British actresses born in 1975

Here are 33 famous actresses from United Kingdom were born in 1975:

Parminder Nagra

Parminder Nagra (October 5, 1975 Leicester-) also known as Parminder Kaur Nagra, Mindi, Parminder Kaur or Parminder K. Nagra is a British actor. Her child is called Kai David Singh Stenson.

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Konnie Huq

Konnie Huq (July 17, 1975 Hammersmith-) also known as Kanak Huq, Kanak Asha Huq or Kanak Asha "Konnie" Huq is a British presenter and actor.

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Siobhan Hayes

Siobhan Hayes (April 23, 1975-) is a British actor.

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Liz Barker

Liz Barker (May 16, 1975 Cambridge-) a.k.a. Elizabeth Jane 'Liz' Barker or Elizabeth 'Liz' Barker is a British presenter and actor.

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Alicya Eyo

Alicya Eyo (December 16, 1975 Huyton-) also known as Alicia Eyo is a British actor.

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Kate Magowan

Kate Magowan (June 1, 1975 London Borough of Harrow-) also known as Katie Victoria Magowan or Katie Victoria "Kate" Magowan is a British actor. Her children are called Ryan Simm and Molly Simm.

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Patricia Potter

Patricia Potter (March 3, 1975 Canterbury-) is a British actor. She has two children, Edie Down and Tom Down.

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Jacqueline Pirie

Jacqueline Pirie (October 10, 1975 Stirling-) a.k.a. Jacqueline Chadwick, Jacquie Chadwick or Jacqueline Chadwick also is a British actor.

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Vineeta Rishi

Vineeta Rishi (February 15, 1975 Bracknell-) is a British actor.

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M.I.A. (July 18, 1975 Hounslow-) also known as Maya Arulpragasam, Mathangi Arulpragasam, Maganthi Maya Arulpragasam, Maya, Mia, Mathangi "Maya" Arulpragasam or M.I.A is a British singer, record producer, singer-songwriter, composer, photographer, fashion designer, rapper, model, visual artist, music video director, activist, painter and actor. She has one child, Ikhyd Edgar Arular Bronfman.

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Anna Crilly

Anna Crilly (November 28, 1975 Kent-) is a British comedian and actor.

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Nina Hossain

Nina Hossain (May 1, 1975 Huddersfield-) is a British journalist, presenter and actor.

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Sienna Guillory

Sienna Guillory (March 16, 1975 Kettering-) also known as Sienna Tiggy Guillory is a British model and actor. Her children are called Valentina Cilenti and Lucia Cilenti.

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Melanie Blatt

Melanie Blatt (March 25, 1975 London Borough of Camden-) a.k.a. Melanie Ruth Blatt, Mel Blatt, All Saints or Melanie Guillaume is a British singer, actor, real estate development, songwriter and television presenter. She has one child, Lilyella Zender.

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Melanie Brown

Melanie Brown (May 29, 1975 Harehills-) also known as Melanie G., Mel G, Melanie G, Mel B, Mel B., Melanie B, Melanie Janine Brown, Brown, Melanie, Scary Spice, Melanie Gulzar, Mel Gulzar, Mel Brown, Spice Girls or The Spice Girls is a British singer, author, songwriter, presenter, actor, singer-songwriter, television producer, music artist, dancer and model. She has three children, Angel Iris Murphy Brown, Madison Brown Belafonte and Phoenix Chi Gulzar.

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Claire Goose

Claire Goose (February 10, 1975 Edinburgh-) is a British actor.

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Kate Winslet

Kate Winslet (October 5, 1975 Reading-) a.k.a. Kate Elizabeth Winslet, Corset Kate or English Rose is a British actor, singer and voice actor. She has three children, Mia Honey Threapleton, Joe Alfie Winslet Mendes and Bear Blaze Winslet.

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Sarah Manners

Sarah Manners (August 25, 1975 Birmingham-) is a British actor.

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J. C. Brandy

J. C. Brandy (November 15, 1975 Chelsea-) also known as Justine Chelsea Brandy, Justine Brandy, Justine Chelsea "J. C." Brandy or "J. C." Brandy is a British actor. Her child is called Lila Grace Kunkel.

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Christina Hendricks

Christina Hendricks (May 3, 1975 Knoxville-) otherwise known as Christina Rene Hendricks is a British actor, model and voice actor.

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Jaquie Brown

Jaquie Brown (October 14, 1975 London-) a.k.a. Jacqueline Anne Brown or Brownie is a British actor, television producer and screenwriter.

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Jodhi May

Jodhi May (May 8, 1975 Camden Town-) also known as Jodhi T. May, Johdi May, Jodhi Tania Edwards or Jodhi Tania May is a British actor.

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Claire Cox

Claire Cox (December 19, 1975 Peterborough-) is a British actor.

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Shivani Ghai

Shivani Ghai (April 25, 1975 Newcastle upon Tyne-) is a British actor.

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Amy Price-Francis

Amy Price-Francis (September 16, 1975 England-) also known as Amy Elizabeth Price-Francis or Amy Price Francis is a British actor.

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Emily Bergl

Emily Bergl (April 25, 1975 Milton Keynes-) also known as Anne Emily Bergl or Emily Anne Bergl is a British actor.

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Zelda Tinska

Zelda Tinska (February 21, 1975 Belgrade-) otherwise known as Milica Zelda Tinska is a British actor and visual effects artist.

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Andrea Lowe

Andrea Lowe (January 1, 1975 Arnold-) is a British actor.

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Lucy Akhurst

Lucy Akhurst (November 18, 1975 London-) otherwise known as Lucy Akhurst-Webster or Lucy Ackhurst is a British actor.

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Nicola Hughes

Nicola Hughes (May 10, 1975 Leicester-) is a British actor, dancer and singer.

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Shaznay Lewis

Shaznay Lewis (October 14, 1975 Islington-) otherwise known as Shaznay Tricia Lewis, Lewis, Shaznay or Tricia Marie Lewis is a British singer-songwriter and actor. She has one child, Tyler Xane.

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Dianne Pilkington

Dianne Pilkington (June 7, 1975 Wigan-) a.k.a. Glinda or Dianne Lesley Pilkington is a British actor. She has one child, Hugo Pelletier.

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Jill Halfpenny

Jill Halfpenny (July 15, 1975 Gateshead-) is a British actor. She has one child, Harvey Reece.

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