British actors died at age 70

Here are 26 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 70:

Denholm Elliott

Denholm Elliott (May 31, 1922 Ealing-October 6, 1992 Santa Eulària des Riu) otherwise known as Denholm Mitchell Elliott, Denholm Mitchell Elliott, CBE or Denholm Elliot was a British actor. He had two children, Jennifer Elliott and Mark Elliott.

He died in hiv/aids.

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Jeff Nuttall

Jeff Nuttall (July 8, 1933 Clitheroe-January 4, 2004 Abergavenny) also known as Jeffrey Nuttall or Jeffrey Addison Nuttall was a British writer, actor, poet, painter, sculptor, trumpeter, teacher, artist, visual artist, musician and music artist.

He died caused by myocardial infarction.

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Bob Friend

Bob Friend (January 20, 1938 United Kingdom-October 8, 2008 United Kingdom) also known as Robert Friend, Bob Friend, MBE or Robert Francis Friend was a British presenter, journalist and actor.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Mark Jones

Mark Jones (April 22, 1939 England-January 14, 2010 Shropshire) was a British actor.

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Noel Willman

Noel Willman (August 4, 1918 Derry-December 14, 1988 New York City) was a British actor and theatre director.

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Maurice Kaufmann

Maurice Kaufmann (June 29, 1927 Gorleston-September 1, 1997 London) a.k.a. Maurice Kaufman or Maurice Harington Kaufmann was a British actor. He had two children, Lottie Kaufmann and Barnaby Kaufmann.

He died caused by cancer.

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Corin Redgrave

Corin Redgrave (July 16, 1939 Marylebone-April 6, 2010 Tooting) a.k.a. Corin William Redgrave was a British actor, writer, playwright and political activist. He had four children, Jemma Redgrave, Luke Redgrave, Harvey Redgrave and Arden Redgrave.

He died as a result of prostate cancer.

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John Chandos

John Chandos (July 27, 1917 Glasgow-September 21, 1987 Chichester) also known as John Chandos McConnell was a British actor, radio personality, theatrical producer and writer.

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Peter Godfrey

Peter Godfrey (October 16, 1899 London-March 4, 1970 Hollywood) was a British film director, actor and television director. He had one child, Bobbie Poledouris.

He died in parkinson's disease.

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Stephen Murray

Stephen Murray (September 6, 1912 Partney-March 31, 1983 London) also known as Stephen Umfreville Hay Murray, L/C Stephen Murray or Stephen Umfreville H. Murray was a British actor.

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David Hutcheson

David Hutcheson (June 14, 1905 Isle of Bute-February 18, 1976 London) also known as Dave Hutcheson was a British actor.

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Simon Ward

Simon Ward (October 19, 1941 Beckenham-July 20, 2012 London) also known as Simon Anthony Fox Ward was a British actor. He had three children, Sophie Ward, Claudia Ward and Kitty McIntyre.

He died in polycythemia.

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John Longden

John Longden (November 11, 1900 Caribbean-May 26, 1971 London) also known as John Longdon was a British actor.

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Bob Todd

Bob Todd (December 15, 1921 Faversham-October 21, 1992 Sussex) a.k.a. Brian Todd or Silly Todd was a British actor.

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Sydney Paxton

Sydney Paxton (June 25, 1860 London-October 13, 1930 Montauk) also known as Sidney Paxton was a British actor.

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Henry Edwards

Henry Edwards (September 18, 1882 Weston-super-Mare-November 2, 1952 Chobham) also known as Ethelbert Edwards or Arthur Harold Ethelbert Edwards was a British actor, film director, screenwriter and film producer. He had one child, Henryetta Edwards.

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Arthur Rigby

Arthur Rigby (September 27, 1900 London-April 25, 1971 Worthing) a.k.a. Arthur Rigby Jr. or Arthur Turner was a British actor, screenwriter and writer.

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David Markham

David Markham (April 3, 1913 Wick, Worcestershire-December 15, 1983 Hartfield) also known as Peter Basil Harrison was a British actor. He had four children, Petra Markham, Kika Markham, Jehane Markham and Sonia Markham.

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Gordon McLeod

Gordon McLeod (December 27, 1890 Ivybridge-April 5, 1961) a.k.a. Charles Gordon McLeod was a British actor.

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Paul Maxwell

Paul Maxwell (November 12, 1921 Winnipeg-December 19, 1991 London) was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Lindsay Maxwell.

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Robert Lang

Robert Lang (September 24, 1934 Bristol-November 6, 2004 Sutton) was a British actor.

He died in cancer.

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Tod Slaughter

Tod Slaughter (March 19, 1885 Newcastle upon Tyne-February 19, 1956 Derby) a.k.a. Norman Carter Slaughter or N. Carter Slaughter was a British actor.

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Gerald Rawlinson

Gerald Rawlinson (August 24, 1904 St Helens-April 5, 1975 Dorset) also known as Gerry Rawlinson was a British actor.

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D. A. Clarke-Smith

D. A. Clarke-Smith (August 2, 1888 Montrose-March 12, 1959 Withyham) a.k.a. D.A. Clarke-Smith, D.E. Clarke-Smith, Douglas Clark-Smith, D.A.Clarke Smith, Dick Clarke-Smith, Douglas Clarke-Smith, D.A. Clarke - Smith or Douglas A. Clarke-Smith was a British actor.

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Randle Ayrton

Randle Ayrton (August 9, 1869 Chester-May 28, 1940 Stratford-upon-Avon) was a British actor, film director and film producer.

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Charles Kent

Charles Kent (June 18, 1852 London-May 21, 1923 Brooklyn) otherwise known as Mr. Charles Kent was a British film director and actor.

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