British actresses died at age 76

Here are 9 famous actresses from United Kingdom died at 76:

Sylvia Coleridge

Sylvia Coleridge (December 10, 1909 Darjeeling-May 31, 1986 London) a.k.a. Kathleen Sylvia Duke Coleridge was a British actor.

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Lynne Carol

Lynne Carol (June 29, 1914 Usk-June 30, 1990 Blackpool) a.k.a. Josephine Palmer, Josephine Caroline Gertrude Mary Faith Harber or Lyn Carol was a British actor. Her children are called Jan Palmer, Michael Palmer and Robert Palmer.

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Mabel Constanduros

Mabel Constanduros (March 29, 1880 London-February 8, 1957 Chichester) a.k.a. Mabel Tilling was a British actor, screenwriter and voice actor.

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Barbara Keogh

Barbara Keogh (April 21, 1929 Cheshire-October 25, 2005 London Borough of Camden) was a British actor.

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Delphi Lawrence

Delphi Lawrence (March 23, 1926 Hertfordshire-April 11, 2002 Northport) also known as Delphi Enaver was a British actor.

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Nora Gordon

Nora Gordon (November 29, 1893 West Hartlepool-May 11, 1970 London) otherwise known as Nora Gorden or Norah Gordon was a British actor. She had one child, Dorothy Gordon.

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Irene Vanbrugh

Irene Vanbrugh (December 2, 1872 Exeter-November 30, 1949 London) also known as Irene Barnes or Dame Irene Vanbrugh was a British actor.

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Haidee Wright

Haidee Wright (January 13, 1867 London-January 29, 1943 London) also known as Ada Wright was a British actor.

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Margaret Scudamore

Margaret Scudamore (November 13, 1881 Portsmouth-October 5, 1958 London) a.k.a. Daisy Bertha Mary "Margaret" Scudamore or Daisy was a British actor. She had two children, Michael Redgrave and Peg Anderson.

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