British actresses died in 1969

Here are 5 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1969:

Martita Hunt

Martita Hunt (January 30, 1899 Buenos Aires-June 13, 1969 Hampstead) was a British actor.

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Amy Dalby

Amy Dalby (November 27, 1888 Clerkenwell-March 10, 1969 London) a.k.a. Amy D'Alby or Amy Mary Dalby was a British actor.

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Violet Farebrother

Violet Farebrother (August 22, 1888 Grimsby-September 27, 1969 Eastbourne) was a British actor.

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Erika Mann

Erika Mann (November 9, 1905 Munich-August 27, 1969 Z├╝rich) a.k.a. Erika Julia Hedwig Mann or Eri was a British screenwriter, actor, comedian, writer and journalist.

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Ella Logan

Ella Logan (March 6, 1913 Glasgow-May 1, 1969 Burlingame) a.k.a. Georgina Allan, Ella Allan, Ina Allan or Logan, Ella was a British singer and actor.

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