British music stars born in 1900

Here are 5 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1900:

Alan Bush

Alan Bush (December 22, 1900 London-October 31, 1995 Watford) also known as Alan Dudley Bush was a British , .

Genres related to him: Opera.

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Mabel Mercer

Mabel Mercer (February 3, 1900 Burton-upon-Trent-April 20, 1984 Pittsfield) a.k.a. Mercer, Mabel was a British singer.

Her albums: Echoes of My Life, Songs, Volume 1, Mabel Mercer Sings Cole Porter, Midnight at Mabel Mercer's and Once in a Blue Moon.

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Victor Silvester

Victor Silvester (February 25, 1900 Wembley-August 14, 1978) otherwise known as Victor Sylvester was a British , .

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Michael Head

Michael Head (January 28, 1900 Eastbourne-August 24, 1976) a.k.a. Head, Michael was a British , .

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Jack Beaver

Jack Beaver (March 27, 1900 Clapham-September 10, 1963 Battersea) also known as Beaver, Jack or Jack Beauer was a British film score composer.

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