British music stars born in 1933

Here are 18 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1933:

Michael Caine

Michael Caine (March 14, 1933 Rotherhithe-) also known as Maurice Joseph Micklewhite, Michael Scott, Maurice Micklewhite, Sir Michael Caine CBE or Sir Michael Caine is a British actor, author, film producer, voice actor and entrepreneur. His children are called Natasha Caine and Dominique Caine.

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John Mayall

John Mayall (November 29, 1933 Macclesfield-) a.k.a. John Mayal or John Mayall, OBE is a British singer, musician, songwriter, record producer and guitarist. He has one child, Gaz Mayall .

His most well known albums: Looking Back, The Turning Point, Primal Solos, MTV Music History (The Best Of), A Banquet in Blues, A Hard Core Package, A Sense of Place, Archives to Eighties, Back to the Roots and Blue for You. Genres he performed include British blues, Blues rock, Electric blues and Harmonica blues.

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Tony Jay

Tony Jay (February 2, 1933 London-August 13, 2006 Los Angeles) also known as Jay Snyder was a British actor, voice actor and singer. He had one child, Adam Jay.

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Michael Garrick

Michael Garrick (May 30, 1933 London Borough of Enfield-November 11, 2011) also known as Garrick, Michael was a British jazz pianist.

Discography: Troppo.

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Georgia Brown

Georgia Brown (October 21, 1933 East End of London-July 5, 1992 London) also known as Lillian Klot, Lillian Claire Laizer Getel Klot or Georgis Brown was a British singer and actor.

Related albums: Oliver!.

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Peter Zinovieff

Peter Zinovieff (January 26, 1933 United Kingdom-) also known as Zinovieff, Peter is a British , .

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David McCallum

David McCallum (September 19, 1933 Glasgow-) also known as David Keith McCallum or David Keith McCallum, Jr is a British actor, singer and musician. He has five children, Jason McCallum, Valentine McCallum, Paul McCallum, Peter McCallum and Sophie McCallum.

His discography includes: Music Is a Part of Me, Music: A Bit More of Me and Music: A Part of Me.

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Siân Phillips

Siân Phillips (May 14, 1933 Gwaun-Cae-Gurwen-) a.k.a. Jane Elizabeth Ailwên Phillips, Sian Phillips, Jane Elizabeth Ailwen Phillips, Siân Phillips, CBE or Sin Philips is a British actor, author and singer. Her children are Kate O'Toole and Patricia O'Toole.

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Michael Jeffery

Michael Jeffery (March 4, 1933 Peckham-March 5, 1973 Spain) was a British film producer.

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Daniel Massey

Daniel Massey (October 10, 1933 Westminster-March 25, 1998 London) also known as Daniel Raymond Massey was a British actor. His children are Alice Massey and Paul Massey.

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John Barry

John Barry (November 3, 1933 York-January 30, 2011 Town of Oyster Bay) a.k.a. John Barry Prendergast, John Barry Prendergast, OBE or John Barry and Orchestra was a British composer, conductor, film score composer and musician. His children are called Sian Prendergast, JonPatrick Barry, Kate Barry and Suzy Barry.

His albums include Moonraker, Goldfinger, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Diamonds Are Forever, Black Hole & Howard the Duck, Dr. No, The Golden Child: Music from the Motion Picture, The Whisperers / Equus, and The Best of Big Movie Hits. Genres he performed: Film score.

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Ken Goodwin

Ken Goodwin (April 7, 1933 Manchester-February 18, 2012 United Kingdom) also known as Goodwin, Ken was a British , .

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Elizabeth Seal

Elizabeth Seal (August 28, 1933 Genoa-) also known as Elisabeth Seal is a British actor. She has three children, Adam Matalon, Sarah Matalon and Noah Matalon.

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Andy Stewart

Andy Stewart (December 30, 1933 Glasgow-October 11, 1993 Arbroath) also known as Andrew Stuart or Andy was a British singer, actor, musician, comedian and impressionist. His child is called Ewan Stewart.

His albums include Andy Stewart's Scotland, The Andy Stewart Collection, The Very Best Of, My Scotland and The Very Best Of Andy Stewart. His related genres: Folk music and Comedy music.

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Shani Wallis

Shani Wallis (April 14, 1933 Tottenham-) also known as Wallis, Shani or Shani Wallace is a British singer and actor. She has one child, Rebecca Rich.

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Anton Rodgers

Anton Rodgers (January 10, 1933 Wisbech-December 1, 2007 Reading) also known as Anthony Rodgers, Anton Rogers or The Cast was a British actor. He had one child, Adam Rodgers.

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Janet Baker

Janet Baker (August 21, 1933 Hatfield-) a.k.a. Baker, Janet, Dame or Dame Janet Baker is a British singer and opera singer.

Her albums include The Very Best of Janet Baker, The Legendary Dame Janet Baker, Janet Baker: The Beloved Mezzo, The Dream of Gerontius / Enigma Variations, String Quintet in C / Ave Maria and other popular songs, Cello Concerto / Sea Pictures / Overture: “Cockaigne”, The Dream of Gerontius / Sea Pictures, , Dame Janet Baker Sings Popular Schubert Songs and Cello Concerto / Sea Pictures. Her related genres: Opera.

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Robert Shaw

Robert Shaw (July 31, 1933 Coventry-) is a British poet, saxophonist and musician.

Genres he performed: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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