British actresses died in 1975

Here are 4 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1975:

Lady Constance Malleson

Lady Constance Malleson (October 24, 1895 Castlewellan-October 5, 1975 Bury St Edmunds) also known as Lady Constance Annesley, Colette O'Neil, Constance Annesley, Lady Constance Mary Annesley, Colette O'Niel or The Lady Constance Malleson was a British actor and writer.

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Pamela Brown

Pamela Brown (July 8, 1917 Hampstead-September 19, 1975 Avening) also known as Pamela Mary Brown was a British actor.

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Zena Dare

Zena Dare (February 4, 1887 London-March 11, 1975 London) also known as Zena Florence Harriet Dones or Florence Hariette Zena Dones was a British singer and actor.

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Ethel Griffies

Ethel Griffies (April 26, 1878 Sheffield-September 9, 1975 London) a.k.a. Ethel Woods was a British actor.

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