British actors died at age 79

Here are 30 famous actors from United Kingdom died at 79:

Arthur Wing Pinero

Arthur Wing Pinero (May 24, 1855 London-November 23, 1934 London) also known as Arthur Pinero, Enfante Terrible of the Nineties, Sir Arthur Pinero, Arthur W. Pinero, Sir Arthur Wing Pinero or Pinero was a British librettist, screenwriter, playwright and actor.

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Patrick Allen

Patrick Allen (March 17, 1927 Nyasaland-July 28, 2006 London) also known as John Keith Patrick Allen was a British actor and voice actor. He had two children, Stephen Allen and Stuart Allen.

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Roy Skelton

Roy Skelton (July 20, 1931 Nottingham-June 8, 2011 Brighton) also known as Roy William Skelton was a British actor and voice actor. He had two children, Sam Skelton and Eliza Skelton.

He died caused by stroke.

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Cyril Shaps

Cyril Shaps (October 13, 1923 Highbury-January 1, 2003 London) also known as Leonard Cyril Shaps or Cyril Leonard Shaps was a British actor, voice actor and radio personality. His children are called Michael Shaps, Sarah Shaps and Simon Shaps.

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Tommy Eytle

Tommy Eytle (July 16, 1927 Georgetown-June 19, 2007 Reading) also known as Thomas Daniel Hicks Eytle was a British actor.

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John Clive

John Clive (January 6, 1933 North London-October 14, 2012 United Kingdom) also known as Clive John Frederick Hambley or Clive Kendall was a British writer, actor and author. He had two children, Hannah Clive and Alexander Clive.

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Colin Douglas

Colin Douglas (July 28, 1912 Newcastle upon Tyne-December 21, 1991 London) also known as Colin Martin Douglas was a British actor. He had five children, Amanda Douglas, Angus Douglas, Blaise Douglas, Piers Douglas and Timothy Douglas.

He died as a result of heart failure.

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Maurice Elvey

Maurice Elvey (November 11, 1887 Stockton-on-Tees-August 28, 1967 Brighton) also known as William Seward Folkard was a British film director, screenwriter, film producer and actor.

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Banesh Hoffmann

Banesh Hoffmann (September 6, 1906 Richmond-August 5, 1986 New York City) also known as Banesh Hoffman was a British mathematician, physicist and actor. He had one child, Deborah Hoffmann.

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Charles Penrose

Charles Penrose (November 11, 1873 Biggleswade-November 17, 1952 Kensington) also known as Arthurs, Fred, Charles Penrose Dunbar Cawse, Frank Penrose Cawse, Charles Jolly, Fred D. Arthurs, Billie Penrose, Charles Eric Tann or C. Penrose was a British comedian, actor and theater performer. He had one child, Peter Penrose.

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Anton Dolin

Anton Dolin (July 27, 1904 Slinfold-November 25, 1983 Paris) a.k.a. Sydney Francis Patrick Healey-Kay, Sir Anton Dolin, Sydney Francis Patrick Chippendall Healey-Kay, Patrick Kay or Sydney Francis Patrick Healey-Kay Chippendall was a British choreographer, ballet dancer and actor.

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Michael Balfour

Michael Balfour (February 11, 1918 Kent-October 24, 1997 Surrey) was a British actor, sculptor and painter. His children are Shane Balfour and Perry Balfour.

He died as a result of cancer.

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Philip Ray

Philip Ray (November 1, 1898 London-April 1, 1978 London) also known as Roy Edgar Ray or Phil Ray was a British actor.

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Friedrich Hollaender

Friedrich Hollaender (October 18, 1896 London-January 18, 1976 Munich) a.k.a. Frederick Hollander, Friedrich Holländer or Frederik Hollander was a British film score composer, composer, film director, actor, writer and author. He had two children, Melody Hollaender and Philine Hollaender.

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David MacDonald

David MacDonald (May 9, 1904 Helensburgh-June 22, 1983 London) also known as David Macdonald was a British film director, television director, actor, screenwriter and television producer.

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Harry Welchman

Harry Welchman (February 24, 1886 Barnstable-January 3, 1966 Penzance) was a British actor.

He died as a result of coronary thrombosis.

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Theodore Zichy

Theodore Zichy (June 13, 1908 Eastbourne-February 1, 1988 London) also known as Theodore Bela Zichy, Count Zichy, Count Theodore Zichy or Zichy was a British film director, film producer and actor.

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George Dewhurst

George Dewhurst (April 5, 1889 Preston, Lancashire-November 8, 1968 Tooting) also known as George Wilkinson Dewhurst or Cory Sala was a British screenwriter, film director, actor and film producer.

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Ray Milland

Ray Milland (January 3, 1907 Neath-March 10, 1986 Torrance) otherwise known as Spike Milland, Raymond Milland, R.A. Milland, R. Milland, Raymond Alton Milland, Alfred Reginald Jones, Ray the Magnificent, Hollywood's Master Actor, Ole Milland or Reginald Alfred John Truscott-Jones was a British film director, actor and television director. He had two children, Daniel Milland and Victoria Milland.

He died in lung cancer.

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Richard Dawson

Richard Dawson (November 20, 1932 Gosport-June 2, 2012 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Colin Lionel Emm, Dick Dawson, Kissyface, Dickie or The Kissing Bandit was a British comedian, actor and game show host. His children are called Mark Dawson, Gary Dawson and Shannon Dawson.

He died caused by esophageal cancer.

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Benny Lee

Benny Lee (August 11, 1916 Glasgow-December 9, 1995) was a British actor and singer.

He died caused by complication.

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Bill Fraser

Bill Fraser (June 5, 1908 Perth-September 9, 1987 Bushey) also known as William Simpson Fraser, William Simpson "Bill" Fraser or Bill was a British actor, entrepreneur, bank teller and comedian.

He died caused by emphysema.

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Russell Hunter

Russell Hunter (February 18, 1925 Glasgow-February 26, 2004 Edinburgh) also known as Russel Hunter or Russell Ellis was a British actor.

He died caused by cancer.

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Rikki Fulton

Rikki Fulton (April 15, 1924 Glasgow-January 27, 2004 Glasgow) also known as Robert Kerr Fulton was a British sailor, screenwriter and actor.

He died in alzheimer's disease.

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A. Bromley Davenport

A. Bromley Davenport (October 29, 1867 Baginton-December 15, 1946 London) also known as Arthur Henry Bromley-Davenport, Bromley Davenport or Arthur Bromley Davenport was a British actor.

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Norman Wooland

Norman Wooland (March 16, 1910 Düsseldorf-April 3, 1989 Staplehurst) a.k.a. Norman Wolland was a British actor.

He died as a result of stroke.

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Stewart Rome

Stewart Rome (January 30, 1886 Newbury-February 26, 1965 Newbury) also known as Septimus Wemham Ryott, Wernham Ryott or Wernham Ryott Gifford was a British actor, screenwriter and writer.

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Jerry Verno

Jerry Verno (July 26, 1895 London-June 29, 1975 London) was a British actor.

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Ivor Emmanuel

Ivor Emmanuel (November 7, 1927 Margam-July 20, 2007 Málaga) also known as Ivor Lewis Emmanuel was a British singer and actor.

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David Spenser

David Spenser (March 12, 1934 Colombo-July 20, 2013 Spain) a.k.a. David De Saram was a British actor, television producer and radio producer.

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