British actresses born in 1946

Here are 30 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1946:

Felicity Kendal

Felicity Kendal (September 25, 1946 Olton-) also known as Felicity Ann Kendal, Felicity Kendall, Foo or Felicity Ann Bragg is a British actor. Her children are called Jacob Rudman and Charley Henley.

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Diana Quick

Diana Quick (November 23, 1946 London-) otherwise known as Diane Quick, Paddy or Diana Marilyn Quick is a British actor and voice actor. Her child is called Mary Nighy.

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Penelope Wilton

Penelope Wilton (June 3, 1946 Scarborough, North Yorkshire-) otherwise known as Penelope Alice Wilton, Penelope Winton, Lady Holm, Penelope Alice Wilton, OBE or Penelope Wilton OBE is a British comedian and actor. She has one child, Alice Massey.

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Jane Asher

Jane Asher (April 5, 1946 Willesden-) is a British chef, actor, author and businessperson. She has three children, Alexander Scarfe, Rory Scarfe and Katie Scarfe.

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Susan Brown

Susan Brown (May 6, 1946 Bristol-) also known as Susan Elizabeth Brown is a British actor.

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Marianne Faithfull

Marianne Faithfull (December 29, 1946 Hampstead-) also known as Marianne Faithful, Marian Evelyn Gabriel Faithfull, MF, Marianne Evelyn Faithfull or Marian Evelyn Faithfull is a British singer, songwriter and actor. Her child is called Nicholas Dunbar.

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Luan Peters

Luan Peters (June 18, 1946 Bethnal Green-) also known as Carol Hirsch, Delilah Jackson or Karol Keyes is a British actor and singer.

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Maureen Lipman

Maureen Lipman (May 10, 1946 Kingston upon Hull-) also known as Maureen Diane Lipman or Maureen Diane Lipman, CBE is a British actor. She has two children, Adam Rosenthal and Amy Krouse Rosenthal.

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Joanna Lumley

Joanna Lumley (May 1, 1946 Srinagar-) a.k.a. Joanna Lamond Lumley, Matt Bennett or Joanna Lamond Lumley, OBE, FRGS is a British model, actor, voice actor, television producer, author and spokesperson. She has one child, Jamie Lumley.

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Alexandra Bastedo

Alexandra Bastedo (March 9, 1946 Hove-January 12, 2014 Worthing) a.k.a. Alexandra Lendon Bastedo or Alexandra L Bastedo was a British actor.

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Patricia Hodge

Patricia Hodge (September 29, 1946 Cleethorpes-) a.k.a. Patricia Ann Hodge is a British actor. Her children are called Alexander Richard Charles Owen and Edward Frederick James Owen.

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Natasha Pyne

Natasha Pyne (July 9, 1946 Crawley-) is a British actor.

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Alison Steadman

Alison Steadman (August 26, 1946 Liverpool-) a.k.a. Alison Steadman, OBE is a British actor and voice actor. Her children are called Toby Leigh and Leo Leigh.

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Maggie Steed

Maggie Steed (December 1, 1946 Plymouth-) otherwise known as Margaret Baker or Margaret Steed is a British actor.

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Amanda Lear

Amanda Lear (November 18, 1946 Ho Chi Minh City-) a.k.a. Amadar Lear, Amada Lear, Lear Amanda, Peki d'Oslo, Alain Tapp or Amanda Tapp is a British singer, actor and model.

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Jenny Runacre

Jenny Runacre (August 18, 1946 Cape Town-) is a British actor.

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Vicki Hodge

Vicki Hodge (October 17, 1946 London-) also known as Vicky Hodge or The Hon. Vicky Hodge is a British model, nude glamour model and actor.

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Brenda Blethyn

Brenda Blethyn (February 20, 1946 Ramsgate-) otherwise known as Brenda Ann Bottle, Brenda Anne Blethyn, Brenda Anne Bottle or Brenda Anne Blethyn, OBE is a British actor.

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Charlotte Rampling

Charlotte Rampling (February 5, 1946 Sturmer-) also known as The Legend, Tessa Charlotte Rampling, Charlotte Tessa Rampling, Charlotte Rampling, OBE, 샤롯 램플링 or 샬롯 램플링 is a British actor and model. Her children are called Barnaby Southcombe and David Jarre.

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Jane Birkin

Jane Birkin (December 14, 1946 Marylebone-) also known as Jane Mallory Birkin, Jane B., Mademoiselle Birkin or Jane Mallory Birkin, OBE is a British actor, singer, songwriter, film director and screenwriter. She has three children, Lou Doillon, Charlotte Gainsbourg and Kate Barry.

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Julie Covington

Julie Covington (September 11, 1946 London-) a.k.a. Julie Coventon is a British singer and actor.

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Angela Down

Angela Down (June 15, 1946 Hampstead-) also known as Angela Downs is a British actor.

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Suze Randall

Suze Randall (May 18, 1946 Worcester-) also known as Victor Nye is a British nurse, photographer, film producer, actor, film director and model. Her child is called Holly Randall.

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Lesley Judd

Lesley Judd (December 20, 1946 London-) is a British presenter, actor and dancer.

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Fiona Lewis

Fiona Lewis (September 28, 1946 Westcliff-on-Sea-) is a British actor. She has two children, John Linson and Jennifer Linson.

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Abigail (July 23, 1946 London-) also known as Abigail Rogan, Abi or Abiigail is a British actor and character actor.

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Marsha A. Hunt

Marsha A. Hunt (April 15, 1946 Philadelphia-) also known as Marsha Hunt is a British novelist, singer, musician, actor and model. Her child is called Karis Jagger.

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Ashlyn Martin

Ashlyn Martin (March 20, 1946 London-) also known as Laura Lynn or Laura Lynn Hale is a British actor, model and nude glamour model.

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Della Jones

Della Jones (April 13, 1946 Tonna, Neath-) is a British singer and actor.

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Janet Street-Porter

Janet Street-Porter (December 27, 1946 Brentford-) also known as Janet Bull, Janet Vera Ardern or Janet Street Porter is a British journalist, editor, television producer, actor and film producer.

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