British actresses died in 1977

Here are 8 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1977:

Olga Petrova

Olga Petrova (May 10, 1884 England-November 30, 1977 Clearwater) also known as Muriel Harding, Mme. Patrova, Madame Olga Petrova, Madame Petrova, Mme. Olga, Petrova, Mme. Petrova, O. Petrova or Olya Petrova was a British actor, screenwriter and playwright.

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Sophie Stewart

Sophie Stewart (March 5, 1908 Crieff-June 6, 1977 London) was a British actor.

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Patricia Haines

Patricia Haines (February 3, 1932 Sheffield-February 21, 1977 Northampton) a.k.a. Patricia Ann Haines was a British actor. She had one child, Dominique Caine.

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Sylvia Ashley

Sylvia Ashley (April 1, 1904 Paddington-June 29, 1977 Los Angeles) otherwise known as Princess Sylvia Djordjadze, Lady Ashley, Sylvia Hawkes or Edith Louisa Sylvia Hawkes was a British model, actor and dancer.

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Lillian Kemble-Cooper

Lillian Kemble-Cooper (March 21, 1892 London-May 4, 1977 Los Angeles) also known as Lillian Cooper, Lily Kemble-Cooper, Lillian Kemble Cooper, Lily Kemble Cooper, Lilliam Kemble, Lily Kemble, Lillian Kemble or L. Kemble-Cooper was a British actor.

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Molly Urquhart

Molly Urquhart (January 21, 1906 Glasgow-October 6, 1977 Glasgow) otherwise known as Mary Sinclair Urquhart was a British actor.

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Queenie Thomas

Queenie Thomas (June 18, 1898 Cardiff-October 11, 1977 England) a.k.a. Marjorie Violet Queenie Thomas was a British actor.

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Barbara Mitchell

Barbara Mitchell (November 27, 2014 England-December 9, 1977 Richmond, London) was a British actor and singer.

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