British actors died at age 73

Here are 23 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 73:

David Niven

David Niven (March 1, 1910 London-July 29, 1983 Château-d'Œx) also known as James David Graham Niven, David Nivens or Niv was a British actor, novelist and television producer. His children are called David Niven, Jamie Niven, Fiona Niven and Kristina Niven.

He died caused by motor neuron disease.

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Tony Jay

Tony Jay (February 2, 1933 London-August 13, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Jay Snyder was a British actor, voice actor and singer. He had one child, Adam Jay.

He died as a result of surgical complications.

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Wilfred Pickles

Wilfred Pickles (October 13, 1904 Halifax-March 26, 1978) was a British actor.

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Brian Nissen

Brian Nissen (October 20, 1927 London-February 8, 2001 Salisbury) also known as Borge Lavendt Nissen was a British actor and announcer.

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Harry Locke

Harry Locke (December 10, 1913 London-September 17, 1987 London) was a British actor.

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Harry Baird

Harry Baird (May 12, 1931 Georgetown-February 13, 2005 London) was a British actor.

He died in cancer.

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J.O.C. Orton

J.O.C. Orton (April 5, 1889 London-May 1, 1962 London) a.k.a. John Overton Cove Orton, J.O.C.Orton or John Orton was a British screenwriter, film director and actor.

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Frank Conroy

Frank Conroy (October 14, 1890 Derby-February 24, 1964 Paramus) a.k.a. Frank Parish Conroy was a British actor.

He died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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Edward Cooper

Edward Cooper (June 28, 1883 Bolton-July 15, 1956 Surrey) was a British actor.

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Morton Lowry

Morton Lowry (February 13, 1914 Lancashire-November 26, 1987 San Francisco) also known as Edward Morton Lowater or Edward Lowater was a British actor.

He died in myocardial infarction.

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Jack Melford

Jack Melford (September 5, 1899 London-October 22, 1972 Poole) also known as Jack Kenneth G. Melford or John Kenneth George Smith was a British actor. He had one child, Jill Melford.

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Jimmy Logan

Jimmy Logan (April 4, 1928 Dennistoun-April 13, 2001 West Dunbartonshire) also known as James E. Logan, James Allan Short, James Logan, Jimmy Logan OBE, FRSAMD or James Alan Short was a British singer, actor, theatrical producer, impresario, theatre director and author.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Bernard Lee

Bernard Lee (January 10, 1908 Brentford-January 16, 1981 Royal Free Hospital) a.k.a. John Bernard Lee was a British actor and soldier. He had one child, Ann Lee.

He died in stomach cancer.

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Russell Waters

Russell Waters (June 10, 1908 Glasgow-April 5, 1982 London) a.k.a. Russel Waters or Andrew Russell Waters was a British actor. He had four children, John Waters, Angela Waters, Stephen Waters and Fizz Waters.

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Arthur Rosson

Arthur Rosson (August 24, 1886 Pau, Pyrénées-Atlantiques-June 17, 1960 Los Angeles) also known as Art, Arthur H. Rosson or Arthur Henry Rosson Sr was a British film director, screenwriter and actor. His children are Helene R Rosson, Arthur Henry Rosson Jr and Gladys Odetlydia Rosson.

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Marcello Pagliero

Marcello Pagliero (January 15, 1907 London-October 18, 1980 Paris) a.k.a. Marcel Pagliero or M. Pagliero was a British screenwriter, actor and film director.

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Basil Dignam

Basil Dignam (October 24, 1905 Sheffield-January 31, 1979 Westminster) was a British actor.

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André van Gyseghem

André van Gyseghem (August 18, 1906 Eltham-October 13, 1979 London) also known as André Van Gyseghern or Andre Van Gyseghem was a British actor and theatrical producer. He had one child, Joanna Van Gyseghem.

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Walter Carr

Walter Carr (April 1, 1925 Larkhall-May 30, 1998) was a British actor.

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Tom Bell

Tom Bell (August 2, 1933 Liverpool-October 4, 2006 Brighton) a.k.a. Thomas George Bell or Thomas George "Tom" Bel was a British actor. His children are called Polly Bell and Aran Bell.

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Charles Hawtrey

Charles Hawtrey (November 30, 1914 Hounslow-October 27, 1988 Walmer) a.k.a. George Frederick Joffe Hartree, George Frederick Joffre Hartree or Charlie was a British actor, theatre director, singer and pianist.

He died caused by peripheral artery disease.

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Lionel Brough

Lionel Brough (March 10, 1836 Pontypool-November 9, 1909 South Lambeth) was a British actor. He had one child, Mary Brough.

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C. Hayden Coffin

C. Hayden Coffin (April 22, 1862 Manchester-December 8, 1935 London) also known as Charles Hayden Coffin or Hayden Coffin was a British actor.

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