British music stars born in 1953

Here are 38 famous musicians from United Kingdom were born in 1953:

Tony Blair

Tony Blair (May 6, 1953 Edinburgh-) also known as Anthony Charles Lynton Blair, Tony Blair MP, Rt. Hon. Tony Blair, Prime Minister Tony Blair, Teflon Tony, Phoney Tony, Tony Bliar or アントニー・チャールズ・リントン・ブレア is a British politician, lawyer, diplomat and statesman. He has four children, Leo Blair, Euan Blair, Nicky Blair and Kathryn Blair.

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Keith Allen

Keith Allen (June 2, 1953 Gorseinon-) a.k.a. Keith Philip George Allen is a British comedian, actor, author, artist, musician, singer-songwriter, writer, screenwriter, television director, presenter, music artist and film director. His children are called Lily Allen, Alfie Allen, Teddie Allen, Rebecca Allen, Sarah Owen and Gala Talbott.

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Johnny Clegg

Johnny Clegg (June 7, 1953 Bacup-) also known as Jonathan Clegg or Clegg, Johnny is a British singer and musician.

His albums include A South African Story, Anthology, Best of Live: At the Nelson Mandela Theather, One Life, Shadow Man, Heat, Dust & Dreams, Cruel, Crazy, Beautiful World, Third World Child, Spirit Is the Journey (The Very Best of) and Human. His related genres: Music of Africa and Mbaqanga.

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Nigel Mansell

Nigel Mansell (August 8, 1953 Upton-upon-Severn-) also known as Nigel Ernest Mansell, Nigel Mansell OBE, Il Leone, The Lion or Nigel Ernest James Mansell is a British race car driver. He has two children, Greg Mansell and Leo Mansell.

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Griff Rhys Jones

Griff Rhys Jones (November 16, 1953 Cardiff-) a.k.a. Rhys Jones, Griff, Griffith Rhys Jones, Griffith "Griff" Rhys Jones, Smith and Jones, Griff Rhys-Jones or Griff R. Jones is a British presenter, comedian, actor, screenwriter, writer and musician.

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Jon Savage

Jon Savage (September 2, 1953 Paddington-) also known as Jonathon Sage is a British writer, journalist and author.

His discography includes: Dreams Come True: Jon Savage Presents Classic First Wave Electro 1982-1987.

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James Lascelles

James Lascelles (October 5, 1953 Bayswater-) is a British , . He has four children, Sophie Lascelles, Rowan Lascelles, Tewa Lascelles and Tanit Lascelles.

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Jilly Johnson

Jilly Johnson (November 17, 1953-) is a British nude glamour model, model and author.

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Bruce Woolley

Bruce Woolley (November 11, 1953 Loughborough-) is a British singer, musician, record producer, songwriter and writer.

His albums include Clean, Clean. Genres he performed include New Wave and Pop music.

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Stephen Warbeck

Stephen Warbeck (May 3, 1953 Southampton-) is a British composer, film score composer and musician.

His discography includes: Captain Corelli's Mandolin, A Christmas Carol, Proof, Shakespeare in Love, Charlotte Gray, The Alzheimer Case, Dreamkeeper, Quills, and Two Brothers. His related genres: Classical music and Film score.

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Christopher Norton

Christopher Norton (June 24, 1953 New Zealand-) is a British percussionist.

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Vini Reilly

Vini Reilly (August 4, 1953 Higher Blackley-) also known as Durruti Column, Vincent "Vini" Gerard Reilly or Vincent Gerrard Reilly is a British musician.

His albums include The Sporadic Recordings. Genres: Post-punk and Dream pop.

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Dennis Bovell

Dennis Bovell (May 22, 1953 Saint Peter Parish-) is a British musician, record producer, film score composer and actor.

His albums: Decibel: More Cuts & Dubs 1976-1983, All Over the World, Brain Damage, I Wah Dub, Strictly Dub Wise, Ghosts Outside, Mek It Run and Tactics. His related genres: Reggae, Dub and Lovers rock.

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John Hegley

John Hegley (October 1, 1953 Islington-) is a British comedian, poet, screenwriter, musician and songwriter.

His albums: Saint and Blurry.

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Alan Moore

Alan Moore (November 18, 1953 Northampton-) also known as Brilburn Logue, Curt Vile, Kurt Vile, Translucia Baboon, Alan Rupert Moore, Moore, Alan, Jill de Ray or The Original Writer is a British writer, novelist, artist, musician, screenwriter, cartoonist, magician, author and visual artist. His children are called Leah Moore and Amber Moore.

His discography includes: Unearthing, The Decline of English Murder, The Birth Caul, The Highbury Working, Angel Passage and Snakes and Ladders.

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Alan Barton

Alan Barton (September 16, 1953 Barnsley-March 23, 1995 Cologne) also known as Barton, Alan was a British , .

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Jim Davidson

Jim Davidson (December 13, 1953 Kidbrooke-) also known as Cameron James Davidson, James Cameron "Jim" Davidson or James Cameron Davidson is a British presenter, comedian, actor, screenwriter, film producer and film director. His children are Sarah Walpole-Davidson, Cameron Gullick-Davidson, Charlie Davidson, Fred Davidson and Elsie Davidson.

His albums include Stand up Jim Davidson, Volume 1 and Stand up Jim Davidson, Volume 2.

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Richard Joseph

Richard Joseph (April 23, 1953 United Kingdom-March 4, 2007) also known as Joseph, Richard was a British composer and musician.

His most recognized albums: The Chaos Engine.

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Brinsley Forde

Brinsley Forde (October 16, 1953 Islington-) also known as Brinsley Ford, Brinsley Allan Forde, Dan Forde, Brinsley "Dan" Forde or Aswad is a British singer and actor.

His albums: Urban Jungle. Genres he performed include Reggae.

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Paul Samson

Paul Samson (June 4, 1953 England-August 9, 2002 Norwich) otherwise known as Samson, Paul was a British musician.

Genres he performed: Hard rock, Heavy metal and Blues rock.

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Tony James

Tony James (April 12, 1953 Market Drayton-) a.k.a. Anthony Eric James or Anthony Eric "Tony" James is a British guitarist, bassist, musician and songwriter.

Genres he performed include Rock music, Garage rock, Glam punk, Punk rock, Alternative rock, Post-punk and New Wave.

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Nigel Hess

Nigel Hess (July 22, 1953 Somerset-) a.k.a. Nigel John Hess is a British film score composer, composer and conductor.

His albums: Ladies in Lavender and New London Pictures.

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Richard Sanderson

Richard Sanderson (March 5, 1953 Taplow-) a.k.a. Richard Lory is a British singer and film score composer. He has three children, Mélody Sanderson, Ophélia Sanderson and Angelina Sanderson.

His most important albums: Reality and Songs for Lovers. Genres he performed include Soft rock.

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Iain Burgess

Iain Burgess (November 24, 1953 Weymouth, Dorset-February 11, 2010 France) otherwise known as Burgess, Iain was a British , .

Genres: Alternative rock.

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Kirby Gregory

Kirby Gregory (March 11, 1953-) also known as Gregory, Kirby is a British , .

Genres he performed include Rock music and Blues.

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Roger Allam

Roger Allam (October 26, 1953 Bow-) is a British actor. His child is called William Allam.

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Jeff Rich

Jeff Rich (June 8, 1953 London Borough of Hackney-) a.k.a. Rich, Jeff or Worzel is a British drummer.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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András Schiff

András Schiff (December 21, 1953 Budapest-) also known as Andras Schiff, Schiff, András or András Shiff is a British pianist.

His discography includes: Great Pianists of the 20th Century, Volume 88: András Schiff, , Goldberg Variations, Schwanengesang (feat. tenor: Peter Schreier, piano: András Schiff), , The Impatient Lover, Music for Two Pianos, , Goldberg Variations and Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto no. 1 / Dohnanyi: Variations on a Nursery Song, op. 25. Genres: Classical music.

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Richard Fairbrass

Richard Fairbrass (September 22, 1953 Kingston upon Thames-) a.k.a. Right Said Fred or Right Said Fred with Jocelyn Brown is a British presenter, singer, actor and bassist.

His related genres: Popular music and Dance music.

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Hal Lindes

Hal Lindes (June 30, 1953 Monterey-) also known as Hal Andrew Lindes is a British songwriter, musician, film score composer, guitarist and music arranger. He has one child, Nastassia Lindes.

Genres he performed include Rock music.

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Nigel Planer

Nigel Planer (February 22, 1953 Westminster-) also known as Nigel George Planer, Den Dennis, Neil Pye, Neil the Hippy, The Outer Limits, Mr. Nigel Planer or Bad News is a British actor, comedian, playwright, author, voice actor and screenwriter. He has two children, Stanley Planer and Harvey Planer.

His albums include Neil's Heavy Concept Album, My White Bicycle, Hole in My Shoe and .

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Ciarán Hinds

Ciarán Hinds (February 9, 1953 Belfast-) also known as Ciaran Hinds or Ciarin Hinds is a British actor and voice actor. His child is called Aoife Hinds.

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Patrick Doyle

Patrick Doyle (April 6, 1953 Uddingston-) a.k.a. Percy Simmons, Alec Simmons, Pat Doyle or Patrick Neil Doyle is a British film score composer, actor, composer and voice actor.

His albums include Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire, A Little Princess, Carlito's Way, Dead Again, Great Expectations: The Score, Hamlet, Henry V, Mary Shelley's Frankenstein, Much Ado About Nothing and Sense and Sensibility. Genres he performed: Film score.

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Colin Chisholm

Colin Chisholm (March 1, 1953 Edinburgh-) is a British singer. He has one child, Chloe Chisholm.

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Colin Sharp

Colin Sharp (September 5, 1953 Great Britain-September 7, 2009 Newcastle upon Tyne) was a British singer, writer, actor and teacher.

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Pauline Black

Pauline Black (October 23, 1953 Romford-) also known as Pauline Black and The Selecter, Pauline Black of the Selecter, Black, Pauline, Belinda Magnus, The Selecter or Pauline Vickers is a British musician, singer, actor and author.

Discography: Prime Cuts. Genres she performed include Ska.

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Midge Ure

Midge Ure (October 10, 1953 Cambuslang-) also known as Ure Midge, James Ure, Ure, Midge, Ultravox, Rich Kids, James "Midge" Ure, Midge or James Ure, OBE is a British singer, guitarist, songwriter, record producer, musician, singer-songwriter, keyboard player, actor and film score composer. He has four children, Molly McQueen, Flossie Ure, Kitty Ure and Ruby Ure.

His albums: Breathe, No Regrets, Breathe, Cold, Cold Heart, If I Was, Move Me, Pure, A Glorious Noise - Breathe Live, Call of the Wild and No Regrets. Genres related to him: New Romanticism, Punk rock, Synthpop, Glam rock, Hard rock, Soft rock, New Wave, Art rock and Post-punk.

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Colin Hay

Colin Hay (June 29, 1953 Kilwinning-) also known as Colin James Hay is a British singer, actor, guitarist and songwriter.

Related albums: Looking for Jack, Going Somewhere, Company of Strangers, Man @ Work, Peaks & Valleys, Topanga, Men At Work Brazil 96, Are You Lookin' at Me?, American Sunshine and Transcendental Highway. Genres he performed: New Wave, Pop music, Rock music, Country, Acoustic music and Pop rock.

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