British actresses died at age 59

Here are 6 famous actresses from United Kingdom died at 59:

Mary Glynne

Mary Glynne (January 25, 1895 Penarth-September 19, 1954 London) was a British actor. Her child is called Hazel Terry.

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Jacqueline Voltaire

Jacqueline Voltaire (November 6, 1948 Stratford-upon-Avon-April 8, 2008 Mexico City) also known as Jackie, Jacqueline Anne Walter Clisson, Jacqueline Walters Voltaire, Jacqueline Walters or Jaqueline Walters was a British actor, model, singer and dancer.

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Prunella Ransome

Prunella Ransome (January 18, 1943 Croydon-March 1, 2002 Suffolk) a.k.a. Prunella Jane Ransome was a British actor. Her children are called Charlotte and Victoria.

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Melanie Morse MacQuarrie

Melanie Morse MacQuarrie (June 13, 1945 London-February 1, 2005 Montague) a.k.a. Melanie Morse, Melanie Virginia Sydney Morse, Big Mel or Melanie Virginia Sydney Morse MacQuarrie was a British actor. She had two children, Vanessa Root Archer and Megan MacQuarrie.

She died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Virginia North

Virginia North (January 1, 1945 London-June 5, 2004 East Sussex) also known as Virginia North, Lady White, Virginia, Lady White or Virginia Anne Northrop was a British actor and model. She had one child, Lucas White.

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Sally Douglas

Sally Douglas (November 30, 1941 Lancashire-September 1, 2001) was a British actor.

She died as a result of cancer.

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