British actors died in 1974

Here are 10 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1974:

Paul Whitsun-Jones

Paul Whitsun-Jones (April 25, 1923 Newport, Wales-January 14, 1974 London) a.k.a. Paul Whitsun Jon, Paul-Whitsun Jones or Paul Whitson-Jones was a British actor. His child is called Henrietta Whitsun-Jones.

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Ivor Dean

Ivor Dean (December 21, 1917 London-August 10, 1974 Truro) a.k.a. Ivor Donald Dean was a British actor and writer.

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Leslie Austin

Leslie Austin (November 21, 1885 London-May 1, 1974) also known as Leslie Austen was a British actor.

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Maxwell Reed

Maxwell Reed (April 2, 1919 Larne-August 16, 1974 London) was a British actor.

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Donald Crisp

Donald Crisp (July 27, 1882 Bow-May 25, 1974 Van Nuys) also known as George William Crisp, James Needham or Mr. Donald Crisp was a British film director, actor, film producer, screenwriter and military officer.

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Desmond Jeans

Desmond Jeans (November 14, 1903 Shimla-December 1, 1974 Halifax) a.k.a. Desmond McMinn was a British actor and professional boxer.

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Leslie Bradley

Leslie Bradley (September 1, 1907 Aldershot-July 20, 1974 Desert Hot Springs) otherwise known as Lesley Bradley, Les Bradley or Leslie E. Bradley was a British actor.

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Cyril Chamberlain

Cyril Chamberlain (March 8, 1909 London-December 5, 1974 Builth Wells) a.k.a. Cyril Hugh Basham Chamberlain, C. J. Chamberlain or Jimmy was a British actor and businessperson.

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Ross Parker

Ross Parker (August 16, 1914 Manchester-August 2, 1974 Kent) was a British actor, musician, lyricist, songwriter, composer and pianist.

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David Davies

David Davies (April 3, 1906 Brynmawr-June 1, 1974 Carmarthen) also known as David Lewis Davies was a British actor.

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