British actresses died in 1984

Here are 10 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 1984:

June Duprez

June Duprez (May 14, 1918 Teddington-October 30, 1984 London) was a British actor.

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Lally Bowers

Lally Bowers (January 21, 1917 Oldham-July 18, 1984 London) also known as Kathleen Bowers or Kathleen "Lally" Bowers was a British actor.

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Diana Dors

Diana Dors (October 23, 1931 Swindon-May 4, 1984 Windsor) also known as Diana Mary Fluck, Diana Mary Flick, diana_dors, Diana d'Ors, Dorsy, Miss Diana Dors, The Siren of Swindon, Hurricane in Mink or Diana Fluck was a British actor. Her children are called Mark Dawson, Jason Lake and Gary Dawson.

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Binnie Hale

Binnie Hale (May 22, 1899 Liverpool-January 10, 1984 Hastings) a.k.a. Hale, Binnie, Beatrice Mary Hale-Monro or Binny Hale was a British singer, actor and musician. Her child is called Patricia Raine.

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May Clark

May Clark (August 9, 1889 Kent-May 31, 1984 Englewood) also known as Mabel Clark was a British actor. She had two children, Vernon Whitten and Kenneth Whitten.

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Christine Hargreaves

Christine Hargreaves (March 22, 1939 Salford, Greater Manchester-August 12, 1984 London) was a British actor.

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Lilian Oldland

Lilian Oldland (February 7, 1903 Gloucester-October 1, 1984 Brighton) also known as Lilian Mary Oldland or Mary Newland was a British actor.

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Edith Sharpe

Edith Sharpe (September 14, 1893 London-June 6, 1984 Harrow on the Hill) also known as Edith Mary Sharpe was a British actor.

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Jennifer Kendal

Jennifer Kendal (February 28, 1933 Southport-September 7, 1984 London) otherwise known as Jennifer Kapoor or Mrs. Jennifer Kapoor was a British actor and costume designer. She had three children, Sanjana Kapoor, Karan Kapoor and Kunal Kapoor.

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Estelle Winwood

Estelle Winwood (January 24, 1883 Lee, London-June 20, 1984 Woodland Hills) also known as Estelle Goodwin, Estelle Ruth Goodwin or Estelle Ruth Winwood Goodwin was a British actor and theatre director.

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