British movie actors deceased in Emphysema

Here are 8 famous actors from United Kingdom died in Emphysema:

Boris Karloff

Boris Karloff (November 23, 1887 East Dulwich-February 2, 1969 Midhurst) a.k.a. William Henry Pratt, Karloff the Uncanny, William H. Pratt, The Uncanny, Billy, Karloff, ? or Karloff, Boris and Friends was a British actor and voice actor. He had one child, Sara Karloff.

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John Junkin

John Junkin (January 29, 1930 Ealing-March 7, 2006 Stoke Mandeville Hospital) also known as John Francis Junkin was a British actor, screenwriter, film score composer and television producer.

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John Laurie

John Laurie (March 25, 1897 Dumfries-June 23, 1980 Chalfont St Peter) also known as John Paton Laurie or John Lawrie was a British actor, soldier and architect. He had one child, Veronica Laurie.

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Sam Kydd

Sam Kydd (February 15, 1915 Belfast-March 26, 1982 London) also known as Sam Jonathan Kydd or Samuel John Kydd was a British actor. He had one child, Jonathan Kydd.

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Bill Fraser

Bill Fraser (June 5, 1908 Perth-September 9, 1987 Bushey) also known as William Simpson Fraser, William Simpson "Bill" Fraser or Bill was a British actor, entrepreneur, bank teller and comedian.

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Frank Maher

Frank Maher (June 18, 1929 London-July 13, 2007 Newport, Isle of Wight) also known as Francis James Maher was a British actor and stunt performer.

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Robin Hunter

Robin Hunter (September 4, 1929 London-March 8, 2004 Hampstead) a.k.a. Robin Ian Hunter or Jolly Rob was a British actor, musician and songwriter. He had one child, Samantha Hunter.

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Noel Davis

Noel Davis (March 1, 1927 Liverpool-November 24, 2002 Chelsea) also known as Edgar Davis, Davis and Zimmermann or Davis Zimmerman was a British actor and casting director.

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