British actors died in 1992

Here are 14 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1992:

Denholm Elliott

Denholm Elliott (May 31, 1922 Ealing-October 6, 1992 Santa Eulària des Riu) otherwise known as Denholm Mitchell Elliott, Denholm Mitchell Elliott, CBE or Denholm Elliot was a British actor. He had two children, Jennifer Elliott and Mark Elliott.

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Freddie Bartholomew

Freddie Bartholomew (March 28, 1924 Harlesden-January 23, 1992 Sarasota) also known as Frederick Cecil Bartholomew or Fred Bartholomew was a British actor and film producer. He had three children, Kathleen Millicent Bartholomew, Frederick R. Bartholomew and Celia Ann Paul.

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Michael Robbins

Michael Robbins (November 14, 1930 London-December 11, 1992 Caterham) also known as Michael Anthony Robbins was a British actor. His children are called Ben Robbins and Sarah Robbins.

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Mervyn Johns

Mervyn Johns (February 18, 1899 Pembroke-September 6, 1992 Northwood, London) also known as Flight Lieut. Mervyn Johns was a British actor. He had one child, Glynis Johns.

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John Sharp

John Sharp (August 5, 1920 Bradford-November 26, 1992 London) a.k.a. John Herbert Sharp or John Sharpe was a British actor.

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Bartlett Mullins

Bartlett Mullins (August 13, 1904 Crosby-May 15, 1992 Devon) also known as William Bartley Mullins or Barty Mullins was a British actor.

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Robert Morley

Robert Morley (May 26, 1908 Semley-June 3, 1992 Reading) otherwise known as Robert Adolph Wilton Morley or Robert Adolph Wilton Morley, CBE was a British actor, screenwriter and playwright. His children are called Sheridan Morley, Annabel Morley and Wilton Morley.

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Laurence Naismith

Laurence Naismith (December 14, 1908 Thames Ditton-June 5, 1992 Southport) a.k.a. Lawrence Johnson or Lawrence Naismith was a British actor, soldier, instructor, entrepreneur, merchant navy, martial artist and character actor.

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Bob Todd

Bob Todd (December 15, 1921 Faversham-October 21, 1992 Sussex) a.k.a. Brian Todd or Silly Todd was a British actor.

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Michael Gothard

Michael Gothard (June 24, 1939 London-December 2, 1992 Hampstead) also known as Michael Alan Gothard was a British actor.

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Cardew Robinson

Cardew Robinson (August 14, 1917 Goodmayes-December 28, 1992 Roehampton) also known as Douglas Robinson, Cardew 'The Cad' Robinson or Douglas John Cardew Robinson was a British actor. He had two children, Leanne Robinson and Lindy Robinson.

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Anthony Dawson

Anthony Dawson (October 18, 1916 Edinburgh-January 8, 1992 Sussex) otherwise known as Anthony M. Dawson, Tony Dawson or Anthony Douglas Gillon Dawson was a British actor.

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Ronald Eyre

Ronald Eyre (April 13, 1929 Mapplewell-April 8, 1992) a.k.a. Ron Eyre was a British theatre director, actor, writer, film producer, television producer, television director and film director.

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Frankie Howerd

Frankie Howerd (March 6, 1917 York-April 19, 1992 Fulham) a.k.a. Francis Alick Howard, Ronnie Ordex, Frankie Howerd O.B.E., Francis Alick "Frankie" Howerd OBE or Frankie Howard was a British actor, screenwriter and comedian.

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