British actors died in 2001

Here are 28 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 2001:

Larry Adler

Larry Adler (February 10, 1914 Baltimore-August 6, 2001 London) also known as Larry Adler Et Al., Lawrence Cecil Adler or Lawrence "Larry" Cecil Adler was a British musician, actor and film score composer.

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Jack Watling

Jack Watling (January 13, 1923 Chingford-May 22, 2001 Chelmsford) also known as Jack Stanley Watling was a British actor. He had four children, Deborah Watling, Dilys Watling, Giles Watling and Nicola Watling.

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Anthony Steel

Anthony Steel (May 21, 1920 Chelsea-March 21, 2001 Northwood, London) also known as Anthony Maitland Steel or Anthoni Steel was a British actor and singer. He had one child, Michael Thomas.

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Terry Scully

Terry Scully (May 13, 1932 United Kingdom-April 17, 2001 Wiltshire) also known as Terence Scully was a British actor.

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Dan Cunningham

Dan Cunningham (January 1, 1917 Beverley-September 1, 2001 Lancashire) also known as Ian Danson Cunningham was a British actor.

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Brian Nissen

Brian Nissen (October 20, 1927 London-February 8, 2001 Salisbury) also known as Borge Lavendt Nissen was a British actor and announcer.

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Christopher Mitchell

Christopher Mitchell (May 21, 1947 United Kingdom-February 22, 2001) was a British actor.

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George Claydon

George Claydon (September 4, 1933 Bristol-October 4, 2001 London) was a British actor.

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George Harrison

George Harrison (February 25, 1943 Liverpool-November 29, 2001 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. George Harrysong, The Quiet Beatle, George Harold Harrison, George, Nelson Wilbury, George O'Hara-Smith, Carl Harrison, L'Angelo Misterioso, Hari Georgeson, Jairaj Hari san, George Harrison, MBE, Spike Wilbury or The Beatles was a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, organist, keyboard player, film producer, singer-songwriter, actor and film score composer. His child is called Dhani Harrison.

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Jimmy Logan

Jimmy Logan (April 4, 1928 Dennistoun-April 13, 2001 West Dunbartonshire) also known as James E. Logan, James Allan Short, James Logan, Jimmy Logan OBE, FRSAMD or James Alan Short was a British singer, actor, theatrical producer, impresario, theatre director and author.

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Vernon Sewell

Vernon Sewell (July 4, 1903 London-June 21, 2001 Durban) also known as Vernon Campbell Sewell or Vernon C. Sewell was a British film director, actor and screenwriter.

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Brian Weske

Brian Weske (December 23, 1932 Stockwell-October 15, 2001 London) was a British actor.

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Norman Mitchell

Norman Mitchell (August 27, 1918 Sheffield-March 19, 2001 Downham Market) a.k.a. Norman Mitchell Driver was a British actor. His children are called Jacqueline Mitchell and Christopher Mitchell.

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Kenneth MacDonald

Kenneth MacDonald (November 20, 1950 Manchester-August 6, 2001 Hawaii) was a British actor. He had two children, William MacDonald and Charlotte MacDonald.

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Inigo Jackson

Inigo Jackson (July 19, 1933 United Kingdom-August 25, 2001) otherwise known as Anthony Michael Jackson was a British actor.

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Edward Evans

Edward Evans (June 4, 1914 Putney-December 20, 2001 Staffordshire) a.k.a. Albert Edward Walker Evans was a British actor.

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Peter Haigh

Peter Haigh (July 28, 1925 London-January 18, 2001 Haverfordwest) was a British actor. He had one child, Peta Louise Haigh.

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Michael Williams

Michael Williams (July 9, 1935 Liverpool-January 11, 2001 Hampstead) a.k.a. Michael Leonard Williams or Michael Leonard Williams, KSG was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Finty Williams.

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John Chapman

John Chapman (May 27, 1927 London-September 3, 2001 PĂ©rigueux) otherwise known as John T. Chapman or John Roy Chapman was a British screenwriter and actor.

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Joseph O'Conor

Joseph O'Conor (February 14, 1916 Dublin-January 21, 2001 London) also known as Joseph O'Connor was a British actor and playwright.

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Kim Gardner

Kim Gardner (January 27, 1948 Dulwich-October 24, 2001 Los Angeles) also known as Gardner, Kim or Gardner & Dyke Ashton was a British musician and actor.

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Nigel Hawthorne

Nigel Hawthorne (April 5, 1929 Coventry-December 26, 2001 Radwell, Hertfordshire) also known as Sir Nigel Barnard Hawthorne, CBE, Sir Nigel Hawthorne, Nigel Hawthorne CBE, Nigel Hawthorn, Nigel Barnard Hawthorne or Sir Nigel Barnard Hawthorne was a British actor and voice actor.

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Reginald Marsh

Reginald Marsh (September 17, 1926 London-February 9, 2001 Ryde) was a British actor. He had six children, Rebecca Marsh, Alison Marsh, Adam Marsh, Alexander Marsh, John Marsh and Kate Marsh.

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Robert Robertson

Robert Robertson (July 3, 1930 St Andrews-January 17, 2001 Perth) was a British actor.

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Leslie Edwards

Leslie Edwards (August 6, 1916 Teddington-February 8, 2001 London) was a British ballet dancer, ballet master and actor.

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Norman Rodway

Norman Rodway (February 7, 1929 Dublin-March 13, 2001 London) was a British actor, accountant, teacher and professor. He had one child, Bianca Rodway.

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Elton Hayes

Elton Hayes (February 16, 1915 Bletchley-September 23, 2001 Bury St Edmunds) was a British composer, actor, guitarist, film score composer and singer-songwriter.

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Joseph Brady

Joseph Brady (October 9, 1928 Glasgow-June 12, 2001 London) also known as Joe Brady was a British actor.

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