British actresses died at age 54

Here are 6 famous actresses from United Kingdom died at 54:

Yolande Palfrey

Yolande Palfrey (March 29, 1957 England-April 9, 2011 Esher) a.k.a. Yolande Anne Elissa Palfrey was a British actor.

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Beryl Ingham

Beryl Ingham (April 5, 2015 Haslingden-December 24, 1960 Blackpool) otherwise known as Beryl Formby was a British actor and dancer.

She died in leukemia.

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Mona Barrie

Mona Barrie (December 18, 1909 London-June 27, 1964 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Mona Smith, Mona Barlee Smith or Mona Barlee was a British actor.

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Viola Tree

Viola Tree (July 17, 1884 London-November 15, 1938 London) was a British actor, singer, playwright and author. Her children are David Tree, Denys Parsons and Virginia Penelope Parsons.

She died as a result of pleurisy.

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Jill Ireland

Jill Ireland (April 24, 1936 London-May 18, 1990 Malibu) also known as Jill Dorothy Ireland was a British actor, author and dancer. Her children are Valentine McCallum, Paul McCallum, Zuleika Bronson, Jason McCallum and Katrina Holden Bronson.

She died as a result of breast cancer.

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Dawn Addams

Dawn Addams (September 21, 1930 Felixstowe-May 7, 1985 London) also known as Victoria Dawn Addams was a British actor. She had two children, Noel Shawn Patrick Addams and Stefano Massimo di Roccasecca.

She died in cancer.

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