British music stars born in 1934

Here are 21 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1934:

Victor Feldman

Victor Feldman (April 7, 1934 Edgware-May 12, 1987 Los Angeles) a.k.a. Feldman, Victor was a British jazz pianist and percussionist.

His most well known albums: On Vibes, The Arrival of Victor Feldman, Departure Dates, Latinsville!, Suite Sixteen, Secret Of The Andes, To Chopin With Love, , Victor Feldman in London, Volume 2 and Victor Feldman in London, Volume 1. Genres he performed include Jazz.

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Anthony Gilbert

Anthony Gilbert (July 26, 1934 London-) is a British , .

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David Lloyd-Jones

David Lloyd-Jones (November 19, 1934 London-) is a British conductor.

His albums: Symphonies Nos. 1 and 3 (Royal Liverpool Philharmonic Orchestra feat. conductor: David Lloyd-Jones), Beni Mora / Somerset Rhapsody / Hammersmith / Egdon Heath / Invocation for Cello and Orchestra, Elizabethan Dances / Oboe Concerto / Aphrodite in Aulis, Symphony in G major / Concerto da Chiesa, Symphony no. 7 / Tintagel (Tone Poem), The Planets / The Mystic Trumpeter, Symphony no. 2 / November Woods, Symphony no. 3 / The Happy Forest, Checkmate / Mêlée Fantasque and Symphony no. 6 / Festival Overture.

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Dick Heckstall-Smith

Dick Heckstall-Smith (September 16, 1934 Ludlow-December 17, 2004 London) also known as Heckstall-Smith, Dick, Dick Hexall Smith, Richard Malden Heckstall-Smith, The Graham Bond Organization, Colosseum or Graham Bond Organisation was a British musician and film score composer.

Related albums: A Story Ended. Genres: Blues rock, Jazz fusion and Post-bop.

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Nimal Mendis

Nimal Mendis (March 29, 1934-) is a British singer, singer-songwriter and musician.

Genres related to him: Piano rock, Rock music and Pop music.

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Jonathan Miller

Jonathan Miller (July 21, 1934 London-) also known as Jonathan Wolfe Miller, Dr. Jonathan Miller, Sir Jonathan Miller, Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller, Sir Jonathan Wolfe Miller, CBE or Jonathan W. Miller is a British presenter, physician, theatre director, opera director, sculptor, television director, television producer, film producer, actor, writer, film director, editor and humorist.

His albums: Beyond the Fringe.

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John Critchinson

John Critchinson (December 24, 1934 London-) is a British , .

Genres: Jazz and Jazz fusion.

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Tony Coe

Tony Coe (November 29, 1934 Canterbury-) also known as Coe, Tony is a British musician, composer, theatre director, clarinetist and saxophonist. He has one child, Gideon Coe.

His albums include Mer de Chine, Mainly Mancini, Jazz Piquant, Time, British-American Blue, Nutty and Blue Jersey. Genres he performed include Hard bop, Bebop and Post-bop.

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Jerry Lordan

Jerry Lordan (April 30, 1934 Paddington-July 24, 1995) a.k.a. Lordan, Jerry was a British , .

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Roger Norrington

Roger Norrington (March 16, 1934 Oxford-) a.k.a. Sir Roger Arthur Carver Norrington is a British conductor. He has one child, Tom Norrington.

His albums: , Violin Concerto, Má Vlast, Operatic Arias, Symphonie fantastique, op. 14, Maurerische Trauermusik / Requiem / Ave Verum Corpus, Symphonies Nos. 2, 8 (The London Classical Players feat. conductor: Roger Norrington), Symphony No. 9 (London Classical Players feat. conductor: Roger Norrington), Violin Concertos and Symphony no. 9 in C major, D. 944 "Great". Genres: Classical music.

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Tom Springfield

Tom Springfield (July 2, 1934 Hampstead-) also known as Springfield, Tom is a British singer, songwriter and record producer.

Genres he performed: Folk music and Pop music.

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Valerie Tryon

Valerie Tryon (September 5, 1934 Portsmouth-) a.k.a. Tryon, Valerie is a British pianist.

Her albums include The Joy of Piano, Debussy Songs, Complete Piano Music, Volume 17: Schubert Song Transcriptions 2 and Scherzos & Ballades.

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Tony Walton

Tony Walton (October 24, 1934 Walton-on-Thames-) also known as Anthony John Walton is a British art director, costume designer, production designer and set designer. He has one child, Emma Walton Hamilton.

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Judi Dench

Judi Dench (December 9, 1934 Heworth-) also known as Judith Olivia Dench, Dame Judi Dench, Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench, Dame Judith Olivia "Judi" Dench, CH, DBE, FRSA, Dame Judith Olivia Dench, CH, DBE, FRSA, Dame Judith Olivia Dench or Dame Judi Dench, CH DBE FRSA is a British actor, author, voice actor, theatre director and musician. She has one child, Finty Williams.

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John Standing

John Standing (August 16, 1934 London-) a.k.a. John Ronald Leon, Sir John Standing, Sir John Ronald Leon Standing, 4th Baronet or John Leon is a British actor. His child is Alexander John Leon.

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Noel Harrison

Noel Harrison (January 29, 1934 Kensington-October 19, 2013 Exeter) also known as Noel John Christopher Harrison was a British singer, actor and athlete. He had five children, Cathryn Harrison, Harriet Harrison, Simon Harrison, Will Harrison and Chloe Harrison.

His albums: The Windmills of Your Mind.

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Hamilton Camp

Hamilton Camp (October 30, 1934 London-October 2, 2005 Los Angeles) also known as Hamid Hamilton Camp, Robin Camp, Hamid Camp, Bob Camp or Robin Kamp was a British singer, actor, songwriter, voice actor, composer and musician. He had one child, Hamilton Camp Jr..

His albums include Paths of Victory and Sweet Joy.

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Harrison Birtwistle

Harrison Birtwistle (July 15, 1934 Accrington-) a.k.a. Sir Harrison Paul Birtwistle, Birtwistle, Sir Harrison Paul or Sir Harrison Birtwistle is a British composer. His child is called Adam Birtwistle.

His albums: Harrison Birtwistle: The Woman And The Hare, The Triumph of Time / Gawain's Journey (The Philharmonia Orchestra feat. conductor: Elgar Howarth), Punch and Judy (Soloists of the London Sinfonietta feat. conductor: David Atherton), Secret Theatre / Tragoedia / Five Distances / Three Settings of Celan (Pierre Boulez, Ensemble Intercontemporain), The Fields of Sorrow / Verses for Ensembles / Nenia: The Death of Orpheus, Music for Winds and Percussion, Carmen Arcadiae Mechanicae Perpetuum / Silbury Air / Secret Theatre (London Sinfonietta), Refrains and Choruses (Galliard Ensemble), Pulse Shadows and Theseus Games / Earth Dances. Genres he performed include Ballet, 20th-century classical music, Opera and Incidental music.

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Colin Bailey

Colin Bailey (July 9, 1934 Swindon-) also known as Bailey, Colin is a British musician and drummer.

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John Picard

John Picard (May 17, 1934 Tottenham-) is a British trombonist.

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Bernard Bresslaw

Bernard Bresslaw (February 25, 1934 Stepney-June 11, 1993 Regent's Park) also known as Bernie was a British actor. He had three children, James Bresslaw, Mark Bresslaw and Jonathan Bresslaw.

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