenove was a British actor. His children are called Rhys William Cazenove and Linford James Cazenove.

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Valentino Musetti

Valentino Musetti (January 7, 1943 Pontremoli-) is a British actor.

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Michael Pennington

Michael Pennington (June 7, 1943 Cambridge-) a.k.a. Michael Vivian Fyfe Pennington is a British actor, film director and author.

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Christopher Godwin

Christopher Godwin (August 5, 1943 Loughborough-) also known as Chris Godwin is a British actor.

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David Simeon

David Simeon (May 17, 1943 Chippenham-) also known as David John Townsend is a British actor.

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Hilton Valentine

Hilton Valentine (May 21, 1943 North Shields-) also known as Valentine, Hilton, Hilton Stewart Paterson Valentine or The Animals is a British musician, songwriter, guitarist and actor.

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Anthony Dowell

Anthony Dowell (February 16, 1943 London-) also known as Sir Anthony Dowell, Anthony James Dowell or Sir Anthony James Dowell is a British actor and ballet dancer.

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Robert East

Robert East (July 7, 1943 Porthcawl-) also known as Robert Gwyn East, Bob East or Robert Charles East is a British actor.

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Ellis Jones

Ellis Jones (November 15, 1943 Petersfield-) is a British actor and film director.

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