British music stars born in 1937

Here are 29 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1937:

Dee Palmer

Dee Palmer (July 2, 1937 London-) also known as David Palmer or Palmer, David is a British keyboard player and composer.

Related albums: Passing Open Windows: A Symphonic Tribute to Queen. Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Paul Bailey

Paul Bailey (February 16, 1937-) is a British writer.

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Neville Dickie

Neville Dickie (January 1, 1937 County Durham-) is a British jazz pianist.

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Philip Elsmore

Philip Elsmore (November 16, 1937 Stourport-on-Severn-) also known as Elsmore, Philip is a British presenter.

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Neil Ardley

Neil Ardley (May 26, 1937 Wallington, London-February 23, 2004) a.k.a. Ardley, Neil was a British science writer.

His albums: A Symphony of Amaranths, Harmony of the Spheres, Kaleidoscope of Rainbows and Greek Variations & Other Aegean Exercises. Genres related to him: Jazz.

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Graham Bond

Graham Bond (October 28, 1937 Romford-May 8, 1974 Finsbury Park, London) also known as Bond, Graham was a British singer.

His albums include Holy Magick and Mighty Grahame Bond. Genres he performed: Jazz, Rhythm and blues, Blues rock and Blues.

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Jeff Clyne

Jeff Clyne (January 29, 1937 London-November 16, 2009) also known as Jeff Cline or Cline, Jeff was a British , .

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Brian Lemon

Brian Lemon (February 11, 1937 Nottingham-October 11, 2014) otherwise known as Lemon, Brian was a British jazz pianist.

His most well known albums: Play Harry Warren: An Affair to Remember.

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Delia Derbyshire

Delia Derbyshire (May 5, 1937 Coventry-July 3, 2001 Northampton) a.k.a. Li De La Russe, Derbyshire, Delia or Russe, Li De La was a British composer.

Her albums include Electrosonic. Genres she performed: Electronic music.

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Alan Hawkshaw

Alan Hawkshaw (March 27, 1937 Leeds-) also known as Hawkshaw, Alan, William Alan Hawkshaw, Alan Hackshaw, Hackshaw, Alan, Alan Hawshaw or Hawshaw, Alan is a British organist, composer, songwriter and film score composer. He has one child, Kirsty Hawkshaw.

His albums include Mo'Hawk: The Essential Vibes & Grooves 1967-1975 and Girl in a Sportscar the Essential Lounge Music Collection. Genres he performed: Pop music and Rock and roll.

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Malcolm Cecil

Malcolm Cecil (January 9, 1937 London-) is a British film score composer.

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David Hockney

David Hockney (July 9, 1937 Bradford-) is a British photographer, artist and visual artist.

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Barbara Windsor

Barbara Windsor (August 6, 1937 Shoreditch-) also known as Barbara Ann Deeks, Barbara-Ann Deeks, barbara_windsor, Barbara Windsor MBE, Little Bird, Barb, The Queen of Carry On, One-take Windsor or Babs is a British actor and voice actor.

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Jonathan Hales

Jonathan Hales (May 10, 1937 London-) is a British actor, writer, screenwriter and playwright.

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David Measham

David Measham (December 1, 1937-February 6, 2005) was a British conductor.

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Stephen Moore

Stephen Moore (December 11, 1937 Brixton-) is a British actor and television director. He has five children, Robyn Moore, Charlotte Moore, Guy Moore, Hedda Moore and Sophie Martha Moore.

His albums include Marvin and The Double 'B'-Side.

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Valerie Masterson

Valerie Masterson (June 3, 1937 Birkenhead-) otherwise known as Masterson, Valerie or Margaret Valerie Masterson is a British singer.

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John Baker

John Baker (October 12, 1937 Leigh-on-Sea-February 7, 1997 Freshwater, Isle of Wight) a.k.a. Baker, John was a British musician.

His albums include The John Baker Tapes, Volume 1.

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Anthony Hopkins

Anthony Hopkins (December 31, 1937 Margam-) a.k.a. Philip Anthony Hopkins, Fabian Hogarth, Sir Anthony Hopkins, Tony, Charlie, George, Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, Sir Philip Anthony Hopkins, CBE or Gunner Hopkins is a British actor, film score composer, musician and film director. His child is Abigail Hopkins.

Discography: .

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Vanessa Redgrave

Vanessa Redgrave (January 30, 1937 Greenwich-) also known as Vanessa Redgrave, CBE or Vanessa Redgreiv is a British actor, voice actor, activist and film producer. She has three children, Natasha Richardson, Joely Richardson and Carlo Gabriel Nero.

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Una Stubbs

Una Stubbs (May 1, 1937 Welwyn Garden City-) also known as Una 'Jack' Stubbs, 'Jack' Stubbs or Jack is a British actor and dancer. She has three children, Christian Henson, Joe Henson and Jason Gilmore.

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Paul Collins

Paul Collins (July 25, 1937 London-) is a British actor and voice actor.

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Iwan Edwards

Iwan Edwards (October 5, 1937 Wales-) is a British conductor.

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Willie Rushton

Willie Rushton (August 18, 1937 Chelsea-December 11, 1996 Kensington) a.k.a. William George Rushton, William Rushton, Rushton, Willy or Willy Rushton was a British comedian, cartoonist, actor, screenwriter and writer.

His discography includes: Peter and the Wolf and Other Children's Favourites.

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Clem Cattini

Clem Cattini (August 28, 1937 Stoke Newington-) also known as Cattini, Clem, Bungo Womble, The Tornados or Clemente Anselmo Cattini is a British drummer and session musician.

Genres he performed include Pop music.

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Ian Samwell

Ian Samwell (January 19, 1937 Lambeth-March 13, 2003) also known as Samwell, Ian was a British record producer, singer-songwriter and musician.

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Vic Flick

Vic Flick (May 14, 1937 Worcester Park-) a.k.a. Victor Harold Flick is a British guitarist, composer, conductor and film score composer.

Genres related to him: Film score.

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Susan Hampshire

Susan Hampshire (May 12, 1937 Kensington-) also known as Lady Kulukundis or Susan Hampshire OBE is a British actor. She has two children, Christopher Granier-Deferre and Victoria Granier-Deferre.

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Frank Ifield

Frank Ifield (November 30, 1937 Coundon-) a.k.a. Francis Edward Ifield or Ifield, Frank is a British singer and actor.

His albums: Someone to Give My Love To / Ain't Gonna Take No for an Answer, The Best of Frank Ifield, The Best of the EMI Years, Nobody's Darlin' but Mine, I Remember You, Don't Blame Me, She Taught Me to Yodel, Remembering the Sixties, The Complete A-Sides and B-Sides and The Essential Collection. Genres he performed include Country, Traditional pop music and Easy listening.

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