British actors born in 1951

Here are 28 famous actors from United Kingdom were born in 1951:

Dave Spikey

Dave Spikey (October 6, 1951 Farnworth-) a.k.a. David Gordon Bramwell, David Spikey or David Bramwell is a British film producer, actor, writer, comedian, presenter and screenwriter.

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Don Warrington

Don Warrington (May 23, 1951 Trinidad-) is a British presenter, comedian and actor.

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Kevin Whately

Kevin Whately (February 6, 1951 Hexham-) also known as Kevin George Edward Whately or Kevin Whatley is a British actor and voice actor. He has two children, Catherine Whately and Kieran Whately.

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Nigel Havers

Nigel Havers (November 6, 1951 London-) also known as Nigel Allan Havers is a British actor. His child is called Kate Havers.

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Sting (October 2, 1951 Wallsend-) a.k.a. Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner, Gordon Sumner, Gordon Matthew Sumner, Gordon Matthew Thomas Sumner CBE or The Police is a British musician, record producer, singer-songwriter, actor, teacher, composer, multi-instrumentalist and film score composer. His children are called Joe Sumner, Eliot Paulina Sumner, Jake Sumner, Fuchsia Sumner, Mickey Sumner and Giacomo Sumner.

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Phil Collins

Phil Collins (January 30, 1951 Hounslow-) a.k.a. Philip David Charles Collins, Phillip Collins, P. Collins, Philip Collins, Little Elvis, Philip David Charles "Phil" Collins or Genesis is a British musician, singer-songwriter, actor, record producer, multi-instrumentalist, author, drummer, photographer and audio engineer. He has five children, Lily Collins, Matthew Collins, Simon Collins, Nicholas Collins and Joely Collins.

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Paul Barber

Paul Barber (March 18, 1951 Toxteth-) a.k.a. Patrick Barber or Paddy is a British actor.

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Trevor Eve

Trevor Eve (July 1, 1951 The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield-) a.k.a. Trevor John Eve is a British actor, television producer and film producer. His children are called Alice Eve, Jack Eve and George Eve.

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Jeff Rawle

Jeff Rawle (July 20, 1951 Birmingham-) also known as Jeffrey Paul Rawle is a British actor.

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David Yip

David Yip (June 4, 1951 Liverpool-) a.k.a. David Nicholas Yip is a British actor and playwright.

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Daniel Gerroll

Daniel Gerroll (October 16, 1951 London-) also known as Daniel Gerrol is a British actor and businessperson. He has three children, Rebecca Gerroll, Benjamin Gerroll and Toby Gerroll.

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Darryl Read

Darryl Read (September 19, 1951 Exeter-June 23, 2013 Pattaya) was a British actor, musician, writer, songwriter, film producer, singer and poet.

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John Sumner

John Sumner (October 14, 1951 Blackpool-) is a British actor.

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Richard Driscoll

Richard Driscoll (June 14, 1951 Cornwall-) also known as Steven Craine is a British film director, screenwriter, actor, film producer and film editor.

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Bob Mason

Bob Mason (July 29, 1951 Rochdale-September 21, 2004 Cambridge) a.k.a. Robert William Mason was a British actor and screenwriter.

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Peter Richardson

Peter Richardson (October 15, 1951 Devon-) also known as Spider Webb, Webb, Spider, Bad News or The Outer Limits is a British comedian, actor, film director, screenwriter and television director. He has three children, Alice Richardson, Red Richardson and Jack Richardson.

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Robin Sachs

Robin Sachs (February 5, 1951 Hammersmith-February 1, 2013 Los Angeles) also known as Robin David Sachs was a British actor and voice actor.

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Chris Rea

Chris Rea (March 4, 1951 Middlesbrough-) a.k.a. Rea, Chris or Christopher Anton Rea is a British singer, guitarist, singer-songwriter, musician, composer, actor and lyricist. His children are called Josephine Rea and Julia Christina Rea.

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Bob Goody

Bob Goody (April 16, 1951 Bloomsbury-) also known as Robert Goody or Bob is a British actor, screenwriter and librettist.

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Thomas Wheatley

Thomas Wheatley (August 1, 1951 Chelmsford-) also known as Jonathan Wheatley or JG Wheatley is a British actor and writer.

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Pavel Douglas

Pavel Douglas (January 5, 1951 Kraków-) is a British actor. He has four children, Amelie Rose Douglas, Zaczyk Lewis Douglas, Daisy Douglas and Zephyr Douglas.

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Billy McColl

Billy McColl (November 15, 1951 Hamilton-January 1, 2014 London) was a British actor.

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Philip Whitchurch

Philip Whitchurch (January 30, 1951 United Kingdom-) a.k.a. Phillip Whitchurch is a British actor and voice actor.

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Rob Halford

Rob Halford (August 25, 1951 The Royal Town of Sutton Coldfield-) a.k.a. Halford, Rob, Rob, Robert John Arthur "Rob" Halford, Robert John Arthur Halford, The Metal God, Metal God or Judas Priest is a British singer, songwriter, musician, film score composer and actor.

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Ric Parnell

Ric Parnell (August 13, 1951 London-) otherwise known as R.J. Parnell or Richard J. Parnell is a British composer, drummer and actor.

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David Renwick

David Renwick (September 4, 1951 Luton-) also known as David Peter Renwick is a British screenwriter, television producer, actor, journalist and television director.

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Hugh Edwards

Hugh Edwards (August 19, 1951 Royston-) is a British actor.

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Antony Worrall Thompson

Antony Worrall Thompson (May 1, 1951 Stratford-upon-Avon-) also known as Antony Worrall-Thompson, Henry Antony Cardew Worrall Thompson or Wozza is a British presenter, chef, celebrity chef and actor.

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