British music stars born in 1943

Here are 44 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1943:

Malcolm McDowell

Malcolm McDowell (June 13, 1943 Horsforth-) a.k.a. Malcolm John Taylor, Malcolm MacDowell, Malcom McDowell, Mick or King of Punk is a British actor, voice actor, salesperson, waiting staff, presenter and film producer. He has five children, Lilly McDowell, Finnian Anderson McDowell, Beckett Taylor McDowell, Charlie McDowell and Seamus Hudson McDowell.

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Graeme Garden

Graeme Garden (February 18, 1943 Aberdeen-) a.k.a. Dr. Graeme Garden, David Graeme Garden, David Graeme Garden OBE or Garden, Graeme is a British physician, comedian, actor, screenwriter, author, artist and presenter. His children are called Tom Garden, Sally Garden and John Garden.

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Eric Idle

Eric Idle (March 29, 1943 South Shields-) also known as Dirk McQuickly, Montypython Flyingcircus, Eric Spam Eggs and Chips Idle, Rice Lied, The Usual Lot, Brian Hope, Eric C. Idleberg, Eric Whicker Whicker Idle or Monty Python is a British musician, comedian, actor, film producer, composer, screenwriter, singer-songwriter, television director, voice actor, film director, writer and television producer. He has two children, Lily Idle and Carey Idle.

His albums: Eric Idle Sings Monty Python, Monty Python's Spamalot and Galaxy DNA Song.

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Ben Kingsley

Ben Kingsley (December 31, 1943 Snainton-) otherwise known as Sir Ben Kingsley, Krishna Bhanji, Krishna Pandit Bhanji, કૃષ્ણા પંડિત ભાનજી or Sir Ben Kingsley, CBE is a British actor and voice actor. He has four children, Thomas Kingsley, Ferdinand Kingsley, Edmund Kingsley and Jasmin Bhanji.

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Tony Blackburn

Tony Blackburn (January 29, 1943 Guildford-) otherwise known as Blackburn, Tony or Lenny Gamble is a British presenter, disc jockey and actor.

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Bill Hopkins

Bill Hopkins (June 5, 1943 Prestbury-March 10, 1981) was a British music critic, pianist and composer.

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Malcolm Clarke

Malcolm Clarke (January 17, 1943-December 11, 2003) also known as Clarke, Malcolm was a British , .

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Richard Anthony Hewson

Richard Anthony Hewson (November 17, 1943 Stockton-on-Tees-) is a British record producer, multi-instrumentalist, conductor and music arranger.

Genres he performed: Electronica, Jazz-funk, Electronic music and Synthpop.

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Colin Wood

Colin Wood (June 15, 1943 United Kingdom-) is a British , .

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Lesley Duncan

Lesley Duncan (August 12, 1943 Stockton-on-Tees-March 12, 2010 Isle of Mull) also known as Duncan, Lesley was a British singer-songwriter.

Her albums include Sing Children Sing, Reading Festival '73, Only You, Black Flower, Everything Changes, Earth Mother, Maybe It's Lost, Moonbathing, Moon Bathing and Lullaby / I Love You, I Love You.

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David Soul

David Soul (August 28, 1943 Chicago-) also known as David Richard Solberg, David Richard Solber or The Covered Man is a British singer, actor, television director and film producer. His children are called China Soul, Brendan Soul, Christopher Soul, Tyler Soul and Jon Soul.

His discography includes: The Best of David Soul, Looking Back: The Very Best of David Soul, Playing to an Audience of One, Don't Give Up on Us and David Soul. His related genres: Pop music.

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Freddie Starr

Freddie Starr (January 9, 1943 Huyton-) otherwise known as Starr, Freddie or Frederick Fowell is a British comedian, impressionist, singer and actor.

His related genres: Comedy.

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Georgie Fame

Georgie Fame (June 26, 1943 Leigh-) also known as Geogie Fame, Clive Powell, Fame, Georgie, Georgia Fame, Fame, Georgia, George Fame or Fame, George is a British singer, musician, organist and music director.

His albums: Bonnie & Clyde, 20 Beat Classics, On the Right Track: Beat, Blues and Ballads: A Complete Hit Collection 1964-1971, The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde, The Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde, Sound Venture, The Best Of, Charlestons, Seventh Son and Funny How Time Slips Away. Genres: Jazz and Rhythm and blues.

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Jack Bruce

Jack Bruce (May 14, 1943 Bishopbriggs-October 25, 2014 Suffolk) otherwise known as John Symon Asher Bruce or John Symon Asher "Jack" Bruce was a British singer, musician, songwriter, bassist and actor. His children are Malcolm Bruce and Jonas Bruce.

His albums: Harmony Row, Somethin Els, Out of the Storm, A Question of Time, Cities of the Heart, The Collector's Edition, Things We Like, Willpower: A Twenty Year Resrospective, Jack Bruce & Friends and Monkjack. Genres: Blues rock, Psychedelic rock, Hard rock, Jazz fusion, Acid rock, Progressive rock and Jazz.

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George Harrison

George Harrison (February 25, 1943 Liverpool-November 29, 2001 Beverly Hills) a.k.a. George Harrysong, The Quiet Beatle, George Harold Harrison, George, Nelson Wilbury, George O'Hara-Smith, Carl Harrison, L'Angelo Misterioso, Hari Georgeson, Jairaj Hari san, George Harrison, MBE, Spike Wilbury or The Beatles was a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, guitarist, organist, keyboard player, film producer, singer-songwriter, actor and film score composer. His child is called Dhani Harrison.

His most well known albums: Wonderwall Music, Electronic Sound, All Things Must Pass, What Is Life, Living in the Material World, The Best of George Harrison, Dark Horse, Extra Texture (Read All About It), George Harrison and Somewhere in England. Genres he performed: Pop music, Rock music, Psychedelic rock, Experimental rock, Experimental music, World music and Indian classical music.

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Tariq Ali

Tariq Ali (October 21, 1943 Lahore-) also known as Tarik Ali is a British writer, novelist, author, historian, journalist, editor, commentator, film producer, peace activist and television producer. He has three children, Natasha Ali, Chengiz Ali and Aisha Ali.

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Dave Peverett

Dave Peverett (April 16, 1943 Dulwich-February 7, 2000 Orlando) also known as Peverett, Dave was a British singer, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Blues rock, Rock music and Blues.

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Richard Wright

Richard Wright (July 28, 1943 Hatch End-September 15, 2008 London) also known as Rick Wright, Wright, Rick, Wright, Richard, Richard William Wright or Richard William "Rick" Wright was a British musician, songwriter, organist, keyboard player and multi-instrumentalist. He had three children, Gala Wright, Ben Wright and Jamie Wright.

His most important albums: Broken China, Wet Dream and Identity. His related genres: Progressive rock, Psychedelic rock, Experimental rock, Electronic music, Jazz, Art rock and Hard rock.

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Pete Bellotte

Pete Bellotte (August 28, 1943 United Kingdom-) also known as Peter Bellotte or Bellotte, Pete is a British songwriter and record producer.

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Sylvester McCoy

Sylvester McCoy (August 20, 1943 Dunoon-) a.k.a. Percy James Patrick Kent-Smith, Sylv or Sylveste McCoy is a British actor.

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Hugh Davies

Hugh Davies (April 23, 1943 Exmouth-January 1, 2005 London) a.k.a. Davies, Hugh was a British , .

Discography: Warming Up With the Iceman and Interplay.

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Geno Washington

Geno Washington (December 1, 1943 Evansville-) also known as Washington, Geno is a British musician.

His albums include Geno and It's Geno Time. Genres he performed include Soul music, Rhythm and blues, Pop music and Blues.

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Samantha Jones

Samantha Jones (November 17, 1943 Liverpool-) otherwise known as Jones, Samantha or Jean Owen is a British singer and actor.

Her albums include Sam Leads the Way: The Penny Farthing Recordings, Surrounded by a Ray of Sunshine: The United Artists Recordings and A Girl Named Sam. Genres she performed: Pop music and Northern soul.

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Neil Christian

Neil Christian (February 4, 1943 Hoxton-January 4, 2010) was a British singer.

His most well known albums: That's Nice / She's Got the Action. His related genres: Rock music and Rock and roll.

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Polly Perkins

Polly Perkins (May 31, 1943 London-) otherwise known as Gillian Arnold, Gillian Nessie Arnold, Danee Arnold or Perkins, Polly is a British singer, writer and actor. She has two children, Tim Arnold and Andrew David.

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Leo Lyons

Leo Lyons (November 30, 1943 Mansfield-) also known as Lyons, Leo is a British record producer, songwriter and musician.

Genres he performed: Blues rock, Rhythm and blues, Rock music and Blues.

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Ron Geesin

Ron Geesin (December 17, 1943 Stevenston-) otherwise known as Ronald 'Ron' Geesin or Ronald Geesin is a British film score composer.

His albums: Hystery: The Ron Geesin Story, Land of Mist, A Raise of Eyebrows / As He Stands, Patruns, Music From the Body and Biting The Hand: BBC Radio Broadcasts 1969-1975. His related genres: Experimental rock, Avant-garde, Symphonic rock, Musique concrète and Avant-garde music.

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Christine McVie

Christine McVie (July 12, 1943 Bouth-) a.k.a. Christine Perfect, Christine Anne Perfect, McVie, Christine, Perfect, Christine or Anne C. Perfect is a British singer and keyboard player.

Her most important albums: Christine McVie, Christine Perfect, In the Meantime, The Complete Blue Horizon Sessions and Albatross. Genres she performed include Rock music, Blues, Pop rock, Pop music and Soft rock.

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Anne Collins

Anne Collins (August 29, 1943 Durham, England-July 15, 2009 Sussex) was a British actor and opera singer.

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Mike Ratledge

Mike Ratledge (May 6, 1943 Maidstone-) also known as Michael Roland Ratledge, Soft Machine or Michael Roland "Mike" Ratledge is a British keyboard player, musician and film score composer.

Genres he performed include Canterbury scene, Jazz fusion, Free jazz, Progressive rock, Jazz, Psychedelic rock and New-age music.

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Jim McCarty

Jim McCarty (July 25, 1943 Walton, Liverpool-) otherwise known as Renaissance, The Yardbirds, James Stanley "Jim" McCarty or James Stanley McCarty is a British drummer and musician.

His albums: Outside Woman Blues. Genres: Progressive rock, Blues rock, Psychedelic rock, Folk rock and Hard rock.

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Nicky James

Nicky James (April 2, 1943 United Kingdom-October 8, 2007) was a British , .

Genres he performed include Blues, Rock music, Country, Mod, Psychedelia and Psychedelic music.

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Mick Jagger

Mick Jagger (July 26, 1943 Dartford-) also known as Michael Philip Jagger, Sir Michael Jagger, Sir Mick Jagger, Mike, Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, Michael Phillip Jagger, Sir Michael Philip Jagger, Sir Michael Philip "Mick" Jagger, OBE or Mick is a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter, actor, film producer, film score composer and screenwriter. His children are called Elizabeth Jagger, Jade Jagger, Gabriel Jagger, Karis Jagger, Georgia May Jagger, Lucas Maurice Morad Jagger and James Jagger.

His albums include She's the Boss, Primitive Cool, Sweet Thing, Goddess in the Doorway, God Gave Me Everything, Old Habits Die Hard (feat. David A. Stewart), Out of Focus, Visions of Paradise, Wandering Spirit and The Very Best of Mick Jagger. Genres he performed: Rock music, Country, Blues, Psychedelic rock, Reggae, Blues rock, Rock and roll, Rhythm and blues, Funk, Soul music, Dance-rock and Hard rock.

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Billy J. Kramer

Billy J. Kramer (August 19, 1943 Bootle-) also known as Billy J Kramer, B. J. Kramer, William Howard Ashton or Kramer, Billy J. is a British singer.

Discography: The Best of Billy J. Kramer, With the Dakotas, Trains and Boats and Planes / I'll Be on My Way, Little Children, Listen..., Original Hits, At Abbey Road 1963 - 1966, I'll Keep You Satisfied, The Billy J. Kramer Hits and Bad to Me / I Call Your Name. Genres he performed include British Invasion, Beat music and Pop music.

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Chas Hodges

Chas Hodges (December 28, 1943 Edmonton, London-) also known as Hodges, Chas, Chas, Chas & Dave, Chas 'n' Dave, Chas and Dave, Heads Hands and Feet, The Outlaws or Charles Nicholas Hodges is a British singer, musician, pianist and actor. He has one child, Kate Garner.

Genres he performed include Rock music and Pop music.

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Michael Palin

Michael Palin (May 5, 1943 Ranmoor-) otherwise known as Michael Edward Palin, Michael Palin CBE, Michael Lapin, Michael Spam Palin, Michael C. Palinberg, Alan Michael Palin Whicker, Michael Edward Palin, CBE, FRGS, The Usual Lot, Montypython Flyingcircus or Monty Python is a British actor, screenwriter, writer, comedian, voice actor and television presenter. He has three children, William Palin, Rachel Palin and Thomas Palin.

His albums include Jack & The Beanstalk. Genres: Comedy.

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Marti Webb

Marti Webb (December 13, 1943 Cricklewood-) also known as Webb, Marti is a British singer and actor.

Her albums include Marti Webb Sings Small Screen Themes, I'm Not That Kind of Girl, Won't Change Places, Tell Me on a Sunday (1980 London TV cast), Marti Webb Sings Gershwin: The Love Songs, Limelight and The Magic of the Musicals: The Album. Genres she performed: Musical theatre, Easy listening and Pop music.

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Colin Baker

Colin Baker (June 8, 1943 Waterloo, London-) a.k.a. Archie or Baker, Colin is a British actor. His child is Jack Baker.

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John Eliot Gardiner

John Eliot Gardiner (April 20, 1943 Fontmell Magna-) also known as Sir John Eliot Gardiner or Gardiner, John Eliot is a British conductor.

His albums include Schumann: Das Paradies und die Peri, Requiem für Mignon - Gardiner, Once as I Remember..., Holst: The Planets / Grainger: The Warriors, Brahms: 9 Hungarian Dances / Dvorak: Symphonic Variations / Czech Suite, Vivaldi: Gloria / Händel: Gloria / Händel: Dixit Dominus, L'Orfeo, Complete Symphonies, Speak Low: Songs by Kurt Weill & The Seven Deadly Sins, Falstaff and BBC Music, Volume 16, Number 4: Christmas Choral Music (Monteverdi Choir, John Eliot Gardiner). Genres: Classical period, Baroque music and Romantic music.

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Bob Brunning

Bob Brunning (June 29, 1943 Bournemouth-October 18, 2011 London) otherwise known as Brunning, Bob, Bob, Robert "Bob" Brunning or Robert Brunning was a British musician and teacher.

Genres he performed: Blues rock and Blues.

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Graham Simpson

Graham Simpson (October 13, 1943 Manchester-April 16, 2012 London) also known as Simpson, Graham was a British bassist.

Genres he performed include Art rock, Glam rock and Blues.

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Hilton Valentine

Hilton Valentine (May 21, 1943 North Shields-) also known as Valentine, Hilton, Hilton Stewart Paterson Valentine or The Animals is a British musician, songwriter, guitarist and actor.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Folk rock and Blues rock.

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Mike Smith

Mike Smith (December 6, 1943 Edmonton, London-February 28, 2008 Aylesbury) a.k.a. Michael George Smith or Smith, Mike was a British singer-songwriter, singer and record producer.

Genres: Pop music, Beat music and Rock music.

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Malcolm Pool

Malcolm Pool (January 10, 1943 Hayes, Hillingdon-) is a British musician.

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