British actresses born in 1935

Here are 19 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1935:

Rosemary Leach

Rosemary Leach (December 18, 1935 Much Wenlock-) also known as Rosemary A. Leach or Rosemary Anne Leach is a British actor.

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Janet Henfrey

Janet Henfrey (August 16, 1935 Aldershot-) also known as Janet E. A. Henfrey or Janet Henfry is a British actor.

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Susan Engel

Susan Engel (March 25, 1935 Vienna-) is a British actor.

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Sheila Steafel

Sheila Steafel (May 26, 1935 Johannesburg-) also known as Sheila Staefel is a British actor.

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Barbara Leigh-Hunt

Barbara Leigh-Hunt (December 14, 1935 Bath-) a.k.a. Barbera Leigh-Hunt or Barbara Leigh Hunt is a British actor. She has one child, William Pasco.

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Julie Andrews

Julie Andrews (October 1, 1935 Walton-on-Thames-) otherwise known as Julia Elizabeth Wells, Julie Edwards, Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews, Dame Julie Andrews, Jules, Julia Wells, Dame Julie Elizabeth Andrews, DBE or Julie Andrews Edwards is a British singer, actor, author, theatre director, dancer and voice actor. She has three children, Emma Walton Hamilton, Amy Edwards and Joanna Edwards.

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Wanda Ventham

Wanda Ventham (August 5, 1935 Brighton-) is a British actor. Her children are called Benedict Cumberbatch and Tracy Tabernacle.

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Delena Kidd

Delena Kidd (February 11, 1935 Newcastle upon Tyne-) is a British actor. Her children are called Matthew Raymond, Emily Raymond and Sophie Raymond.

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Susan Thomas

Susan Thomas (December 20, 1935-) a.k.a. Susan Petronella Thomas, Baroness Thomas of Walliswood, Susan Petronella Thomas or Susan Thomas, Baroness Thomas of Walliswood is a British businessperson, politician and actor.

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Jane Downs

Jane Downs (January 22, 1935 Bromley-) also known as Jane M. Downs or Jane Downes is a British actor. Her child is called Sarah Jane Harper.

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Rosemarie Dunham

Rosemarie Dunham (December 13, 1935 Leuchars-) also known as Rosemary Dunham is a British actor.

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Shirley Ann Russell

Shirley Ann Russell (March 11, 1935 London-March 4, 2002 London) otherwise known as Shirley Kingdon, Shirley Ann Kingdon or Shirley Russell was a British costume designer, actor and entrepreneur. She had seven children, Alex 'Alien' Russell, Victoria Russell, Toby Russell, Xavier Russell, James Russell, Molly Russell and Rupert Russell.

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Carole Lesley

Carole Lesley (May 27, 1935 Chelmsford-February 28, 1974 New Barnet) also known as Maureen Rippingale, Maureen Rippingdale, Maureen Lesley Carole Rippingale or Leslie Carol was a British actor.

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Belinda Lee

Belinda Lee (June 15, 1935 Budleigh Salterton-March 12, 1961 San Bernardino) also known as Billie was a British actor.

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Judy Parfitt

Judy Parfitt (November 7, 1935 Sheffield-) a.k.a. Judith C. C. Parfitt is a British actor. She has one child, David Steedman.

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Heather Sears

Heather Sears (September 28, 1935 Kensington-January 3, 1994 Hinchley Wood) otherwise known as Heather Christine Sears was a British actor. She had three children, Giles Masters, Dominic Masters and Adam Masters.

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Christina Pickles

Christina Pickles (February 17, 1935 Yorkshire-) also known as Christine Pickles or Christine Marie Pickles is a British actor and voice actor. She has two children, Oliver Lobl and Rebecca Lobl.

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Anne Reid

Anne Reid (May 28, 1935 Newcastle upon Tyne-) also known as Anne Reid MBE or Ann Reid is a British actor. Her child is called Mark Eckersley.

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Ruby Murray

Ruby Murray (March 29, 1935 Belfast-December 17, 1996 Torquay) also known as Murray, Ruby was a British singer and actor.

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