British actors died in 1999

Here are 24 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 1999:

Desmond Llewelyn

Desmond Llewelyn (September 12, 1914 Newport, Wales-December 19, 1999 Firle) a.k.a. Desmond Wilkinson Llewelyn or Desmond Llewellyn was a British actor. He had two children, Justin Llewelyn and Ivor Llewelyn.

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Ian Bannen

Ian Bannen (June 29, 1928 Airdrie-November 3, 1999 Loch Ness) also known as Ian Banney was a British actor.

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Robert Douglas

Robert Douglas (November 9, 1909 Fenny Stratford-January 11, 1999 Leucadia, Encinitas, California) a.k.a. Robert Douglas Finlayson was a British television director, actor and television producer. His children are called Robert Giles Finlayson and Lucinda Gail Finlayson.

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John Arnatt

John Arnatt (May 9, 1917 Saint Petersburg-December 21, 1999 Surrey) otherwise known as John Edwin Arnatt was a British actor.

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Alister Williamson

Alister Williamson (June 17, 1918 Sydney-May 19, 1999 Slough) a.k.a. Alistair Williamson, Alastair Williamson or Duncan Mcfarlane Williamson was a British actor and character actor.

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Jerold Wells

Jerold Wells (August 8, 1908 Wallington-July 19, 1999 Bath) a.k.a. Denis Gerald Walls, Gerald Wells, Gerold Wells or Jerrold Wells was a British actor.

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Jim Wiggins

Jim Wiggins (March 13, 1922 Birkenhead-November 27, 1999 London) was a British actor.

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Cavan Kendall

Cavan Kendall (May 22, 1942 Clapham-October 29, 1999 Gloucestershire) otherwise known as Cavan Kendal, Cavan Spencer Kendall McCarthy or Cavan Kendall McCarthy was a British actor.

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David Munro

David Munro (July 1, 1944 London-August 5, 1999 London) also known as David Ivor Munro, David I. Munro or Ivor David Munro was a British film director, actor, film producer, television director and television producer. He had two children, Truan Munro and Natalia Munro.

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Victor Brooks

Victor Brooks (November 11, 1918 London-December 1, 1999 Surrey) also known as Victor Ronald Brooks was a British actor.

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Anthony Newley

Anthony Newley (September 24, 1931 London Borough of Hackney-April 14, 1999 Jensen Beach) also known as Antony Newley, George Anthony Newley, Anthony George Newley, Tony Newley or Anthony Newly was a British singer, actor, songwriter, screenwriter, film score composer, lyricist, composer and playwright. He had six children, Tara Newley, Alexander Anthony Newley, Simon Newley, Shelby Newley, Christopher Newley and Polly Gough.

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Meredith Edwards

Meredith Edwards (June 10, 1917 Rhosllannerchrugog-February 8, 1999 Denbighshire) a.k.a. Gwilym Meredith Edwards was a British actor and writer. His child is called Ioan Meredith.

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Derek Nimmo

Derek Nimmo (September 19, 1930 Liverpool-February 24, 1999 Chelsea) otherwise known as Derek Robert Nimmo was a British actor and theatre manager. His children are called Piers Nimmo, Amanda Nimmo and Timothy Nimmo.

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Birdy Sweeney

Birdy Sweeney (June 14, 1931 Dungannon-May 11, 1999 St. Vincent's University Hospital) also known as Edmund Sweeney, Birdie Sweeney, Edmund "Birdy" Sweeney, Birdy or Edmund Francis Sweeney was a British actor and comedian.

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Bob Peck

Bob Peck (August 23, 1945 Leeds-April 4, 1999 London) also known as Robert Peck or Robert "Bob" Peck was a British actor. He had three children, Hannah Peck, George Peck and Milly Peck.

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Leslie French

Leslie French (April 23, 1904 Bromley-January 21, 1999 Ewell) also known as Leslie Richard French was a British actor, film director, singer and dancer.

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Michael Nightingale

Michael Nightingale (October 6, 1922 Brighton-May 8, 1999 Surrey) also known as Alfred George C. Michael Nightingale or Alfred George Cyril Michael Nightingale was a British actor.

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Ernie Wise

Ernie Wise (November 27, 1925 Bramley, Leeds-March 21, 1999 Wexham) also known as Ernest Wiseman or Wise was a British comedian, screenwriter, actor, entertainer and singer.

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Peter Jeffrey

Peter Jeffrey (April 18, 1929 Bristol-December 25, 1999 Stratford-upon-Avon) was a British actor. He had five children, Victoria Jeffrey, Barney Jeffrey, Catherine Jeffrey, Dinah Jeffrey and Emily Jeffrey.

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Robin Bailey

Robin Bailey (October 5, 1919 Hucknall-January 14, 1999 London Borough of Wandsworth) a.k.a. William Henry Mettam Bailey was a British actor. He had one child, Simon Bailey.

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Oliver Reed

Oliver Reed (February 13, 1938 Wimbledon-May 2, 1999 Valletta) also known as Robert Oliver Reed, Ollie, Mr England or Reed, Oliver was a British actor and soldier. He had two children, Mark Reed and Sarah Reed.

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Robin Nedwell

Robin Nedwell (September 27, 1946 Birmingham-February 1, 1999 Southampton) also known as Robin Courtenay Nedwell was a British actor. He had one child, Amie Nedwell.

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Bryan Mosley

Bryan Mosley (August 25, 1931 Leeds-February 9, 1999 Shipley) a.k.a. Buddy Windrush or Bryan Mosley O.B.E. was a British actor. He had six children, Jaquline Mosley, Simone Mosley, Helen Mosley, Jonathan Mosley, Bernard Mosley and Leonard Mosley.

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Douglas Seale

Douglas Seale (October 28, 1913 London-June 13, 1999 New York City) was a British actor, theatre director, film producer and voice actor. His children are called Jonathan Seale and Timothy Seale.

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