British actors died in 2003

Here are 28 famous actors from United Kingdom died in 2003:

Alan Keith

Alan Keith (October 19, 1908 London-March 17, 2003 London) otherwise known as Alec Kossoff or Alexander Kossoff was a British actor, disc jockey and presenter.

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Alan Bates

Alan Bates (February 17, 1934 Allestree-December 27, 2003 Westminster) otherwise known as Alan Arthur Bates, Sir Alain Arthur Bates CBE, Alain Arthur Bates, Sir Alain Arthur Bates, Sir Alan Bates CBE or Sir Alan Bates was a British actor and voice actor. His children are called Benedick Bates and Tristan Bates.

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Cyril Shaps

Cyril Shaps (October 13, 1923 Highbury-January 1, 2003 London) also known as Leonard Cyril Shaps or Cyril Leonard Shaps was a British actor, voice actor and radio personality. His children are called Michael Shaps, Sarah Shaps and Simon Shaps.

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Adam Faith

Adam Faith (June 23, 1940 Acton, London-March 8, 2003 Stoke-on-Trent) also known as Terence Nelhams, Faith, Adam, Adam Faith and the Roulettes, The Worried Men, Terence "Terry" Nelhams-Wright, Terence Nelhams-Wright or Terry Nelhams was a British singer, musician, journalist and actor. His child is called Katya Nelhams-Wright.

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Bob Hope

Bob Hope (May 29, 1903 Eltham-July 27, 2003 Toluca Lake) also known as Leslie Townes Hope, `Old Ski Nose`, Lester Townes Hope, Robert Hope, Packy East, Lester T. Hope, Old Ski Nose, Lester Hope or Bob was a British comedian, golfer, actor, film producer, author, singer, dancer, athlete, lineman, butcher, professional boxer, television producer, vaudeville performer and screenwriter. He had four children, William Kelly Francis Hope, Linda Hope, Eleanora Hope and Anthony J. Hope.

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Denis Quilley

Denis Quilley (December 26, 1927 Islington-October 5, 2003 London) also known as Denis Clifford Quilley, Dennis Quilley or Denis Clifford Quilley OBE was a British actor.

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Dinsdale Landen

Dinsdale Landen (September 4, 1932 Margate-December 29, 2003 South Creake) a.k.a. Dinsdale James Landen or Dinsdale Landon was a British actor.

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Robert Brown

Robert Brown (July 23, 1921 Swanage-November 11, 2003 Swanage) also known as Robert James Brown or Bob Brown was a British actor.

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Andrew Ray

Andrew Ray (May 31, 1939 Southgate, London-August 20, 2003 London) a.k.a. Andrew Olden was a British actor.

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Paddy Crean

Paddy Crean (June 27, 1910 London-December 22, 2003 Stratford) also known as Patrick Crean, Paddy, Pat Crean or Patrick "Paddy" Crean was a British actor.

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Ben Aris

Ben Aris (March 16, 1937 London-September 4, 2003 Esher) also known as Benjamin Patrick Aris was a British actor. He had one child, Jonathan Aris.

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Les Tremayne

Les Tremayne (April 16, 1913 Balham-December 19, 2003 Santa Monica) a.k.a. Lester Tremayne was a British actor and voice actor.

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Stephen Whittaker

Stephen Whittaker (June 28, 1947 London-February 7, 2003 London) a.k.a. Stephen John Whittaker or Stephen Wittaker was a British film director, actor and television director.

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Alan Tilvern

Alan Tilvern (November 5, 1918 Whitechapel-December 17, 2003 London) was a British actor.

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Basil Langton

Basil Langton (January 9, 1912 Clifton, Bristol-May 29, 2003 Santa Monica) was a British actor.

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Marc Zuber

Marc Zuber (May 5, 1944 Lucknow-May 28, 2003 London) a.k.a. Mark Zuber was a British actor.

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Peter Shaw

Peter Shaw (June 24, 1918 Reading-January 29, 2003 Brentwood) also known as Peter Shaw Pullen or Peter Pullen was a British actor, television producer and businessperson. He had three children, Anthony Pullen Shaw, David Shaw and Deidre Angela Shaw.

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David Greene

David Greene (February 22, 1921 Manchester-April 7, 2003 Ojai) also known as Lucius David Syms Brian Lederman, David Brian Lederman or L. David Syms-Greene was a British television director, actor, film producer, television producer, film director and screenwriter. He had four children, Lindy Greene, Linsel Greene, Nicolas Greene and Laurence Greene.

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David Battley

David Battley (November 5, 1935 Battersea-January 20, 2003 Epsom) otherwise known as David Batley or David John Battley was a British actor. He had one child, Zoe S. Battley.

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John Schlesinger

John Schlesinger (February 16, 1926 London-July 25, 2003 Palm Springs) also known as John Richard Schlesinger or John Richard Schlesinger, CBE was a British film director, actor, television director, screenwriter, film producer and theatre director.

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David Bale

David Bale (September 2, 1941 South Africa-December 30, 2003 Santa Monica) a.k.a. David Charles Howard Bale was a British entrepreneur, airline pilot, talent manager, actor and businessperson. His children are called Christian Bale, Louise Bale, Erin Bale and Sharon Bale.

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Vic Gordon

Vic Gordon (March 4, 1911 England-December 2, 2003 Melbourne) was a British actor. He had one child, Jacqui Gordon.

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Larry Taylor

Larry Taylor (July 13, 1918 Peterborough-August 6, 2003 Johannesburg) a.k.a. Laurence Taylor or Laurie Taylor was a British actor and stunt performer. He had one child, Rocky Taylor.

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James Saxon

James Saxon (June 12, 1954 Swindon-July 2, 2003 Chichester) a.k.a. James Smythe, James Smyth or William James Smyth was a British actor.

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Alfred Lynch

Alfred Lynch (January 26, 1931 Whitechapel-December 16, 2003) also known as Alfie Lynch or Alfred Cornelius Lynch was a British actor.

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David King-Wood

David King-Wood (September 12, 1913 Tehran-September 3, 2003 New York City) also known as Oliver David King-Wood was a British actor.

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Gordon Salkilld

Gordon Salkilld (May 9, 1927 London-May 14, 2003) was a British actor.

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Kevin Laffan

Kevin Laffan (May 24, 1922 Reading-March 11, 2003 London) also known as Kevin Barry Laffan, Kevin B. Laffan or Kevin Barry was a British screenwriter, playwright, author, actor and theatre director.

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