British actors died in 1990

Here are 15 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1990:

Edward Brayshaw

Edward Brayshaw (October 18, 1933-December 28, 1990) was a British actor.

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Leonard Sachs

Leonard Sachs (September 26, 1909 Roodepoort-June 15, 1990 Westminster) a.k.a. Leonard Meyer Sachs was a British actor. His children are called Robin Sachs and Toby Sachs.

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Rex Harrison

Rex Harrison (March 5, 1908 Huyton-June 2, 1990 New York City) otherwise known as Reginald Carey Harrison, Sir Rex Harrison, Sexy Rexy, Sir Reginald Carey "Rex" Harrison or Sir Reginald Carey Harrison was a British actor. His children are called Noel Harrison, Carey Harrison, Damian Harris and Jamie Harris.

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Terry-Thomas (July 10, 1911 Finchley-January 8, 1990 Godalming) also known as Thomas Terry Hoar Stevens, Terry Thomas, Thos Stevens, Thomas Stevens, Big Moustache, Thomas Terry, Thomas Terry Hoar-Stevens or Tom was a British actor, screenwriter, film producer and comedian. He had two children, Timothy Stevens and Cushan Stevens.

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Ian Charleson

Ian Charleson (August 11, 1949 Edinburgh-January 6, 1990 London) was a British actor and singer.

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Gordon Jackson

Gordon Jackson (December 19, 1923 Glasgow-January 15, 1990 London) also known as Gordon Cameron Jackson was a British actor and drafter. He had two children, Graham Jackson and Roddy Jackson.

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Raymond Huntley

Raymond Huntley (April 23, 1904 Birmingham-October 19, 1990 Westminster) was a British actor.

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John Merivale

John Merivale (December 1, 1917 Toronto-February 6, 1990 London) also known as John Herman Merivale, Jack or Jack Merivale was a British actor.

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Roderick Cook

Roderick Cook (February 9, 1932 London-August 17, 1990 Los Angeles) was a British actor, theatre director and playwright.

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Patrick McAlinney

Patrick McAlinney (November 9, 1913 Omagh-August 22, 1990 United Kingdom) also known as Pat McAlliney was a British actor.

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John Witty

John Witty (September 17, 1915 Bristol-January 14, 1990 Bristol) a.k.a. Rupert John Blanchflower Featherstone-Witty or John Wittey was a British actor.

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Michael Powell

Michael Powell (September 30, 1905 Bekesbourne-February 19, 1990 Avening) also known as Michael Latham Powell, Mickey or Micky Powell was a British screenwriter, film director, film producer, actor, television director, film editor and cinematographer. His children are called Columba Powell and Kevin Michael Powell.

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Anthony Faramus

Anthony Faramus (November 27, 2014 Jersey-November 27, 1990) was a British actor and author.

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Malcolm Muggeridge

Malcolm Muggeridge (March 24, 1903 Sanderstead-November 14, 1990 Robertsbridge) also known as Thomas Malcolm Muggeridge was a British writer, journalist, author and actor. He had one child, John Muggeridge.

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Harry South

Harry South (September 7, 1929 Fulham-March 12, 1990 London Borough of Lambeth) a.k.a. South, Harry or Henry Percy South was a British pianist, composer, music arranger, film score composer and actor.

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