British actresses born in 1952

Here are 13 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1952:

Frances Fisher

Frances Fisher (May 11, 1952 Milford on Sea-) also known as Francis Fisher, Fisher or Frances Louise Fisher is a British actor. Her child is called Francesca Eastwood.

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Celia Imrie

Celia Imrie (July 15, 1952 Guildford-) otherwise known as Celia Diana Savile Imrie, Impy or Ceals is a British actor. She has one child, Angus Imrie.

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Jenny Agutter

Jenny Agutter (December 20, 1952 Taunton-) also known as Jennifer Ann Agutter, Miss Jenny Agutter, Jennifer Ann "Jenny" Agutter or Jennifer Ann "Jenny" Agutter, OBE is a British actor and voice actor. She has one child, Jonathan Tham.

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Cherie Lunghi

Cherie Lunghi (April 4, 1952 Nottingham-) also known as Cherie M. Lunghi, Cherie Mary Lunghi or Cheri Lunghi is a British actor. She has one child, Nathalie Lunghi.

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Catherine McGoohan

Catherine McGoohan (May 31, 1952 Westminster-) is a British actor. Her children are called Erin Landsberg and Sarah Landsberg.

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Susan Wooldridge

Susan Wooldridge (July 31, 1952 London-) is a British actor.

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Sharon Osbourne

Sharon Osbourne (October 9, 1952 Brixton-) also known as Sharon Arden, Sharon Rachel Levy, Paddy Osbourn, Sharon Rachel Arden, Sharon Rachel Osbourne, Shaz, Heavy Metal Mom, Paddy Osbourne or The Osbournes is a British promoter, businessperson, presenter, talent manager, author, television producer, music manager, film producer, tv personality and actor. She has three children, Jack Osbourne, Kelly Osbourne and Aimee Osbourne.

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Pippa Guard

Pippa Guard (October 13, 1952 Edinburgh-) also known as Philippa Ann Guard is a British actor. She has one child, Sama Goldie.

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Fiona Kimm

Fiona Kimm (May 24, 1952 Ipswich-) is a British actor and opera singer.

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Carolyn Pickles

Carolyn Pickles (February 8, 1952 Wakefield-) is a British actor. She has two children, Lucy Pickles and Hattie Pickles.

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Fidelis Morgan

Fidelis Morgan (August 8, 1952 Amesbury-) is a British actor and writer.

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Ann Michelle

Ann Michelle (August 11, 1952 Chigwell-) also known as Ann Nathan is a British actor and writer.

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Julie Westwood

Julie Westwood (October 21, 1952 Bolton-) is a British actor and voice actor.

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