British actresses died in 1967

Here are 5 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1967:

Vivien Leigh

Vivien Leigh (November 5, 1913 Darjeeling-July 8, 1967 London) also known as Vivian Mary Hartley, Vivling, Vivien, Lady Olivier, Lady Olivier, Lady Vivien Leigh Olivier, Vivian Leigh or Vivien Leigh, Lady Olivier was a British actor and singer. Her child is called Suzanne Farrington.

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Jean Cadell

Jean Cadell (September 13, 1884 Edinburgh-September 24, 1967 London) was a British actor. Her child is called John Cadell.

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Gladys Hamer

Gladys Hamer (May 27, 1884 England-March 13, 1967 Los Angeles) was a British actor.

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Winifred Kingston

Winifred Kingston (November 11, 1894 England-February 3, 1967 La Jolla) was a British actor. She had one child, Dustine Farnum.

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June Thorburn

June Thorburn (June 8, 1931 British Raj-November 4, 1967 Blackdown, West Sussex) also known as Tricia Thubron, Trisha Thubron or Patricia June Thubron Smith was a British actor. She had two children, Heather-Louise June Bryse-Harvey and Inger-Sheleen Christabel Smith-Petersen.

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