British actresses died in 2009

Here are 15 famous actresses from United Kingdom died in 2009:

Zena Marshall

Zena Marshall (January 1, 1926 Nairobi-July 10, 2009 London) a.k.a. Zena Moyra Marshall was a British actor.

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Moyra Fraser

Moyra Fraser (December 3, 1923 Sydney-December 13, 2009 England) was a British actor and ballet dancer. Her children are called Carol Sutherland, Paul Lubbock and Guy Lubbock.

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Lucy Gordon

Lucy Gordon (May 22, 1980 Oxford-May 20, 2009 Paris) was a British actor and model.

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Natasha Richardson

Natasha Richardson (May 11, 1963 Marylebone-March 18, 2009 Lenox Hill Hospital) also known as Natasha Jane Richardson or Tasha was a British actor and film producer. She had two children, Micheál Neeson and Daniel Neeson.

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Marianne Stone

Marianne Stone (August 23, 1922 London-December 21, 2009 London) otherwise known as Mary Stone, Mary Haydon Stone, Marion Stone or Mugsie was a British actor. She had one child, Kara Noble.

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Jill Balcon

Jill Balcon (January 3, 1925 Westminster-July 18, 2009 London) also known as Jill Angela Henriette Balcon or Jill Angela Henrietta Balcon was a British actor. She had two children, Daniel Day-Lewis and Tamasin Day-Lewis.

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Dilys Laye

Dilys Laye (March 11, 1934 Muswell Hill-February 13, 2009 London) a.k.a. Dilys Lay was a British screenwriter and actor. She had one child, Andrew Downer.

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Anne Collins

Anne Collins (August 29, 1943 Durham, England-July 15, 2009 Sussex) was a British actor and opera singer.

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Pearl Hackney

Pearl Hackney (October 28, 1916 Burton-upon-Trent-September 18, 2009 Herne Bay) was a British actor and dancer. Her child is called Petronella Barker.

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Margo Johns

Margo Johns (November 27, 2014 United Kingdom-September 29, 2009 United Kingdom) also known as Jessie Margaret Johns was a British actor. She had one child, Sabina Franklyn.

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Wendy Richard

Wendy Richard (July 20, 1943 Middlesbrough-February 26, 2009 London) also known as Wendy Emerton, Wendy Richard M.B.E., Wendy Richard MBE, Wendy Richards or Wendy Richard, MBE was a British actor.

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Maxime de la Falaise

Maxime de la Falaise (June 25, 1922 West Dean, West Sussex-April 30, 2009 Saint-Rémy-de-Provence) a.k.a. Maxine Birley, Maxime McKendry or Maxime de la Falaise McKendry was a British model, actor and writer. Her children are called Loulou de la Falaise and Alexis de la Falaise.

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Joan Orenstein

Joan Orenstein (December 4, 1923 London-October 19, 2009 Halifax) otherwise known as Joan Travell was a British actor. Her children are called Sarah Orenstein, Cia Tweel and Edie Orenstein.

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Sadie Corré

Sadie Corré (May 31, 1918 Bognor Regis-August 26, 2009 St John's Wood) also known as Sadie Corre, Sarah Corré or Sadie Corrie was a British actor and dancer.

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Lesley Brook

Lesley Brook (February 18, 1917 Folkestone-February 7, 2009 Odiham) was a British actor.

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