British actresses died in 1981

Here are 8 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1981:

Brenda De Banzie

Brenda De Banzie (July 28, 1909 Manchester-March 5, 1981 Haywards Heath) a.k.a. Brenda DeBanza, Brenda Doreen Mingnon De Banzie, Brenda D. M. De Banzie or Brenda de Banzie was a British actor. She had one child, Antony Marsh.

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Isobel Elsom

Isobel Elsom (March 16, 1893 Cambridge-January 12, 1981 Woodland Hills) a.k.a. Isobel Jeannette Reed, Isabella Reed, Isabel Elsom, Isobel Harbord or Isobel Harbold was a British actor.

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Clelia Matania

Clelia Matania (September 18, 1918 London-October 13, 1981 Rome) also known as Clelia Mattania was a British actor and voice actor.

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Jessie Matthews

Jessie Matthews (March 11, 1907 Soho-August 19, 1981 Eastcote) a.k.a. Jessie Margaret Matthews, The Dancing Divinity, The English Ginger Rogers, Jessie Matthews, OBE or Matthews, Jessie was a British actor, dancer and singer. She had one child, Catherine Hale-Monro.

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Joan Benham

Joan Benham (May 17, 1918 London-June 13, 1981 Westminster) also known as Joan Olive Benham was a British actor.

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Totti Truman Taylor

Totti Truman Taylor (September 7, 1915 London-March 5, 1981 Denville Hall) a.k.a. Totti Truman-Taylor or Dorothy Leah Pedley was a British actor.

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Mae Bacon

Mae Bacon (April 3, 1897 Ilkley-June 3, 1981) a.k.a. Mai Bacon was a British actor.

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Rita Webb

Rita Webb (February 25, 1904 Willesden-August 30, 1981 Westminster) also known as Olive Webb or Podge was a British actor.

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