British actors died in 1964

Here are 10 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1964:

Frank Conroy

Frank Conroy (October 14, 1890 Derby-February 24, 1964 Paramus) a.k.a. Frank Parish Conroy was a British actor.

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Lawford Davidson

Lawford Davidson (January 1, 1890 London-November 27, 1964 Bedford) a.k.a. Charles Lawford Davidson or Davidson, C. Lawford was a British actor.

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Bernard Rebel

Bernard Rebel (October 6, 1901 Poland-September 30, 1964 London) was a British actor.

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Derek Blomfield

Derek Blomfield (August 31, 1920 London-July 23, 1964 Brittany) a.k.a. Derek Louis Cecil Blomfield was a British actor.

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Anthony Kimmins

Anthony Kimmins (November 10, 1901 Harrow, London-May 19, 1964 Hurstpierpoint) also known as Tony or Anthony Martin Kimmins was a British film director, screenwriter, film producer, actor, playwright and military officer.

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Christopher Rhodes

Christopher Rhodes (April 30, 1914 Alverstone-June 22, 1964 Blakeney) a.k.a. Sir Christopher George Rhodes, Christopher George Rhodes, Sir Christopher Rhodes or Sir Christopher George Rhodes, 3rd Baronet was a British actor.

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Claude Hulbert

Claude Hulbert (December 25, 1900 Fulham-January 23, 1964 Sydney) a.k.a. Claude Noel Hulbert was a British actor and screenwriter.

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Paul Cavanagh

Paul Cavanagh (December 8, 1888 Chislehurst-March 15, 1964 London) also known as Paul Cavanaugh or Paul Michael Cavanagh was a British actor. He had one child, Joan Katharine Margaret.

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G.H. Mulcaster

G.H. Mulcaster (June 27, 1891 London-January 19, 1964 England) a.k.a. George Mulcaster was a British actor. His child is called Michael Mulcaster.

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Tom Terriss

Tom Terriss (September 28, 1872 London-February 8, 1964 New York City) otherwise known as Theodore Herbert Lewin was a British film director, screenwriter and actor. He had one child, Milly Terriss.

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