British actresses died at age 78

Here are 12 famous actresses from United Kingdom died at 78:

Rosalind Ivan

Rosalind Ivan (November 27, 1880 London-April 6, 1959 New York City) otherwise known as Ivan the Terrible was a British actor.

She died as a result of myocardial infarction.

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Hilda Braid

Hilda Braid (March 3, 1929 Northfleet-November 6, 2007 Brighton) was a British actor.

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Mary Clare

Mary Clare (July 17, 1892 Lambeth-August 29, 1970 Harrow, London) a.k.a. Mary Clare Absalom was a British actor.

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Elizabeth Spriggs

Elizabeth Spriggs (September 18, 1929 Buxton-July 2, 2008 Oxford) a.k.a. Elizabeth Jean Williams, Elizabet Spriggs or Elisabeth Spriggs was a British actor. She had one child, Wendy Spriggs.

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Marie Tempest

Marie Tempest (July 15, 1864 London-October 15, 1942 London) also known as queen of her profession, Dame Marie Tempest, Marie Susan Etherington or reina de su profesión was a British singer and actor. She had one child, Norman Izard.

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Diana Coupland

Diana Coupland (March 5, 1928 Leeds-November 10, 2006 Coventry) otherwise known as Betty Diana Coupland was a British singer and actor.

She died caused by surgical complications.

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Sheila Allen

Sheila Allen (October 22, 1932 Chard-October 13, 2011 London) was a British actor and teacher. She had two children, Jesse Jones and Joseph Jones.

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Ivy Close

Ivy Close (June 15, 1890 Stockton-on-Tees-December 4, 1968 Goring-on-Thames) a.k.a. Ivy Lilian Close was a British actor. She had two children, Ronald Neame and Derek Neame.

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Maureen Swanson

Maureen Swanson (November 25, 1932 Glasgow-November 18, 2011) a.k.a. Maureen Ward, Countess of Dudley or Maureen Ward was a British actor. Her children are Hon. William Ward, Lady Susanna Louise Ward, Lady Melissa Patricia Eileen Ward, Lady Victoria Larissa Cecilia Ward, Lady Amelia Maureen Erica Ward, Lady Cressida Emma Sophia Ward and Leander Ward.

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Una O'Connor

Una O'Connor (October 23, 1880 Belfast-February 4, 1959 New York City) also known as Agnes Teresa McGlade was a British actor.

She died as a result of cardiovascular disease.

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Nellie Wallace

Nellie Wallace (March 18, 1870 Glasgow-November 24, 1948 London) also known as Wallace, Nellie, Eleanor Jane Wallis Tayler, Eleanor Jane Wallace (Wallis) Tayler or The Essence of Eccentricity was a British actor, comedian, singer and songwriter.

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Noel Dyson

Noel Dyson (December 23, 1916 Newton Heath-June 29, 1995 Winchcombe) a.k.a. Elsie Noel Dyson, Noël Dyson or Nöel Dyson was a British actor.

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