British actors died at age 68

Here are 23 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 68:

Max Miller

Max Miller (November 21, 1894 Brighton-May 3, 1963 Brighton) also known as Miller, Max, Thomas Henry Sargent or Harry Sargent was a British comedian and actor.

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Wallace Ford

Wallace Ford (February 12, 1898 Bolton-June 11, 1966 Woodland Hills) also known as Samuel Jones Grundy or Wally Ford was a British actor and usher. He had one child, Patricia Zachery.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Kit Denton

Kit Denton (May 5, 1928 Stepney-April 14, 1997 Blue Mountains) also known as Arnold Christopher Denton, Arnold Christopher "Kit" Denton, Arnold Ditkofsky or Arnold Christopher Ditkofsky was a British novelist, screenwriter and actor. His child is Andrew Denton.

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Terry Scully

Terry Scully (May 13, 1932 United Kingdom-April 17, 2001 Wiltshire) also known as Terence Scully was a British actor.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Godfrey Tearle

Godfrey Tearle (October 12, 1884 New York City-June 9, 1953 London) otherwise known as Sir Godfrey Seymour Tearle, Sir Godfrey Tearle or Godfrey Seymour Tearle was a British actor.

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Thomas Heathcote

Thomas Heathcote (September 9, 1917 Shimla-January 5, 1986 London) also known as Tom Heathcote was a British actor.

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George Claydon

George Claydon (September 4, 1933 Bristol-October 4, 2001 London) was a British actor.

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Arthur Leslie

Arthur Leslie (December 8, 1901 Newark-on-Trent-June 30, 1970 Cardigan) a.k.a. Arthur Scottorn Broughton was a British actor. He had one child, Tony Broughton.

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Martin Boddey

Martin Boddey (April 16, 1907 Stirling-October 24, 1975 London) otherwise known as Albert Martin Boddey, Albert John Boddey or Martin Boddy was a British actor.

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E. V. H. Emmett

E. V. H. Emmett (June 18, 1902 London-June 7, 1971 Ealing) also known as Ted Emmett, Edward Victor H. Emmett, Ted, E.V.H.Emmett or E.V.H. Emmett was a British film producer, actor, screenwriter and film director.

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Arthur Lovegrove

Arthur Lovegrove (July 15, 1913 Fulham-November 7, 1981 Surrey) a.k.a. Arthur William Lovegrove was a British actor, screenwriter and playwright.

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George Pravda

George Pravda (June 19, 1916 Prague-May 1, 1985 London) also known as JirĂ­ Pravda was a British actor.

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Tony Scott

Tony Scott (June 21, 1944 North Shields-August 19, 2012 San Pedro) a.k.a. Anthony Scott, Anthony D. L. Scott, T-Scott, Anthony D. L. "Tony" Scott, The Scott brothers, Anthony David Scott or Anthony David "Tony" Scott was a British film producer, film director, television producer, television director, cinematographer, actor, screenwriter and film editor. He had two children, Frank Scott and Max Scott.

He died in suicide.

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Ewan Roberts

Ewan Roberts (April 29, 1914 Edinburgh-January 10, 1983 London) a.k.a. Ewen Roberts was a British actor.

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Brian Weske

Brian Weske (December 23, 1932 Stockwell-October 15, 2001 London) was a British actor.

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Inigo Jackson

Inigo Jackson (July 19, 1933 United Kingdom-August 25, 2001) otherwise known as Anthony Michael Jackson was a British actor.

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Leonard Sharp

Leonard Sharp (April 5, 1890 Watford-October 24, 1958 Watford) also known as Len Sharp, Len Sharpe or Leonard Sharpe was a British actor. His child is called Dorothy Gordon.

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Derek Nimmo

Derek Nimmo (September 19, 1930 Liverpool-February 24, 1999 Chelsea) otherwise known as Derek Robert Nimmo was a British actor and theatre manager. His children are Piers Nimmo, Amanda Nimmo and Timothy Nimmo.

He died as a result of pneumonia.

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Billy Merson

Billy Merson (March 29, 1879 Nottingham-June 25, 1947 London) also known as William Henry Thompson or Merson, Billy was a British actor.

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Haddon Mason

Haddon Mason (February 21, 1898 London-April 30, 1966 London) otherwise known as Hadden Mason was a British actor.

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Tommy Godfrey

Tommy Godfrey (June 20, 1916 London-June 24, 1984 London) was a British actor.

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Peter Burton

Peter Burton (April 4, 1921 Bromley-November 21, 1989 London) a.k.a. Peter Burdon was a British actor.

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Davy Burnaby

Davy Burnaby (April 7, 1881 Buckland-April 18, 1949 Angmering) also known as George Davy Burnaby or Dave Burnaby was a British actor and songwriter.

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