British actors died in 1969

Here are 17 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1969:

Alan Mowbray

Alan Mowbray (August 18, 1896 London-March 25, 1969 Hollywood) also known as Ernest Allen, Allan Mowbray, Alfred Ernest Allen or Alan Mowbray MM was a British actor. His child is called Patricia Mowbray.

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Howard Marion-Crawford

Howard Marion-Crawford (January 17, 1914 London-November 24, 1969 Chelsea) also known as Howard Francis Marion-Crawford, Boni, H. Marion Crawford, Howard Marion Crawford, Howard Crawford, H. Marion-Crawford or Boney was a British actor. His children are called Charles Marion-Crawford and Harold Francis Marion-Crawford.

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Bruce Seton

Bruce Seton (May 29, 1909 Shimla-September 28, 1969 London) also known as Major Sir Bruce Lovat Seton of Abercorn, 11th Baronet, Bruce Lovat Seton or Sir Bruce Seton was a British actor and soldier.

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Miles Malleson

Miles Malleson (May 25, 1888 Croydon-March 15, 1969 London) also known as William Miles Malleson, Miles Malieson or Miles Mallison was a British actor, screenwriter and playwright.

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Gus McNaughton

Gus McNaughton (July 29, 1881 London-November 18, 1969 Castor) also known as Augustus Le Clerq or Gus Mac Naughton was a British actor.

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Hugh Williams

Hugh Williams (March 6, 1904 Bexhill-on-Sea-December 7, 1969 London) also known as Hugh Anthony Glanmor Williams or Tam was a British actor and playwright. His children are called Hugo Williams, Simon Williams and Polly Williams.

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Max Bacon

Max Bacon (March 1, 1906 London-December 3, 1969 London) also known as Max David Bacon was a British actor and musician.

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Henry Oscar

Henry Oscar (July 14, 1891 London-December 28, 1969 London) a.k.a. Harry Oscar or Henry Wale was a British actor.

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Stuart Lindsell

Stuart Lindsell (July 18, 1892 Biggleswade-November 27, 1969 London) also known as Reginald Stuart Lindsell or R. Stuart Lindsell was a British actor.

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Lew Stone

Lew Stone (May 28, 1898 London-February 13, 1969 Roehampton) also known as Louis Steinberg, Lew Stone & His Monseigneur Band, Lew Stone and His Monseigneur Band or Lew Stone and His Monseigneur Orchestra was a British bandleader, music arranger, actor and film score composer.

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Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff (November 23, 1887 East Dulwich-February 2, 1969 Midhurst) a.k.a. William Henry Pratt, Karloff the Uncanny, William H. Pratt, The Uncanny, Billy, Karloff, ? or Karloff, Boris and Friends was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Sara Karloff.

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'Monsewer' Eddie Gray

'Monsewer' Eddie Gray (June 10, 1898 Pimlico-September 15, 1969 Shoreham-by-Sea) otherwise known as Edward Earl Gray, Eddie Gray or Monsewe Eddie Gray was a British actor.

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Lewis Casson

Lewis Casson (October 26, 1875 Birkenhead-May 16, 1969 London) also known as Lewis Thomas Casson, Sir Lewis Casson or Sir Lewis Thomas Casson MC was a British actor, theatre director and military officer. He had four children, Christopher Casson, John Casson, Mary Casson and Ann Casson.

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Jack Payne

Jack Payne (August 22, 1899 Royal Leamington Spa-December 4, 1969 Tonbridge) also known as Payne, Jack was a British bandleader and actor.

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Frank Lawton

Frank Lawton (September 30, 1904 London-June 10, 1969 London) also known as Frank Lawton Mokeley was a British actor.

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Val Rosing

Val Rosing (February 21, 1910 London-June 14, 1969 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Gilbert Russell, Valerian Rosing or Vladimir Rosing was a British singer, actor and vocal coach. He had two children, Anna Edouard and Claudia Russell.

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Jay Laurier

Jay Laurier (May 31, 1879 Birmingham-April 8, 1969 Phoenix) a.k.a. Jay Chapman was a British actor.

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