British actors died at age 78

Here are 23 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 78:

Harold Pinter

Harold Pinter (October 10, 1930 Metropolitan Borough of Hackney-December 24, 2008 London) also known as Sir Harold Pinter, David Baron or Harold Pinter, CH, CBE was a British playwright, author, poet, screenwriter, actor, theatre director, social activist, writer, political activist and film director. His child is Daniel Brand Pinter.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Jack Watling

Jack Watling (January 13, 1923 Chingford-May 22, 2001 Chelmsford) also known as Jack Stanley Watling was a British actor. He had four children, Deborah Watling, Dilys Watling, Giles Watling and Nicola Watling.

He died in cancer.

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Clifford Williams

Clifford Williams (December 30, 1926 Cardiff-August 20, 2005 London) was a British theatre director, actor, ballet dancer, playwright and writer. His children are called Anouk Williams and Tara Williams.

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Patrick Garland

Patrick Garland (April 10, 1935 England-April 19, 2013 Worthing) was a British writer, film director, actor, television director, film producer and television producer.

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Richard Wordsworth

Richard Wordsworth (January 19, 1915 Halesowen-November 21, 1993 Kendal) also known as Richard Curwen Wordsworth was a British actor.

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Bertram Wallis

Bertram Wallis (February 22, 1874 London-April 11, 1952 England) was a British actor and singer.

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Peter Cartwright

Peter Cartwright (August 30, 1935 Krugersdorp-November 18, 2013 Greater London) was a British actor.

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Bill Dean

Bill Dean (September 3, 1921 Everton, Liverpool-April 20, 2000 Upton) also known as Billy Dean, Patrick Connolly or Patrick Anthony Connolly was a British actor and soldier.

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Ben Greet

Ben Greet (September 24, 1857 London-May 17, 1936 London) a.k.a. Sir Philip Barling "Ben" Greet or Philip Barling Greet was a British actor-manager, actor, impresario and theatre director.

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Ronald Howard

Ronald Howard (April 7, 1918 South Norwood-December 19, 1996 Bridport) was a British actor and writer. He had three children, Steven Howard, Anne Howard and Fenella Howard.

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Alec Mango

Alec Mango (March 16, 1911 Paddington-November 1, 1989 Westminster) also known as Alexander Anthony J. Mango was a British actor.

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Richard Coleman

Richard Coleman (January 20, 1930 Peckham-December 16, 2008 France) also known as Ronald Coleman was a British actor.

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Gene Gerrard

Gene Gerrard (August 31, 1892 Clapham-June 1, 1971 Sidmouth) a.k.a. Eugene Morris Sullivan was a British film director and actor.

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Garry Marsh

Garry Marsh (June 21, 1902 St Margarets, London-March 6, 1981 London) also known as Leslie Marsh Geraghty or Leslie March Geraghty was a British actor.

He died caused by natural causes.

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Barry Lupino

Barry Lupino (January 7, 1884 Southwark-September 26, 1962 Brighton) a.k.a. George Barry Lupino Hook or George Barry Hook was a British comedian, actor, film producer and television producer. His child is Antoinette Lupino.

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Cecil Hepworth

Cecil Hepworth (March 19, 1874 Lambeth-February 9, 1953 Greenford) otherwise known as Cecil M. Hepworth or Cecil Milton Hepworth was a British film director, film producer, actor, cinematographer, screenwriter and inventor.

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Edward Hardwicke

Edward Hardwicke (August 7, 1932 London-May 16, 2011 Chichester) also known as Edward Hardwick or Edward Cedric Hardwicke was a British actor and military officer. His children are Kate Hardwicke, Emma Hardwicke and Claire Hardwicke.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Sydney Bromley

Sydney Bromley (July 24, 1909 London-August 14, 1987 Worthing) also known as Sidney Charles Bromley or Sidney Bromley was a British actor.

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Roddy Hughes

Roddy Hughes (June 19, 1891 Porthmadog-February 22, 1970 Sussex) also known as Rhodri Henry Hughes, Rodri Henry Hughes or Rody Hughes was a British actor.

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Terry-Thomas (July 10, 1911 Finchley-January 8, 1990 Godalming) also known as Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens, Terry Thomas, Thos Stevens, Thomas Stevens, Big Moustache, Thomas Terry, Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens or Tom was a British actor, screenwriter, film producer and comedian. He had two children, Timothy Stevens and Cushan Stevens.

He died as a result of parkinson's disease.

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Henry Oscar

Henry Oscar (July 14, 1891 Hornsey-December 28, 1969 London) a.k.a. Harry Oscar or Henry Wale was a British actor.

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Garfield Morgan

Garfield Morgan (April 19, 1931 Birmingham-December 5, 2009 London) was a British actor.

He died in cancer.

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Frank Maher

Frank Maher (June 18, 1929 London-July 13, 2007 Newport, Isle of Wight) also known as Francis James Maher was a British actor and stunt performer.

He died in emphysema.

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